Happy Go-Lucky Baby Huey

In Communication, Griot, TV Shows on February 21, 2013 at 8:35 am

Baby Huey_LelandHe’s 6’3; he’s 16.
He’s sweet as pie with an adolescents gleam in his eye.

He’s got big ideas – he’s got big dreams.
His big baby frame sports a 38 inseam.

His shoulders bear man-mass in space,
but there’s very little facial hair upon his face.

I don’t think he even realizes how big he is.
Shoe strings hang as he walks with other kids.

Bouncing a basketball or sliding on a skate board,
but in the height and weight category – this baby hoards.

He towers & adolescent showers; his age bleeds through.
He looks up to me, the young-giant-he but I am only 5’2.

I am maternally fond of the oversized he.
His name is Lee – I call him BABY HUEY.

Have a very TALL Pre Friday!
I’m Qui
Griot’ing with thee in the animated way:

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