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The Arizona sun rises at 6:16 am. Beautiful.

The day was Friday when He walked the dusty miles
to hang on a cross – produced from a wood pile.

There was a guy along the way that helped him transport.
I hear he wasn’t a jew or apart of J’s crew, but a kind, dark melanin sport.

A mass of people did follow, and the story has been told a million times.
And no matter how it’s told, on the 3rd day Jesus arose – a resurrection nigh.

Some call this: “fairy tales” and boast that we believe in the “Messiah hype”.
They can say whatever they want – I’ve personally been healed by his stripes.
…and that makes all – alright.

I am a believer – a solid believer in the Bible binded facts,
There’s only one resurrection that rightfully follows up: “be right back” [brb].

The terminator couldn’t do it – To die and rise in 3 days.
So the title goes to Jesus and the Bible notes the way.

Today is the celebrated holiday of the anniversary of Jesus’ arise,
I’m Qui
Happy Easter to thee
, I’m up praising God at this beautiful sunrise.

You’re on the HUMP don’t give up NOW

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RandomNewsOkay, what’s really going on? Whatcha’ up to kinfolk?
Are you getting high off of life because her successes are dope?
When you’re at wits end – grip the knot in the rope.
To always win – is your objective quote.

Unlike this fella,’ who chose to meet his maker
At the doors of a New York projects elevator.
It happened a few years back,
but that doesn’t change the outcome fact.

Be encouraged, life is precious and you, yourself are great.
Pick and choose your battles and avoid overloading your plate.

Are you still letting your hair down and taking it easy?
Add this mixtape to your ambience to make it more breezy.

I’m happy this evening good people. I’m in AZ sipping margarita’s,
I’m Qui
Happy Hump Day to thee. This southwest spring weather is a pleaser.

Open Casket SHARP

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

The preceding pictures are NOT what Rickey Smiley meant when he said, “Open Casket SHARP.”

Rather the term is used endearingly as a compliment to those who exercise high fashion. It’s true. However,  unorthodox funeral sights have become — it is still the decedents right to go-out however they wish. The “last-pose trend” started in Puerto Rico and is fast making its way into sanctuaries and graveside services all over the U.S.

Still, that had nothing to do with Steve Harvey wearing a velour houndstooth blazer with a sparkling red wine tie and french cuffs while introducing Rickey Smiley at the start of the show. Not being outdone in the “sharp” department, Rickey dawns the stage in an equally bling-appealing 2-piece suit, accessorized with a blush shirt and a cherry stained color tie and a pair of double stitched shoes. Quite sharp indeed tho not to be outdone by the sharpness of Mr. Smileys comedy routine. It was fresh, relative and clean. I found myself in his routine when he talked about:

Okay, I don’t sport a camel toe (often) but when the britches fit like paint-on…
I do sport an upside down McDonald’s sign and find myself singing Rickey’s song.

Lord knows depth-rich laughter is good for the soul,
and Rickey’s subjective humor is something like gold.

I was sharp the night I saw the routine on Netflix and the ethnic fun was like whoa.
I’m Qui
and I laughed at Gradmoma, the Bulldigers, and my own camel toe.

Uh-oh! It’s family fun that you can take to heart.
Do yourself a favor & peep Rickey Smileys: OPEN CASKET SHARP.
Good comedy storytelling is indeed an art.

Eating stale popcorn in the dark

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I’ve been frequenting Harkins Theaters, United Artists, and Cinemark quite often as of late. In the matter of a month, I’ve seen IDENTITY THEFT (3 times), THE CALL, OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and OZ the GREAT and POWERFUL. Some were fresher than others, though the popcorns staleness extended  beyond my medium sized bag in OZ.

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I first met the two Sandy’s at Harkins Theater in Chandler, Arizona. I was so enamored with the chemitstry, that I flew 1500 miles south and decided to see it again at United Artist 8 in Fort Worth, TX (on the service road of I-30). UA has the stalest popcorn by far, but I did enjoy their $5.00 matinee price and the great company it afforded me. Since it was my second time seeing IDENTITY THEFT, I paid the way for one of my teen casted actresses and a fairly attractive female film producer.

But I didn’t stop there, a few days later, I sponsored another actor’s film fare at The Movie Tavern in Arlington, TX (on the service road of I-20). TMT has much more to offer than stale popcorn, so I forfeited the idea of popped kernels and made a b-line for the bar. The bartender is heavy on the sprits during the matinee slots and the fun of watching IDENTITY THEFT was all the more comically spent. Laughter rang as Melissa McCarthy sang (in the car with Jason Bateman). Gotta love a Sociopath.

Cinemark Theater in Keller, TX (on the service road of N. Hwy 35) facilitated my 3D view of OZ The GREAT and POWERFUL. You can find my brief review here: There’s no place like home.

Sunday was the perfect time to take THE CALL that would lead me to The Rave Theater (in Northeast Mall, Fort Worth) and Halle Berry in an epic girl power flick. reviews and responds to THE CALL saying:

Here’s the story, in a nutshell: Jordan Turner (Halle) is a 9-1-1 operator who talks a teenager named Leah Templeton (Abigail) through a harrowing nightmare, in which she must escape and take down serial killer Michael Foster (Michael Eklund.) And that doesn’t even begin to describe the 96 minutes of insanity you’re in for when you go see The Call.

Friday night is as good a night to visit Harkins Theater (in Chandler, AZ) again, for a little bit of stale popcorn, Rolo’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups while watching OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, starring Gerard Butler (Leonidas from 300). Save the work of me retelling the tale (including spoilers), I think I will let MovieFone divvy this bromance review: 10 Things You Should Know about Olympus Has Fallen.

Why is it even though I’ve eaten well prior to the theater, I always seem to buy
a big bag of stale popcorn to go with the film in my eye?

There’s no nutritional value and it’s rarely ever fresh.
When calorie counting is a must, this move can be a mess.

Movie theaters know what they are doing, fanning the smells of fresh popped corn,
And while you may easily stomach the show, your tummy will churn in alarm.

But you’d have it no other way. Popcorn is synonymous with your favorite box office star.
I’m Qui
And movie-theater-visiting is what fancys me while Eating stale popcorn in the dark.

Theres no place like home

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16-Hour Drive takes 16 Months

Gotta love a LEO on script…

After moving to Arizona by way of a 20-foot UHAUL 16-months ago,
I finally went back home to Texas to love on my familial folks.

I intended to visit for a maximum of 7-days
but ended up enjoying a 14-day stay.

Better than good, it was great – to lone star perch,
especially for 2 Sundays in a row at the ROL church.

I’m black – my gospel roots include Shirley Ceasar and Aretha Franklin.
It had been too long since I’d seen the saints praise the lord in holyghost dancin’.

I surrounded myself in good vibes and love the entire time I was there,
then Spirit Airlines delivered me back to AZ in expeditious loving care.

And I must say, it feels good to have the southwest weather back in my hair.
There’s no place like home – and Chandler is fair.

Home sweet home, I’ve returned to my HOA habitat,
I’m Qui
A southern she, who’s quite excited to be back.

Happy Hump Day baby, enjoy it with whoever you’re with.
The day is yours to conquer and score. Today: Go out and WIN!


OZ The Great and Powerful

OzTheGreatandPowerful_WitchI saw it in 3D and it was very visually entertaining, though the script itself seemed a bit plateaued at times. I think I was most surprised to see the cast of various well known television actors heading up the film and successfully carrying through to the end. Sam Raimi left us prime for the beginnings of The Wizard of Oz; the place Dorothy would later stumble upon in a whirl winded feverish dream.

On a scale from 1-10, I’d give it a 7. Only because, for the amount of time that we sat in the theater, I had way too much time for idle thought. I thought about things like: what I was going to do after the movie, whether or not I’d put too much white cheddar salt on the popcorn and from time to time, I even had fleeting thoughts of making script notes on scenes that could’ve been written more clever.

All in all, it was an enjoyable outing. But then again, I was in the company of some pretty outstanding folk when I saw it, so if I had to rate the outing, I’d give it a solid 10.

Check out a few of the IMBD member reviews,
sometimes it’s good to critic peruse.

It’s good to sit in a theater anytime
and relive the magic of childhood sunshine.

There’s no place like home, it’s the soil that connects us.
I endearingly saw this film, with my kinfolk in Texas.

Kiss Kiss
I’m a wizardly happy Ms,
I’m Qui

Make this Hump Day a childlike one filled with bliss.


Out in the field – He starts with Isreal

Picture 11

President Obama is in Isreal today
A day of work – no vacation play.

A Middle Eastern tour is underway,
and President O is having his say.

Naturally his speeches yields quotes that are remembered in grand,
like: We’re proud to be Isreals “strongest ally and greatest friend.”

Indeed, it is true. Todays visit isn’t about stretching the trace of black oil,
I’m Qui
and I dig the Pres. going abroad, but I prefer he be on American soil.

Michelle will hold the family down while Air Force 1 is on charted roam.
I’m cool with that, (though weary of next-to-succeed stats), still There’s no place like home.

Rolling the DNA dice

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Generation Y2-weeks ago our HOA neighborhood hosted a GARAGE SALE weekend. While I didn’t put anything on the lawn to sale, I strolled the yards with cash in my pocket hoping to come-up on some good finds. Just a couple of days prior to the garage sale weekend my HP Printer/Scanner died on me, mid-print and my shoe string budget refused to yield me an allowance to replace it. At The first lawn I came upon, I found an awesome wi-fi printer and what’s better, my neighbor said,

Neighbor: Do you like that printer?
Me: I sure do. Especially since mine just died during script printing.
Neighbor: Oh no! Well please take this one for free and promise me you’ll smile every time you use it.
Me: (smiling big) Why wait to smile? Thank you so much.

Clutching the wi-fi printer close to my body, I was feeling quite complete in my search, I turned to go home when a second neighbor started to strike up an conversation with me about life, children and parenting (in general). For the most part it was small talk, until her 6-year old son walked up and interrupted us. His mother insisted he say excuse me upon cutting off our conversation to start his own with her. As the child began to walk away my second neighbor says to me,

Neighbor #2: Look at his nails.
Me: They are painted green. Did you do that?
Neighbor #2: No he did. I think he’s going to be a tranny.
Me: No. MOTLEY CREW members painted their nails. So your son is okay.
Neighbor #2: No. He’s 6 now, and for as long as we can remember, he’s been telling us he’s a girl.
Me: (speechless)
Neighbor #2: That’s why I tell people, “DO NOT HAVE KIDS, it’s like Rolling the dice. You never know what you’ll end up with.”

Thing is, she is right! I agree whole heartedly. I have two children and she has two children. Her oldest one is 22, (the same age as my oldest one). Her oldest child is male and mine is a female. Her oldest child has no job, lives like a nomad and is content … so is my oldest child. They are Generation Y. And I all I have to say about that is “WHY!??”  What is it about our two oldest children that invokes them to lean to the lazy side?

Neighbor #2 described having children as “Rolling the dice,
It may not sound nice, but my God it sounds right.

Generation Y was born in the “Time-Out” era,
where disciplining kids, was an unlawful terror.

Year 1995: For disciplining your kids & encouraging their best,
you were certain to end up in a court battle with CPS.

I was caught up in a battle and at the truth I laughed.
My kid disrespected me by raising her hand and I spanked that … fast! 😉

The grand jury quickly saw and dismissed my case
but the repercussions of a generation, were all in our face.

Neighbor #2 nor myself appreciate the “era” day.
Neither of our Generation Y children have their own place to stay.

We both love our children, though they (sometimes) treat us like fools;
and they can’t stay in our homes, because they don’t follow the rules.

As for our youngest children – they are in two different generations.
My 15 year old seems to get it: Lifes rules and regulations.

Neighbor #2’s 6-year old son, is an artist indeed.
He’s being reared in an era sensitive to the LGBT.

It is what it is, and we love them all the same – Irreplaceable LIFE!
I’m Qui
and Neighbor #2 is still correct in saying “having kids is like Rolling the dice”.

Nourishing in love is what great parenting is all about.
However when you roll the DNA dice, there’s a chance that you could

The sky wouldn’t fall

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HennyPennyStill I was freaking out that I had promised to walk away from my weekly blog updates. I just feel lousy when I do. It’s as if the sky would fall in if I didn’t update the site with new stories every other day or two.

No, I don’t think that my griot spin on world news is what the masses “need” to stay alive, but it is my direct connection to my global fam, creative writing associates and social media savvy friends. The only problem with living online daily is that it tends to become addictive. Suddenly instead of writing to share a joke or an interesting bit of news that you’ve found, you resort to relentlessly searching for news updates as if your life (or paycheck) depends on it – when in reality you know, “it ain’t that serious boo“.

So I packed my bags and my filming camera and boarded a red-eye flight to Dallas, TX. For 7-days I wrote nothing. Nada. I didn’t even think about it. And that’s a good thing, because I arrived on a Wednesday morning and discovered a severe tooth pain that led me to have a molar tooth extraction by 9 a.m. Thursday morning, (less than 24-hrs into my visit).

Due to a severe negative reaction I had to the local anesthesia, I ended up  extending my stay in TX by another 2 weeks – which was cool, because I’d written a couple of scenes to a teen script I’d been working on. I  casted it Wednesday evening after church and starting my shooting  schedule by Saturday morning in Arlington, TX. A dream come true. The teen talent pool is thick in Texas, and I had a blast shooting. I worked the heck out of those kids. It was a filmmakers dream come true. 🙂

Yippee! A win. And to think had I not walked away from my daily blogging grind, I’d have never had the time to hammer out the script, cast & shoot. To me — that’s a QUALITY vacation. Good writing. Good casting. Good shooting. I am refreshed.

Today, I return to blogging, only to inform you of my literal come-up. Today is a great day. Happy Friday! WIN with me.

Who knew, The sky wouldn’t fall in on me?
I’m Qui

and I won,
by taking off to have a little fun.
5-4-3-2-1, ACTION!
2014 Film Festivals: Here we come!


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JD Gallaghers Gramp

I’ve got a friend named JD whose writes will make you laugh until you cramp.
I’ve always wondered where he got his wisdom from – and then I met his gramps:

JD writes—Sometimes I stare at the night sky and am reminded that there are some hundred billion (10^11) galaxies, each with, on the average, a hundred billion stars. In all the galaxies, there are perhaps as many planets as stars, 10^11 x 10^11 = 10^22, ten billion trillion. In the face of such overpowering numbers, what is the likelihood that only one ordinary star, the Sun, is accompanied by an inhabited planet? Why should we, tucked away in some forgotten corner of the Cosmos, be so fortunate? To me, it seems far more likely that the universe is brimming over with life. But we humans do not yet know. We are just beginning our explorations. The only planet we are sure is inhabited is a tiny speck of rock and metal, shining feebly by reflected sunlight, and at this distance utterly lost.

And as I stand there pondering that fact, I am reminded of what my grandfather used to say when I would point at a shooting star and say make a wish;
I wish assholes would stop pointing at any old light in the sky and say wish upon a star. The star is dead. Just like their dreams.
Or that one time that it did actually did snow in Ireland and we were all super excited because school was cancelled.

‘Grandad, granddad, look it’s snow,’ I squealed excitedly.
‘I wouldn’t get that excited, son,’ he replied. ‘Snow is like pussy, it’s fun to play with, you never know when it is going to come and only some of it is good enough to eat.’
Wise man.

Hang out with JD Gallagher more often – there’s never a dull write…



Picture 9

The car went CLUNK! But it was not in a ditch —
A result of the finance companies Tricky Little Kill Switch.

When I first wrote about the kill switch, it was at its begin
Now EVERY CAR that is sold has a free kill switch within.

Perhaps you’ve not ever been one to be behind on your beloved car note,
then you might add a kill switch, to ward off thieving folk: a technological yolk.



Picture 11Africa Owes did a short bid in the pen
and it’s looking like THAT will never happen again.

Today, Africa Owes certainly owes nobody nothing.
The only thing she’s selling is healthy-self loving.

There proved to be a huge life lesson in the midst of this case –
Afrika learned early on and abandomned her criminal phase.

Drop in on what she’s doing today:
Little Ms. Afrika is in a good place.


Each of the forementioned writes are indeed of pure facts
I had to share them with you because WISDOM is up-to-bat.

Afrika learned early and so did my friend with the kill switch woes,
I’m Qui
Kicking it with Gramps and JD – forfeiting to dine on fallen snow.

WISDOM folks!