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JD Gallaghers Gramp

I’ve got a friend named JD whose writes will make you laugh until you cramp.
I’ve always wondered where he got his wisdom from – and then I met his gramps:

JD writes—Sometimes I stare at the night sky and am reminded that there are some hundred billion (10^11) galaxies, each with, on the average, a hundred billion stars. In all the galaxies, there are perhaps as many planets as stars, 10^11 x 10^11 = 10^22, ten billion trillion. In the face of such overpowering numbers, what is the likelihood that only one ordinary star, the Sun, is accompanied by an inhabited planet? Why should we, tucked away in some forgotten corner of the Cosmos, be so fortunate? To me, it seems far more likely that the universe is brimming over with life. But we humans do not yet know. We are just beginning our explorations. The only planet we are sure is inhabited is a tiny speck of rock and metal, shining feebly by reflected sunlight, and at this distance utterly lost.

And as I stand there pondering that fact, I am reminded of what my grandfather used to say when I would point at a shooting star and say make a wish;
I wish assholes would stop pointing at any old light in the sky and say wish upon a star. The star is dead. Just like their dreams.
Or that one time that it did actually did snow in Ireland and we were all super excited because school was cancelled.

‘Grandad, granddad, look it’s snow,’ I squealed excitedly.
‘I wouldn’t get that excited, son,’ he replied. ‘Snow is like pussy, it’s fun to play with, you never know when it is going to come and only some of it is good enough to eat.’
Wise man.

Hang out with JD Gallagher more often – there’s never a dull write…



Picture 9

The car went CLUNK! But it was not in a ditch —
A result of the finance companies Tricky Little Kill Switch.

When I first wrote about the kill switch, it was at its begin
Now EVERY CAR that is sold has a free kill switch within.

Perhaps you’ve not ever been one to be behind on your beloved car note,
then you might add a kill switch, to ward off thieving folk: a technological yolk.



Picture 11Africa Owes did a short bid in the pen
and it’s looking like THAT will never happen again.

Today, Africa Owes certainly owes nobody nothing.
The only thing she’s selling is healthy-self loving.

There proved to be a huge life lesson in the midst of this case –
Afrika learned early on and abandomned her criminal phase.

Drop in on what she’s doing today:
Little Ms. Afrika is in a good place.


Each of the forementioned writes are indeed of pure facts
I had to share them with you because WISDOM is up-to-bat.

Afrika learned early and so did my friend with the kill switch woes,
I’m Qui
Kicking it with Gramps and JD – forfeiting to dine on fallen snow.

WISDOM folks!

  1. This was one of your best! Old folks rule!

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