Eating stale popcorn in the dark

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I’ve been frequenting Harkins Theaters, United Artists, and Cinemark quite often as of late. In the matter of a month, I’ve seen IDENTITY THEFT (3 times), THE CALL, OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and OZ the GREAT and POWERFUL. Some were fresher than others, though the popcorns staleness extended  beyond my medium sized bag in OZ.

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I first met the two Sandy’s at Harkins Theater in Chandler, Arizona. I was so enamored with the chemitstry, that I flew 1500 miles south and decided to see it again at United Artist 8 in Fort Worth, TX (on the service road of I-30). UA has the stalest popcorn by far, but I did enjoy their $5.00 matinee price and the great company it afforded me. Since it was my second time seeing IDENTITY THEFT, I paid the way for one of my teen casted actresses and a fairly attractive female film producer.

But I didn’t stop there, a few days later, I sponsored another actor’s film fare at The Movie Tavern in Arlington, TX (on the service road of I-20). TMT has much more to offer than stale popcorn, so I forfeited the idea of popped kernels and made a b-line for the bar. The bartender is heavy on the sprits during the matinee slots and the fun of watching IDENTITY THEFT was all the more comically spent. Laughter rang as Melissa McCarthy sang (in the car with Jason Bateman). Gotta love a Sociopath.

Cinemark Theater in Keller, TX (on the service road of N. Hwy 35) facilitated my 3D view of OZ The GREAT and POWERFUL. You can find my brief review here: There’s no place like home.

Sunday was the perfect time to take THE CALL that would lead me to The Rave Theater (in Northeast Mall, Fort Worth) and Halle Berry in an epic girl power flick. reviews and responds to THE CALL saying:

Here’s the story, in a nutshell: Jordan Turner (Halle) is a 9-1-1 operator who talks a teenager named Leah Templeton (Abigail) through a harrowing nightmare, in which she must escape and take down serial killer Michael Foster (Michael Eklund.) And that doesn’t even begin to describe the 96 minutes of insanity you’re in for when you go see The Call.

Friday night is as good a night to visit Harkins Theater (in Chandler, AZ) again, for a little bit of stale popcorn, Rolo’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups while watching OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, starring Gerard Butler (Leonidas from 300). Save the work of me retelling the tale (including spoilers), I think I will let MovieFone divvy this bromance review: 10 Things You Should Know about Olympus Has Fallen.

Why is it even though I’ve eaten well prior to the theater, I always seem to buy
a big bag of stale popcorn to go with the film in my eye?

There’s no nutritional value and it’s rarely ever fresh.
When calorie counting is a must, this move can be a mess.

Movie theaters know what they are doing, fanning the smells of fresh popped corn,
And while you may easily stomach the show, your tummy will churn in alarm.

But you’d have it no other way. Popcorn is synonymous with your favorite box office star.
I’m Qui
And movie-theater-visiting is what fancys me while Eating stale popcorn in the dark.

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