In Communication, Griot on March 31, 2013 at 6:34 am

The Arizona sun rises at 6:16 am. Beautiful.

The day was Friday when He walked the dusty miles
to hang on a cross – produced from a wood pile.

There was a guy along the way that helped him transport.
I hear he wasn’t a jew or apart of J’s crew, but a kind, dark melanin sport.

A mass of people did follow, and the story has been told a million times.
And no matter how it’s told, on the 3rd day Jesus arose – a resurrection nigh.

Some call this: “fairy tales” and boast that we believe in the “Messiah hype”.
They can say whatever they want – I’ve personally been healed by his stripes.
…and that makes all – alright.

I am a believer – a solid believer in the Bible binded facts,
There’s only one resurrection that rightfully follows up: “be right back” [brb].

The terminator couldn’t do it – To die and rise in 3 days.
So the title goes to Jesus and the Bible notes the way.

Today is the celebrated holiday of the anniversary of Jesus’ arise,
I’m Qui
Happy Easter to thee
, I’m up praising God at this beautiful sunrise.

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