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Are you good in bed

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See if you have the skills to deliver erotic thrills between the sheets. Take the


Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 9.30.37 PM

1. You gauge your partners arousal

A) Assuming its in sync with your own
B) Asking how (s)he likes what you’re doing
C) Paying attention to changes in breathing, perspiration and pupil dilation

2. The light flickering in your bedroom during
love making is…

A) The cold blue glare of the television
B) The warm glow of a scented candle
C) The play of sunlight through a curtain that blows in the breeze

3. The most important sex organ is…
A) Yours
B) Your parnters
C) The brain

4. If your lovemaking were a vehicle, it would be…
A) A bullet train — speeding in one direction
B) A tandem bike — comfy cruiser for two
C) The Mars rover — exploring new terrain

5. The sexiest stage of life is when you’re…
A) Young, hot and frisky
B) Older and bolder
C) Niether. Sexy is a state of mind

6. The nights agenda: a bistro dinner, a charity concert, a night cap at home and then some nookie. Foreplay begins…
A) When you open your menu and tell your date how sexy (s)he looks
B) When the house lights dim and you kiss you partners neck
C) Beneath the sheets after your second glass of wine

7. The bedroom etiquette you most frequently observe is…
A) Ladies first
B) No talking with your mouth full
C)Saying “excuse me” when you pass gas

8. If your lover cries out repeatedly during sex, (s)he says…
A) Your name
B) Words of direction (ie… faster, slower, harder, etc)
C) A safe word

9. Think fast! What immediately comes to mind with this cue: “Bible teachings about sex.”
A) Messages about pleasure, intimacy and fulfillment.
B) Messages about procreation
C) Messages about sin

10. Rank these requisites of great sex in proper order…
A) Engagement (ie…being “present), passion and having technical skill
B) Passion engagement and skill
C) Skill, passion, engagement

11. You tweak your technique by…
A) Discussing likes and dislikes with your partner
B) Trying what worked with your previous lover
C) Copying moves from a porno flick

12. You tell your partner how desirable (s)he is…
A) Daily
B) Occasionally
C) Never

13. Your attitude towards experimentation is…
A) Sure! Why knock it if you haven’t tried it?
B) If it’ll make you happy, maybe this once
C) You want to put what where?

Love Quiz Scoring

Are you good in bed? Are you paying attention?Are your bedroom skills worth your partners post mention?

Are you attentive and deliver? Guilty of giving your best?
I’m Qui
and I know your partner! – (s)he’s the lad with the most rest yielded from good sex.


Ref. Ebony Magazine [March 2013]

Thats not your bag

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empty bagSadness, lack of confidence, lack of skill, or lack of anything – is not ever yours to claim. Life hands us all a bag of goods and bads. It’s up to the holder of the bag to survey the contents and add to or subtract from it as necessary to the sum of what he needs on his lifes journey.

Let’s take a brief look into my bag. Theres:
What's in MY BAG

to name a few. What’s in your bag? What’s your life looking like? What direction do you want it to go in? Give it some thought and then get into the habit of exhibiting those traits that you want to be known for. It’s never too late to change for the better. I’m also still on my fitness quest, so FITNESS is also in my bag.

What’s in you bag? What do you want in your bag? Here are a few more traits to consider adding:
Qui Entertainment Good Personality Traits


You know I’m always in your corner. Heck! I’m always in mine.
I want to encourage you to always be the sun-in-the room and shine.

Be happy, live healthy, always look for & enjoy the good around you.
Nothing stays the same for ever, do embrace the love that surrounds you.

Give what you want to get back: A hug, a kiss, an understanding ear.
Befriend someone that needs it; reel in a loner and treat them dear.

You never know when the tables are turned or when the shoe’ll be on the other foot.
You want to always end sunny-side-up and not alone with a face full of soot.
Give and Take is at the root.

If it’s a bad script (lifes situation), please don’t be so quick to claim.
I’m Qui
and That’s not your bag – I declare in Jesus’ name.

A Healthier, Happier You

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WHY NOT YOU? There’s no good reason why you should not be at your best life at any age. I’m currently on a journey to discover as much every day. So far, I think it’s doing a good job of playing hide-and-seek with me. Good thing I’m persistent and determined.

I too, am a checkout line magazine reader though it was my monthly home subscription to EBONY Mag that proved to be most instrumental in ELEVATE’ing my mind to the necessary level of refocusing on a healthier and happier me. Dr. Oz was instrumental in Melissa Johnsons piece on page 75 of the April 2013 publication:

Fight HEALTH Threats

Hypertension. High Cholesterol. Diabetes. These medical conditions plague our people in record numbers — in fact, they are so common, we tend to think in terms of when we’ll be diagnosed, not if. “That might lead you to believe they’re inevitable, but nothing could be further from the truth, “says Mehmet Oz, M.D., host of The Dr. Oz Show and a vice-chair and surgery professor at Columbia University.

You’re never too old or too young — to benefit from a healthy makeover, but don’t panic: You don’t have to jump into a strict diet and exercise routine to reduce your risk factors or improve an existing condition. The following lifestyle changes can help you get it together in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

Reduce Hypertension NOTE


The major food factor for hypertension is salt, says Dr. Oz. “Where salt goes, water will follow. Think of your blood vessels as a hose: the more water in the hose, the greater the pressure.”

Replace all that salt with flavorful mixed herbs– oregano, peppers and Indian blends. Another salt-free substitute: Capsiacin [based sauces, which add a spicy kick and provide a bonus benefit: “Capsaicin reduces your appetite.” Capasaisin is found in chile peppers, the common ingredient in most hot sauces. Cut back on processed and take-out foods, opting instead for fresh food when possible.

“Ninety percent of the salt we eat comes from processed foods,” says Dr. Oz. And watch your intake of the “salty six,” common foods often loaded with extra salt: bread, cold cuts, pizza, poultry, such as chicken nuggets, soups and prepared sandwiches. Read the labels.

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40s_PotassiumFight the pressure-elevating effects of sodium with this essential mineral. “Potassium and sodium compete with one another in your body,” Dr. Oz explains, “and eating foods with lots of potassium reduces the amount of sodium.” Avocados, bananas, oranges, potatoes and tomatoes are a few of the potassium powerhouses he wants to see in your grocery cart.


meditating woman_cartoon


the letter Meditation is a proven stress reliever, no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake. And for older adults who don’t exercise as hard as they used to, the ancient practice can help improve overall mental health, improve focus and reduce essential hypertension, a type of high blood pressure that tends to develop over time and has no underlying cause. It may sound easy, but meditating effectively takes commitment and focus. “People have a hard time letting their minds be free,” says Dr. Oz, who practices meditation himself. “For me it’s harder than running a marathon. You can daydream when you’re running, but when you meditate, you have to let your brain be quiet.”

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In the business of other peoples business

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dmx-flips-outNetworking exposes others to others, thus reblogging is not ever a crutch.
I wouldn’t be properly communicating if I didn’t share this piece from Clutch.

DMX breaksdown on an OWN broadcast of Iyanla.
Clutch’s Demetria L. Lucas reflects the highlights all on ya:

…In case his ongoing erratic behavior over the years didn’t clue you in that something is wrong with X, his appearance on the latter two shows, and specifically on Sunday’s Iyanla, Fix My Life should have. He was twitchy, nervous, switching seamlessly between shucking responsibility, martyrdom, rage, guilt tripping and rambling so much that Iyanla finally just asked DMX what everyone watching at home was thinking, “Are you high?”

He said, “no.” In a post-show interview with Jet magazine, X insisted again that he was sober. In a separate interview, his son, Xavier was asked if his dad was high and said, “I don’t know.” That Vanzant, or anybody else, even had to ask said enough. There was a collective agreement—on Black Twitter, at least— that he was lying anyway.

I don’t know exactly what is wrong with ol’ Earl “DMX” Simmons or what he needs. That’s over my head. But I know what he doesn’t need is cameras trained on him for viewers to sit at home and gawk at him, feel pity for him, or worse, laugh at his disease.

Whatever was going on during Sunday night’s show, whether X was, high and/or otherwise unwell, either from unresolved trauma or an undiagnosed disorder, he shouldn’t have been allowed on TV in that state of mind. Yes, I know X asked to participate, but someone with a level head should have turned him down to appear on camera, arranged a private consultation or at least delayed his appearance until he was clearly sober and tested to be sure…” [click here to continue]


Demetria makes a good case. I do indeed understand.
Good show-making shouldn’t be at the expense of a frustrated man.

But lets be real, DMX consented to being on the show.
So a man has problems. I say let him blow.

He may have a little money, but the struggle is oh so real.
Sometimes folk have to see themselves on video, before considering to heal.

It’s okay to air-it-out, if it’s a part of X’s journey to ‘fix it.’
If for the sole sake of reality play – the idea should have been in pile: nix it.

Iyanla Vanzant isn’t Oprah – there is no debating.
Oprah’s station OWN is the business of reaping good ratings.

So I’m sure
Iyanla wishes DMX a cure.

She’s in the business of other peoples business.
And we’ve become fond of watching her shindig.

So for now
DMX’s interview was an episode cash cow.

And they all win!
May the reality of all (with all parties) set in.

Exploiting is a strong word and choices are always true,
I’m Qui
Kicking it with thee because I’m curious of your point of view.

and everything

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And Everything
This morning I drank coffee and downed a glass of v8.
I initially ordered an omelette – but it had too much salt for my taste.

And everything is great. I went to the doc yesterday
and she reports, I’m a thinner sport and BP numbers @bay.

I said “YAY!!!

I’m not a high BP kind of gal. I rarely stress over any scene.
But last year the doc said, based on data she’d read – high bp is in my genes.

And everything is alright still – I beat the train again
so I woke up this morning, real short on yawning and began to walk this win.


Morning affirmations – I spoke my piece
and I’m still smiling, (a positive release).

I’ve been thinking of taking a dance class.
It wouldn’t hurt if I tightened up my leisure’ful sash.
Oh what? You thought I was going to say “ass” on this topic scene?
Not today. I’m on PG play, less profane and everything. 🙂

There are editing notes on my desk, of tasks needing to get done.
There are a few sales at the mall that are screaming “Qui! Come!
There’s a bank account budget, that’s pretty slim and mean.
I ain’t saying I’m going to blow it on clothes and everything.
I am not about about that low-bank-balance thing.

And everything is being sorted out in Boston as I speak;
the marathon explosions on yesterday linger on MSNBC.

Today President Obama said justice will be sought.
No one has stepped forth to claim it – as if it were done for naught.
Resources run deep; the perpetrator(s) will be caught.

Gun control laws are up for reform
and Newtown families cause cold hearts to warm.

And everything will be taken into consideration – I hope.
Your heart has got to ache for the gun-violence-surviving folk.
Their burden is not an easy yolk.

I am reminded to live each day like it is my last. To laugh and to sing.
I’m Qui
Loving the day
and the fact that you’d drop my way – and everything.
You see how I worked that in? 😉


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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Well, the real name of the movie is EVIL DEAD.  It’s a remake of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead (1981). The original film was a horror/comedy starring Bruce Campbell (BURN NOTICE), however the remake is straight horror. Blood and guts are a staple here and if you like horror movies – you’re in for a fright. On the other hand, if you’re looking to be scared and tickled at the same time, much like Sam Raimi gave it to us in his 1981 creation – get over the laughter. It’s not coming. Fede Alvarez is no comic and he had full producing support of Sam R. and Bruce Campbell in crafting the remake.

I’m a fan of the original film and I like a good horror story as well as the next, but this film didn’t need the title EVIL DEAD, it could have easily been titled CABIN HELL and have served it’s full purpose. Going into this film I anticipated that it would be comparable to the 1981 classic film by design. However, if you remove the whole “name sake” element – the film is bloody good.

The young SUBURGATORY star Jane Levy who played Mia (an avid drug user) – was awesome. The script is crazy. So many things happened all at once during Mia’s family and friends drug intervention weekend. Mia’s trying to kick her cocaine habit (again) and this time her brother David shows up to help, along with 3 of their closest friends.

SPOILER ALERT: The black cast member dies first. I just wanted to get that out and onto the table. She’s hot. Her name is Jessica Lucas but her mocha, intellectual frame doesn’t make it past ACT 2. Her characters caring nature took her down. The two white friends who were lodging in the cabin with the siblings were also taken down in slow-but-horrific fashion with the help of a hypodermic needle to the eye and an auto carving knife.

It was really good stuff, but if you’re a fan of the 1981 EVIL DEAD, this film does not pick up where Sam Raimi left off – at all. The cabin remained the same but there was absolutely nothing in there to laugh about.


So was it a scary film? Of course it was.
But when siblings reunite – I’m expecting hugs.

Instead what I got was a lot of blood.
Limbs being severed and spilling guts.

I’m quite satisfied with the directors horrific edge,
but it hardly resembled the old flick: EVIL DEAD.

It is indeed a good horror story that Fede Alvarez has set out to tell,
It’s legs are strong & could stand alone – with a title like CABIN HELL.

It’s a 91-minute spell and you’ll find no time for bore.
EVIL DEAD will fill your head with anxiety, guts and gore.

I ate way to much popcorn, invoked by the movie lobby smell.
I’m Qui
Happy Friday to thee – EVIL DEAD could easily be titled CABIN HELL.


Speak To Yourself

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Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it.
Let Kierra Charles help you through it –

in a cappella

Affirmations are a wonderful way to start your day. Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you want the days outcome to be.

Congratulate yourself on getting that new account, on your way to the meeting.

There used to be a COGIC song we used to sing back in the day in choir that said,

Don’t wait until the battle is over to ‘shout now’ –
You know in the end you’re going to win!

I took the words to heart. I’m always in a WINNING MOOD. No – I’m not narcissistic, but I am delightfully optimistic at all points. I’m soooo into ENCOURAGEMENT. I get a kick out of encouraging others as well as myself…in the end it gives me more to be happy about, (basking in the success of others with them – as well as in my own successes).

Today is Wednesday – be encouraged to follow through
Today is Your Day – Do what you want to do.
It’s a new day begin
It’s your time to win.

Be encouraged and definitely stay down with QE,
I’m Qui
atop of the HUMP singing w/Kierra like I’m on GLEE.

Resoundingly so, in the keys of G to E
Ooo Wee – it’s the range of Alto in me. 🙂

All Black People Know Each Other

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L-R: Kelly Rowland, Billy Dee Williams, Sherri Shepherd, Wesley Snipes, Beyonce, Malik Yoba, Oprah, Qui, Fab 5 Freddy

Familiar like Family

No, we don’t, but I do like the fact that no matter where in the world we are, when we see another that looks like us, we speak and often times indulge in random conversation with no formal introduction, knowing full well, we may never see that person again.  I guess it’s a social/cultural thing.

Personally, I speak to everyone I encounter in passing. I smile and wave at strangers. Some are caught off guard by the gesture and wave back, while wondering if they know me, some grow stoic and just stare (like a deer in headlights), and some mean-mug me in response. However, 9 out of 10 times when I speak to a black person in passing – without pause, they speak back in kind. I love that about my culture. I do. It’s so warming. I also love it when  random folk of any race are cool enough to smile and wave back at me without reservation. It’s the coolest.

I have an awesome black male friend of 23-years who is married to a fantastic white women for about 21 years. Their interracial union is beautiful and quite productive , though he once told me that early on in their relationship he and his wife had a slight falling out because they had gone to the grocery store and as they entered the doors, a white couple exited the store. They made eye contact with the white couple. My male friend acknowledged their presence with a nod and a smile, the couple saw my friends and continued to walk their way. Once inside of the store my friends see a black guy nearing the exit, my male friend acknowledged his presence with a head nod and a smile and the black guy responded with a head nod a smile and said, “What’s up?”  Then while they shopped he encountered a couple of other social speaking black people and he even struck up a brief conversation with a brother about an NBA game that was going to broadcast later  on that evening. Once they were done shopping and had returned to their car, his wife stared at him curiously as he began to start the car. He asked her what the look was for and she said,

Wife: How do you know all of those black people and why didn’t you introduce me?
Husband: What black people?
Wife: In the store.
Husband: I don’t know any of those people.
Wife: Then why were you talking to them? I didn’t see you talking to any random white guys.

He hadn’t noticed the fact, but after yielding brief thought, he realized that he nodded and smiled at everyone that encountered him making eye contact and that many responded in kind, but only the black people responded vocally. He kissed his loving wife on the forehead and welcomed her to his culture. This was year one in their marriage. Culture is real and curiosity is cute. But…

All Black People DON’T Know Each Other – we’re just expressive in our social lovin’.
I’m of slave descent like Oprah, sure – but we’re not really cousins.

All cultures have uniquenesses as to what makes them hot.
Among rhythm and athleticism, Black folks talk a lot. 🙂

All Black People Know is that when they see each other in the streets
if one should speak kind to another – it’s common courtesy to return the speak.

Now that does not mean that All Black People do it.
I love smiling and speaking – So to social boundaries? Ahhh – screw it!

I speak to everyone I see.
Especially those who act like they don’t see me.

I wave at strangers I pass on the street
and known to hug a good soul at an introductory meet.

Life is short and hugs are sweet.
I smile and speak to most folk on the street.

Mean mugs don’t ever plague my face.
You’ll find no frown line or ill will trace.

Yes, I’m an extrovert. I’ve heard and I am aware.
I’m Qui
Taking the time to speak to thee, because I humanly care.

Are you a random speaker?
And would you ever dare?

Todays: Reel Shop Talk

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I love movies. I love writing them, shooting them, editing them and most of all, I absolutely love watching them. My favorite film writers vary between a colorful, intellectual and goofy array of genres and styles.

HORROR films? I absolutely dig them. I’m a fan of the ol’ Wes Craven – big time. I grew up on Elm Street, but that takes no love away from my appreciation of Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD or Stephen Kings CARRIE or William Peter Blatty THE EXORCIST [1973]. I even have love for Alfred Hitchcocks THE BIRDS. I mean there are so many horror films I didn’t list that (to you) may be way more horrific and even stellar in genre — and I likely would not disagree with you. I like variety. Listening to your short list, I could  mess around and learn something new. I like learning – so I’m wide open.


You have to appreciate differences.
Differences of genre, style, technique, writing and vision are key.

I like Tyler Perry. I’m a relatively new fan of his. I was no fan of the Madea series at all. I was fortunate to see Mr. Perry live and on stage in Dallas, TX before his rise to television and film and the style wasn’t for my taste. I respected his right, but cared not for his staged writes. Naturally our “first introduction” led me to not be in a rush to see his films or other play works. Though after reading article after article on the attack of Mr. Perry’s writes, his style and even his ‘bafoonery’ and mockery of quality black film entertainment, I began to reconsider. Even with my own theatrical reservations – I strongly disagreed that Mr. Perry should be condemned for his vision, his style or his genre choices, after all, so many others are entertained by him. I respect that. We all should.

In the name of respect and second chances, I set out to be reintroduced to Tyler Perrys work at WHY DID I GET MARRIED 2, (and no – I did not see WHY DID I GET MARRIED prior to seeing part 2 because I still wasn’t in the mood). Why did I get married 2 was not a brilliant film, but it was a relative film. Black culture was Tyler’ly tailored and oozing in every scene. It felt like I was watching family. Some dignified, some degreed, some lacking and in need, some funny and on the go and others living life like ‘I don’t know.’  They were all right there. So at the conclusion of the film, there was no standing applause, or a sitting one for that matter but there was a lot of comfortable  laughing in the dark throughout the broadcast. I left the theater satisfied. It was as if I paid $8 to hang out with a few relative folk and had a good time. Tyler mixed a whole bunch of drama, a little suspense and easy going pockets of comedy into Why Did I Get Married 2 that the cast was able to convey. Speaking of cast, I do believe Tyler Perry is considered to be a major employer when it comes to hiring black actors. 🙂 Another reason why this brother gets my vote. SUPPORT is crucial.

Ice Cube isn’t Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry isn’t Spike Lee.
John Singleton isn’t Shonda Rhimesshe’s all over the TV.

American Pie is a jewish dish and God knows I love Matzo!
Film variety should be accepted as easily as diversely shaped pasta.

It’s all made the same way & entertainment flavors the pallet.
If it’s good, we eat more – if not we yield Ghallagers mallet.

Big ups to Queen Latifah for her reel underground efforts in broad day light.
Queen Latifah not only raps and sings, but she film produces, directs and writes.

I love movies, I love people – I thank God for the field that I am in.
I’m Qui
Kicking Reel Shop Talk with thee – DIVERSITY is my topic of spin