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Be THATDon’t you want to be the woman whose man is more faithful than not?
The one that will stand by your side even when you’re not hot?

And sir, don’t you want to be the man whose woman is satisfied
Knowing no man could take her – regardless of how hard he’s tried?

If you want to BE THAT person, stack your chips in certain order
and ease up on the role of being anyones “casual partner”.

Love is for everyone. It is not an exclusive joint.
Take a moment to jam Dave Hollister in this fulfilling joint:

Put in what you want to get out.
For karma is really what it’s all about.

If you want the good stuff, BE THAT one -that puts in the same,
I’m Qui 
Happy Friday to thee – align yourself up in the right frame.


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Happy Memorial Day - 2013

Happy Memorial Day – 2013

Remember those who thought about and fought for you and lost their lives.
No need to redecorate the reason – their branched sacrifice is why.

If you’ve got the day off – hooray for you.
Now do something nice for someone else too.

Pay it Forward was born from those who dormant lay
having sacrificed for our freedom – so HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY.

HUG me.  KISS me.
Please don’t wait to miss me.

Service man and women: I love you and it’s true.
Today’s my opportunity to give you flowers — you are due.

Don’t ever forget or take for granted flaunt their sacrifice as a whim.
A Happy Memorial Day is at hand, and folks, it’s All About THEM.

Just do a good deed and forget keeping count and don’t keep score.
I’m Qui
REMEMBER THOSE who’ve gone before you and hug on your children more.

Happy Memorial Day.
Concentrate on LOVE & PLAY.


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So the President gave a speech the other day
and a heckler showed up  – who wanted to play.

She interrupted several times to talk about the nature of drones
and the American lives that are lost during their execution roam.

She asked the president if he were prepared to take the blame?
He was gentle in his response and yielded her no shame.

President Obama said her points are worth listening to, because of her passion.
His assertion of disagreement with her points was done in tactful fashion.

He listened to her intently and handled the discord with ease.
He is one cool brother. Gotta dub him President Smooth B.

He listened before responding. There was no yelling or talking above.
You don’t have to be in agreement with another to show a little respectful love.

I appreciate his show of decency it is historically noted: a presidential good look.
Seems Don Thompson, McDonalds CEO, is taking notes from Obama’s play book.

Don is in todays news, because he was called out to the front of the line
by a thoughtful and precious consumer – who wiser than her years, is only nine.

The young lady wanted to know, why McDonalds uses gimmicks to get kids to buy
food that isn’t good for them, yielding obesity and diabetes – a less quality life?

Don responded to the young lady in all due respect
and said it is under his reign than MickyD’s has made the fresh fruit connect.

There’s apples instead of fries and the giving away of free milk.
These are healthy concepts that were executed under him.

Then CEO Don went on to insert more marketing ideas – quick,
stating they’re testing a new menu item called ‘kiwi on-a-stick‘.

He lightly put it out there, that wether it succeeds is up to the tests.
But under his MickyD reign their nutritional menu is at its best.

This was good audio to hear and really explained a lot
since McDonalds has gone healthy, their demand is not hot.

I didn’t know what the reason was that kids stopped flocking to it like they used to.
But it stands to reason, good health is in season and kids have to be made to eat fruit.

An apple a day will keep the doctor away
and marketing will suffer during the transitional phase.
Have you had anyy Mickey D’s today?

Pa-dup-Pa-pa-Paaaa! I’m lovin’ it.
I’m Qui 
Happy Weekend to you – I’m NEWS PERUSE huggin’ it.

It’s the weekend Yo!
You be the CEO!

Humping HAPPY

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Ride the day!

Ride the day!

Up early – I dashed from the house,
an anxious feeling invoked me to get out
and survey the world – observe the mass of others,
then right around noon – go have lunch with my lover. 😉

Life is good right now; my heart needs no mend.
As my kid approaches 16, I’m in high school again.
Yesterday found me beat searching. Doing the music industry tap.
And then I grabbed my trusty pen and ghost writ a real tight rap.

Awesome! Writing is exciting and composing is fun.
There’s not many like me — though JAY Z has one.
A ghostwriter is never a biter and births information over beats.
I do it pressure free – I’m not hungry; always eat.

The latest piece has been born and confidence has not been hid,
It is fashioned and crafted – to be dug and be laughed at
and performed by my high school kid.

How much fun will that be? I’m certainly in the mood
for lacing more raps to get more snaps
and pass positive information through.

Life is good right now, I also have a film on the table.
We’re in preproduction – creative eruption;
we’ll shoot as soon as we’re able.

Today is Wednesday though I like to call it (the dimensional) HUMP DAY,
I’m Qui 
On my way to bear the Phoenix heat, but not before posting this griot say.

What have you got up for today? Conquer it and be snappy.
Do what you have to do – to get back to you 
and by all means keep Humping HAPPY.

Early Monday Morning

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Picking up the pieces...

Picking up the pieces…

The weekend found me busy with work:
filming and editing took all of my flirt.

4am this morning came very quick
Suffering from little-sleep-itis, I felt quite sick.

But I got up anyway to take the hubby off to work,
I threw on shoes and denim blues to go under my night-night shirt.

I brewed fresh coffee for two and I made it pretty quick
by dragging myself out of bed 15-minutes before he did.

He has to be at work at 5:30am and I work from home – for self;
I take the kid to school at 6:50 – because she’s our legacy wealth. 🙂

And then it’s back to the house, to do more film editing.
testing show creations – for mass relations
and structuring reel pedigree.

My board of producers is tight and each one pulls his weight.
We all believe in sweat equity and work diligent everyday.

Perseverance is important and I’m steady on the course
and starting my day at 4 am – makes me a successful sport.

You’ll get no complaints here, I’m happy to be alive.
I’m Qui
An “early bird she” already on my productive thrive.

TODAY can be a WIN if you just DRIVE.

He’s all in your ear

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The "other guy" has all the answers?

The “other guy” has all the answers?

I love you men – I really do,
but I’ve got to share a few missed truths:

Wisdom ladies! Wisdom! Please hear and understand
He is running game, If he’s “bad mouthing” your current man.

He wants to get into your pants – so he’ll say what he’s got to say.
It’s okay if you’re cool with that, but remember a “game” is in play.

It is not okay to let him think that he rules the panties,
because He’s all in your ear talking about “being a family”.

Listen ladies! Listen, you do not want to call him your own,
not when he’s just looking for a place to rest amidst his roam.

Wisdom needs to be yours. You deserve a quality life.
Please don’t think he’s without bags, if he comes with an ex-wife.


Something made him “the ex” – which is the same thing he’s trying to make your man.
He doesn’t care about you and yours – adding nothing to your future plans.

He’s talking about taking care of you and waking up to your pretty face,
while he’s in-between pads – doing bad – living at some other chicks place.

But he wants to take care of you?
Think it through.

Ask your momma, ask your sister —
he’s a common trifling mister.

Wisdom ladies. Wisdom! Please do not be in a rush
to say “it’s love”; moments later “it was” – and end up looking dumb.

Love is not that complicated. Please do not panic. Do not fear.
Please know that you’ve got to double check that yay-ya he’s putting in your ear.

He’s all in your ear, telling you that your man ain’t this and he ain’t that,
I’m Qui
and he’s heard those words before, himself. Wisdom says, it’s likely a fact.

Don’t be so quick to settle. Be patient, be prayerful and listen.
God hasn’t forgotten about you, I promise, so lean back on good wisdom.

You have been served.

I ain’t never cared

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what you think about me
or how you’ve always been free
or about your ethnic background –
if you’re of gentile or jewish crown.

I have not cared one bit
wether Governor Christi is fat or fit.

I have absolutely not cared
tho I am interested in what is fair.


Minnesotans signed a bill that’s pending in tarry
that will allow our same sex folk to finally get married.

You may not agree, that marriage is for all,
but it’s a human condition when in love we fall.

No need to continue to stall what you don’t understand.
It’s really not about the certificate or the wedding band,

but about being recognized by the law and receiving supportive benefits.
It used to be taboo, but things are changing quick.

And I ain’t never cared or called someone crazy
for watching the night skies and or being star gaze’y.

So here’s a toast to all that will
ever talk about ‘the lights in Stephenville.’Stephenvilles UFO newspaper clip

2008 is the year that still baffles many
when a UFO docked  and was seen by plenty.

I’ve not ever seen a UFO, but I really do believe,
my God reigns over all life forms and that’s okay with me.

I’m a no nonsense girl – I don’t get goose bumps a lot
but I’m concerned anytime our space is held hostage across 2-city blocks.

You know what I’m saying?  
Life is mainly for loving and playing
but with no ABSOLUTES – I just keep praying.

Which brings me back to… 

I ain’t never cared about cliques, but I do care about humanity,
I’m Qui 
And as long as you’re pushing positive – I feel comfortable calling you family.

Quite a gal

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BarbaraWalters_Retires2013So Barbara Walters is signing off for the day – 
as sure as the evenings set is coming her way.

She makes 83 looks sweet in picking her time
to exit the stage with her good health and mind.

Ol’ Barbara has done it — and she did so today.
Her marvelous career is our history to stay.

Everything that she’s given us and everything that she is,
is noted to be drawn from by all of her kids.

The media-savvy-kids that are sure to come after,
may they study Ms. Walters manners, etiquette and warm laughter.

I’ll miss her broadcasts dearly, as her influence continues to live on.
Even I hone-in on her when I’m in my broadcast zone.

Barbara has encouraged me that ‘anything he can do – I can do better.’
Wether doing it in 7″ Jimmy Choo shoes or a luxury cashmere sweater,
Ms. Walters is a go-getter.

As sure as all necessary elements that have come before me, like time, rocks, and water,
I’m Qui
and my career wouldn’t be as awesome as is it without the work of Ms. Barbara Walters.

She isn’t irrelevant. She did not get fired.
Today Ms. Barbara Walters has officially retired.


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That’s right – call out to your Mother and tell her that you love her,
and if she’s still blessed with life, get your butt over there and hug her.

If you’re in another state, utilize that thing called SKYPE.
If you iPhone then FACETIME otherwise ink out a write.

Today is a blessed day, so do what you’ve got to do.
If it weren’t for your mother – there would be no you.

So you waited until the last minute to get mom a gift?
We’ll here are a few quick and beloved ideas that will yield her a lift:


Click here for the full recipe and enjoy!

Get to the microwave, grab the ingredients and a mug,
Serve up to your mother with icing atop,  a cup of jo and a hug.


MothersDayGIFT Idea Be a sweet tea and go at making this one yourself,
a gift idea off of Martha Stewarts shelf.

Drop by the grocers and the fabric store
to get all that you need for this homemade gift score.

Sache what Mom needs for soothing relief.
A refreshing sip of tailored teas.


MothersDayGIFT Idea 2This last gift can totally come  from the heart
with some olive oil, a twig of rosemary and a decorative jar. 🙂

Whatever you do, don’t get caught without a token of love,
I’m Qui
And if none of these are in your cabinet – she’ll always appreciate the )))HUGS(((.

Hug your Mother Today.

Because you were born

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dear.momDear Mom, because you were born:

I had a shot at winning the swim contest.
I was rightly born – because I swam the best.

I was loved a lot and spoiled a little.
Born 2 of 4, I’m the kid in the middle.

I’ve always looked up to you – you’ve always been smart.
I thought it was a biological bi-product of having lady parts.

Dad is cool but he never worked at GM while maintaining his style and shakin.’
Dear Mom, you did it all – a trend setter who brought home the bacon.

I picked up your work ethic and some of your sense of fashion,
I also picked up that secret feminine lingo dubbed ‘pig latin.’

I use it a lot and am duly teaching my kid
about those generational-niches that do bind us as kin.

Thanks for teaching me how to cook, baby sit and comprehend what may not always be spoken.
My praying spirit yields foresight and strong is my intuitive (guiding) token.

Thanks for yielding me book knowledge and a great deal of common sense.
It is because you taught me to love and good-vibe-hug, that I have matured into hence.

I pray God favor me with grace – as you look like you’ve never seen a day of scorn.
Wisdom runs deep, I marinated and peeped – a recipient of because you were born.

You mean the world to me young lady and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY,
I’m Qui 
I’ll-ay ove-lay ou-yay or-fay infinity-ay! Hey! 🙂
[pig latin translation: I’ll love you for infinity!]