6 in the morning

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Hostages of the corporate world

First of all it’s Monday but I’m trying to make the weekend last
So I coupled my 5am cup of jo’ with OTIS’ OL FUNKY ASS:

He’s good company being steered by the lyrics of Loco and King J,
Throwing me in the back of the Cadi as we peruse the highway.

Memories are good and last weekend lent us some.
But losing Chris Kelly was not on the order of “fun”.

An overdose of heroine and cocaine isn’t the type of headline you want to hone.
But it is what it is, and our dear CHRIS has CROSSed over and gone home.

I’ve got to get out of here to take my child to school and hit the boot camp field.
I’ve turned my back on fat, sugar, bread and salt — a journey full of hills.

But for real, the day is early and I’m feeling fresh and cool.
I’m Qui
Done with yawning at 6 in the morning – let me get my kid to school.



Once I returned home I tuned in to CNN‘s hem –
the time was approximately 


I’m certain the AK47 was not remotely made
for high traffic areas at the start of your day:

All this is happening while GUN REFORM is in the front seat and the topic is hot.

The guy in the (uncensored) video unloads on the cops and yells out, “Kill me“!
Background checks could sure help – most targeted officers should feel me.

2 cops pulled the dude over for running a stop sign
not knowing they be the executors of his lifes end-time.

It’s unbelievably serious – I’m just relaying it in rhyme.
Houston hosted the NRA last weekend & they were on clown-shine.

Cause moonshine don’t make you talk like you’ve got your gun and don’t care.
This rallying of the ‘clowning crew’ is being headed by Wayne LaPierre.

Good thing the cops in the video had trained for this stuff, (whether support or pout).
They were better equipped to report it, call-for-backup and take the clown shooter out.

Being that it’s only 8:30 a.m. – More new is sure to follow,
I’m Qui
Serving it up with coffee, in attempt to help you swallow.

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