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Jeanne left us

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Jeanne Cooper went homeAnd just like that she walked into the light.
I cried a little, but I’m alright.
Y&R will yield me 1 player shy.
I’ll say a prayer for her fam tonight.

Then I’ll propose a toast to a wonderful afterlife
and down a double-shot of PASSION FRUIT – SKYY.

Fairwell Jeanne Cooper2013

Qui Loves Ya!

No. This is not a sad occasion, Ms. C was 84.
And we’ll go on to sing the songs of ‘how we do adore.’

She was a staple on Y&R, I don’t know how they are going to make it.
I’m sure the writers will whip something up and the actors won’t have to fake it.

Life. She is funny and Jeanne Cooper was a blast.
I’m Qui
And I can only pray to live a life so full of pizzaz.

Celebrate YOUR LIFE today.


Goodbye Jeanne Cooper