Because you were born

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 12, 2013 at 5:39 am

dear.momDear Mom, because you were born:

I had a shot at winning the swim contest.
I was rightly born – because I swam the best.

I was loved a lot and spoiled a little.
Born 2 of 4, I’m the kid in the middle.

I’ve always looked up to you – you’ve always been smart.
I thought it was a biological bi-product of having lady parts.

Dad is cool but he never worked at GM while maintaining his style and shakin.’
Dear Mom, you did it all – a trend setter who brought home the bacon.

I picked up your work ethic and some of your sense of fashion,
I also picked up that secret feminine lingo dubbed ‘pig latin.’

I use it a lot and am duly teaching my kid
about those generational-niches that do bind us as kin.

Thanks for teaching me how to cook, baby sit and comprehend what may not always be spoken.
My praying spirit yields foresight and strong is my intuitive (guiding) token.

Thanks for yielding me book knowledge and a great deal of common sense.
It is because you taught me to love and good-vibe-hug, that I have matured into hence.

I pray God favor me with grace – as you look like you’ve never seen a day of scorn.
Wisdom runs deep, I marinated and peeped – a recipient of because you were born.

You mean the world to me young lady and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY,
I’m Qui 
I’ll-ay ove-lay ou-yay or-fay infinity-ay! Hey! 🙂
[pig latin translation: I’ll love you for infinity!]

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