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Quite a gal

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on May 13, 2013 at 4:20 pm

BarbaraWalters_Retires2013So Barbara Walters is signing off for the day – 
as sure as the evenings set is coming her way.

She makes 83 looks sweet in picking her time
to exit the stage with her good health and mind.

Ol’ Barbara has done it — and she did so today.
Her marvelous career is our history to stay.

Everything that she’s given us and everything that she is,
is noted to be drawn from by all of her kids.

The media-savvy-kids that are sure to come after,
may they study Ms. Walters manners, etiquette and warm laughter.

I’ll miss her broadcasts dearly, as her influence continues to live on.
Even I hone-in on her when I’m in my broadcast zone.

Barbara has encouraged me that ‘anything he can do – I can do better.’
Wether doing it in 7″ Jimmy Choo shoes or a luxury cashmere sweater,
Ms. Walters is a go-getter.

As sure as all necessary elements that have come before me, like time, rocks, and water,
I’m Qui
and my career wouldn’t be as awesome as is it without the work of Ms. Barbara Walters.

She isn’t irrelevant. She did not get fired.
Today Ms. Barbara Walters has officially retired.