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Early Monday Morning

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 20, 2013 at 7:37 am
Picking up the pieces...

Picking up the pieces…

The weekend found me busy with work:
filming and editing took all of my flirt.

4am this morning came very quick
Suffering from little-sleep-itis, I felt quite sick.

But I got up anyway to take the hubby off to work,
I threw on shoes and denim blues to go under my night-night shirt.

I brewed fresh coffee for two and I made it pretty quick
by dragging myself out of bed 15-minutes before he did.

He has to be at work at 5:30am and I work from home – for self;
I take the kid to school at 6:50 – because she’s our legacy wealth. 🙂

And then it’s back to the house, to do more film editing.
testing show creations – for mass relations
and structuring reel pedigree.

My board of producers is tight and each one pulls his weight.
We all believe in sweat equity and work diligent everyday.

Perseverance is important and I’m steady on the course
and starting my day at 4 am – makes me a successful sport.

You’ll get no complaints here, I’m happy to be alive.
I’m Qui
An “early bird she” already on my productive thrive.

TODAY can be a WIN if you just DRIVE.

He’s all in your ear

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 20, 2013 at 12:52 am
The "other guy" has all the answers?

The “other guy” has all the answers?

I love you men – I really do,
but I’ve got to share a few missed truths:

Wisdom ladies! Wisdom! Please hear and understand
He is running game, If he’s “bad mouthing” your current man.

He wants to get into your pants – so he’ll say what he’s got to say.
It’s okay if you’re cool with that, but remember a “game” is in play.

It is not okay to let him think that he rules the panties,
because He’s all in your ear talking about “being a family”.

Listen ladies! Listen, you do not want to call him your own,
not when he’s just looking for a place to rest amidst his roam.

Wisdom needs to be yours. You deserve a quality life.
Please don’t think he’s without bags, if he comes with an ex-wife.


Something made him “the ex” – which is the same thing he’s trying to make your man.
He doesn’t care about you and yours – adding nothing to your future plans.

He’s talking about taking care of you and waking up to your pretty face,
while he’s in-between pads – doing bad – living at some other chicks place.

But he wants to take care of you?
Think it through.

Ask your momma, ask your sister —
he’s a common trifling mister.

Wisdom ladies. Wisdom! Please do not be in a rush
to say “it’s love”; moments later “it was” – and end up looking dumb.

Love is not that complicated. Please do not panic. Do not fear.
Please know that you’ve got to double check that yay-ya he’s putting in your ear.

He’s all in your ear, telling you that your man ain’t this and he ain’t that,
I’m Qui
and he’s heard those words before, himself. Wisdom says, it’s likely a fact.

Don’t be so quick to settle. Be patient, be prayerful and listen.
God hasn’t forgotten about you, I promise, so lean back on good wisdom.

You have been served.