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Humping HAPPY

In Communication, Griot, Music, Self Improvement on May 22, 2013 at 9:57 am
Ride the day!

Ride the day!

Up early – I dashed from the house,
an anxious feeling invoked me to get out
and survey the world – observe the mass of others,
then right around noon – go have lunch with my lover. 😉

Life is good right now; my heart needs no mend.
As my kid approaches 16, I’m in high school again.
Yesterday found me beat searching. Doing the music industry tap.
And then I grabbed my trusty pen and ghost writ a real tight rap.

Awesome! Writing is exciting and composing is fun.
There’s not many like me — though JAY Z has one.
A ghostwriter is never a biter and births information over beats.
I do it pressure free – I’m not hungry; always eat.

The latest piece has been born and confidence has not been hid,
It is fashioned and crafted – to be dug and be laughed at
and performed by my high school kid.

How much fun will that be? I’m certainly in the mood
for lacing more raps to get more snaps
and pass positive information through.

Life is good right now, I also have a film on the table.
We’re in preproduction – creative eruption;
we’ll shoot as soon as we’re able.

Today is Wednesday though I like to call it (the dimensional) HUMP DAY,
I’m Qui 
On my way to bear the Phoenix heat, but not before posting this griot say.

What have you got up for today? Conquer it and be snappy.
Do what you have to do – to get back to you 
and by all means keep Humping HAPPY.