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Relax and

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Fun Weekend Wishes

Let your hair down and take it easy.
The weekend is yours; you’re cool and breezy.
Shades on whippersnapper with a curios smile…
The time is yours, so relax child.

Have a fun filled filled weekend, laugh a lot and lead the band,
I’m Qui
Saying I’ll be doing it too, whilst not neglecting to Relax and

News Peruse – The 4th week of June

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Click here to learn more about the DOJ & the VOTING RIGHTS ACT of 1965

The Zimmerman trial is well underway
and evidence is being presented for sway.

George is in the hot seat, fighting to be calm in his head
knowing his lifes on the line because a young boy is dead.

God bless. I’m praying and sending good vibes to Sabrina and Tracy Martin.
I pray they can forgive George and that their hearts are not hardened.

I pray George will overcome whatever it was in his heart
that made him prey on the teen black boy from the very start.

I pray justice is served and that decency remains.
Trayvons death shouldn’t conclude in vain.

The Voting Rights Act is in trouble –  and not at all a leisure fad or fashion.
The DOJ has loosened the federal reigns. What’s it mean for African Americans?

Will water hosing tactics return to deter black voters in line?
America is not post racial and this is purely not the right time.

Who let the blacks out? It was high poll numbers that elected President Obama,
and history shows, they’re eagerly awaiting to vote in Chelsea Clinton’s moma.

But if voting rights aren’t protected and long lines continue to deter
folks from voting before cut off time – the minority vote may become a blur.
That’s not what we need sir.

Also while watching CNN, did you happen to see the video
of the black intruder that beat the white women after kicking down her do‘?

Horrific it was indeed. He beat her for no reason.
May her nanny cam surveillance help arrest him this season.

Very few are effective in stopping you in your tracks.
Very few have the authority to do it like the IRS.

The IRS usually adds up to more than we think we can handle,
but offers no bias in the latest IRS scandal.

In lighter news — or maybe not so light
The big sis on That 70’s Show got a D.U.I.

It made headline news, for no reason at all
The cops arrested her while walking – because her car had stalled.

Edward Snowden is in transition limbo — and how,
he’s currently sitting in an airport somewhere in Moscow.

Putin is acting like, it’s a free world and he won’t extradite.
President O’s administration is like, “Okay Putin. Alright.

If you wanna play like that, you better be sure you’ve got your allies behind ya.
Because we’re done playing integrity ball with you and old man China.”

They two are well informed – they know exactly what’s up.
America will historically note just how they are cut.

This is an international stage with a tattered fringe.
Drake suggested that we all know our real friends…

Nelson Mandela is a good friend and President Obama may drop in on him Friday.
When President Mandela heard of his pending guest, he experienced a high day.

Dave Chappelle has plunged into a comedy tour and Kevin Hart speaks on his return.
Suddenly things are looking up because Dave’s got the good laughs that I yearn.

Often times, the news is too burdensome and I just want to be silly,
I’m Qui
Reading the headlines of international news and saying, “Come on. Really?!”

Vegas Road Trip

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I knew the weekend would bear all sweet and no sour
when we set out to conquer our road trip of 5 hours.

We spent 2-days of fun during the EDC Rave moment.
I, in the shortest dress – couldn’t resist but to hone it.

Every minute was exciting – even the casino floors paid us.
But the rest of what had happened … will rightfully remain in Vegas. 😉

She gets along well with my husband

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Me, him and her?

Me, him and her?

So what would you do if you and your man were on the rocks and your girlfriend started casing him for the buried treasure she’s never had? That’s an obvious scenario, but what about your girlfriend catching feelings for your man when you two are no where near “the rocks”, but in fact you’re happy, all is well and he’s recently proposed marriage?

Melissa had eyes for Jon while he and Kayla were dating. Eyes that Jon encouraged.

Over the years they fostered a hands off, unspoken and internal love affair until one fateful day that lead to this:

the letter My name is Melissa and I am a mother to two wonderful children and wife to an amazing man named Jonathan. Our lives together over the past 3 years have been everything I’ve ever dreamed of, however, it hasn’t always been bliss and unfortunately the path to our love caused a lot of people pain. See when I first met Jon he was in another relationship, with my best friend.

Kayla and I met in high school and were thick as thieves from the start. We always stuck to the “girl code” with the number one rule being “Thou shalt not covet thy BFF’s man,” that is until Jon came along. When Kayla first brought him around 10 years ago I was genuinely happy for them. Kayla’s previous relationship was a train wreck that broke her spirit, but when Jon came along, he brought her happy glow back and that was good enough for me. The first sign that there might be a connection between Jon and I was when I started dating a new guy a little over a year into their relationship. We all went on a double date where he proceeded to grill the guy I was with in a way that left both Kayla and I puzzled. Jon acted more like a jealous ex than a friend looking out, but he brushed it off as him just having a bad sense about the guy. I knew better.

After that incident everything seemed normal. We got along well, had a ton in common, but our relationship stayed strictly platonic. When Jon decided he wanted to settle down and marry Kayla, he asked me to help him pick out the ring and that was my first sense that my feelings towards him were more than just friendly. It hurt, literally, to stand there and pick out my best friend’s engagement ring and I think Jon noticed my pain because he asked me what I thought about him proposing and if I knew of any reason why he shouldn’t go through with it. We stood there in the jewelry store staring into each other’s eyes, I wanted to tell him my feelings and, according to Jon, he was waiting to hear that I cared for him. The world stopped, love filled the room and then almost as quickly as it came, it left because we knew our feelings could go no further. The proposal was romantic and the wedding that followed a year later was something out of a fairytale, but through it all, Jon and I shared silent glances that let us both know we were in an impossible situation…

Finish this at EBONY

I don’t know about Kayla, but I’d have been hotter than fish grease
that my guy would go for my girl, after faux-relationship-building, with me.

I understand mistakes happen, but Mel’s a trifling friend
You don’t end up in a relationship – that your BF began.

Jon’s not getting off the hook easy either, they are both trifling bound.
Mel & Jon should remember what goes around comes around.

Jon, if you have a best friend, that you think may stand for life,
be careful bringing him around your “eye gazing” wife.

If she’ll betray her ace-boon-girl to get with you,
She’s likely opt for riding the next horse that rolls through.

Not just any horse, but the one that may catch her eye and tug at her heart.
I’m only predicating the future, based on the facts of your romance start.

Sure there are kids between you two – a valid and fruitful connect
but karma is real, and she will definitely be coming back.

My Moma always says, “if you can take him – he can be taken.”
Karma rests in your hands; what type of future are you makin’?

Kayla has gone on with her life and threw those two to the curve.
I’m Qui
Saying “Don’t do anything to anyone else,that you don’t want to later deserve.”

Karma is real.
I ain’t making it up.

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Black Dad – White House

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BlackHistory_WhiteHouseThe title, Black Dad – White House,  sounds like a cheesy sitcom on Nickelodeon or something, but it’s not. However, if it were a scripted show, let’s be real, it would likely be broadcast on OWN. The book, “The Black History of the White House” by Clarence Lusane is an interesting read too, (click the link to see his C-Span video interview), though it never could have foretold of the fatherly impact the 2-term president would have on the lives of so many.

The truth is there is a Black Dad living in the White House that Malia and Sasha love dearly and as you’d imagine, they are not alone in their affections. Ebony Magazine recently has noted that “the presidents most important task is Father-In-Chief.” EM’s Steven Gray examines the embrace of President Obama, the dad:

“At Hyde Park Career Academy on Chicago’s south side, dozen of young people wearing tidy khaki pants and navy-blue polo shirts gathered on the stage of their high school’s auditorium.  They were ready to greet guest of honor President Barack Obama, who visited them this past February.  He rallied the kids, as he usually does at such events, and the images were striking: a Black president interacting with Black teens.  He introduced a new social mobility agenda:  the Ladders of Opportunity Program.  Still, he couldn’t help but discuss an even more vexing problem.  In 2012, nearly 65 children were among Chicago’s 443 homicide victim. “That’s the equivalent of a Newtown every four months,” he said.

As the president –and as a father– he just can’t abide by those statistics.

The White House frequently touts Michelle Obama as the mother-in-chief, dispatched to soothe families of shooting victims and to promote healthy eating.  Now that Obama is freed from the burdensome re-election calculations, it’s clear that he’s more fully stepping into his role as father-in-chief.

This is important because one of the most persistent critiques of President Obama is that he hasn’t used his position to address the particular concerns of Black men:  education, unemployment, high rates of incarceration and slowed social mobility. But listen closely and connect the dots, and you’ll notice the president has taken some key steps to deal with these issues.

As the country debated gun policies after the shooting of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin in February 2012, the president spoke out. “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon,” he said, during a White House press conference. And in this year’s state of the union address, he promoted fatherhood, saying, “What makes you a man isn’t the ability to conceive a child:  it’s having the courage to raise one.”

Later that week, he went to Hyde Park Career Academy, near his Chicago home.  He also met privately in a classroom with more than a dozen participants in the Becoming a Man project, which has helped boost graduation rates and lower violent crime arrests among at-risk men.

“The most important step
is simply to talk–
in a public, authentic
and reflective way–
about what it means
to have a Black man
in the Oval Office.”

For another example of Obama’s expanded role, look to Morehouse College, whose new president, John Wilson Jr., Ph.D., spent the last four years running the White House’s Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Barely two weeks into his new job, Wilson received a call from Washington, D.C.  The message:  President Obama wanted to deliver Morehouse’s commencement address.  Wilson quickly accepted the offer.  “It was pretty simple,” he says, admitting his deep Washington ties didn’t influence the arrangement.  “It was timing and President Obama is clearly drawn by the power of Morehouse.”

The visit carries special resonance: the country’s first Black president to deliver the graduation address at a college devoted to Black men.  “So much about him reflects what we’re trying to do here at Morehouse:  preparing young “African-American men for the world,” says Wison.

There’s rarely been a deep public analysis of Obama’s relationship with Black men in the way Hillary Clinton’s ascendance triggered a discussion about the role of women in American society.  Yet, it’s clear the president takes seriously his position as role model.  Even if the pundits don’t take to it, it’s time for Obama to start a national conversation about why dealing with some of the key challenges facing Black men ins in the nation’s best interest.

There are some key things the president can do.  First, he should start a conversation with the nation’s business leaders who are in a position to hire.  Second, he shoudl directly engage education leaders, from university presidents to kindergarten teachers.  Third, he should regularly meet with young Black men, just as he did on Chicago’s South Side.  But the most important step in simply to talk– in a public, authentic and reflective way– about what it means to have a Black man in the Oval Office.  That will signal to the world that it’s acceptable–and healthy– to discuss the achievement, failings and hopes for Black men.  Part of the president’s legacy depends on it.” [Ebony Magazine JUNE 2013] 

divider websets-bar

It seems the Black Dad suddenly has a few things to straighten out,
now that that there’s a pretty sharp example living in the White House.

I’m sure he’s a lot like many dad’s that we know in our communities;
He binds the family together, with a firm set of paternal keys.

He’s at the head of the table and at the head of most joint IRS forms.
He’s the one who may speak less but rings all disciplinary alarms.

He’s the one who fixes the car and gives you extra money for gas.
He teaches wisdom and doles street insight his offspring has never had.

He’s the one that helps to guide you through your Moms PMS attitude
In hopes to help you avoid being the recipient of one of her back hand moves.

Black Dad – White House — I don’t think he’s any different from any other,
I’m Qui
Glad to bear witness to President B. I’m a Dad-loving Mother

The kids need raising and I hope that you feel this:
To raise a single child – well,  it takes a whole village.

Humping Y&R

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker
Moving on – past missing Mrs. Chancellor
Y&R continues to lure and implore
the viewer to be glued to the screen
by writing the most suspenseful scenes.

Niel’s journal has been stolen – and is now a terrors find;
And its details are being broadcast out-of-context online.
It’s affecting Devon and Lilly because the hurtful implications are true.
The broadcast has also affected Leslie, because Neil has written about her too.


Nicholas Newman is doing good, but his current situation is a colossal bother,
he just read the dated paternity results that states he is not Summers father.
He had the courage to tell Phyllis, and then he yearned to retract.
So he stopped just short of informing Summer that her real father is Jack.

Lauren Baldwin isn’t doing so well – she’s on a limb and out of line.
Today her son Fenmore, caught her tongue kissing ol’ Carmine.
Phen broke up the connection and demanded an answer be rendered,
but Lauren plead him to resist provoking the casanova bartender.

Do you remember when Chloe was kidnapped and losing her mind
in the trunk of el bartender – Ol’ Carmine?
Criminal behavior is responsible for his fame of star.
Carmine gets more ass than the barstools at the bar.

Good stuff.

Chloe and Kevin Fisher aren’t really doing so good.
They sold their beloved coffee shop in the Y&R hood.
Chloe is threatening divorce because she’s not feeling
Kevin’s new obsession with robbing and stealing.

Victoria Newman-Abbott and Billy are good to go
He confessed his gambling issue and she’s trying to get prego.
Adam Newmans ex-wife Chelsea is pregnant still
and claiming Dylan as the father – her selfish will.

Because she doesn’t want Adam to use his money
to milk the system for sole custody – honey.
Dylan is thrilled to think that he’s going to be a dad,
though his heart still aches for what he and Avery Clark had.

Avery’s engaged to Nicholas Newman and yet she’s out of the loop
of the exclusive information that is Summers father – truth.
Jack Abbott has no idea that Summer is his biological child,
and isn’t cock blocking the idea that Summer wants to sleep with his son – Kyle.

Talk about incest throughout the family – and they’ve no idea that they’re doing it,
I’m Qui
A Y&R girl who thinks the soaps new direction is a filthy hit!

I mean really,
Are you watching this?

Happy Fathers Day – Dad

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Research Father vs Dad

In researching HIM – I found ME…

So what’s the difference between a Father and a Dad?
Well not much that I can separate by fact or fad.

The DNA that is used comes from a male – it is true.
And without his DNA there would be no me or you.

But then far after the in utero process has phased ya’,
DAD is the one that stuck around and raised ya.

He doesn’t have to reside in the home with the kid,
because whenever he’s needed – his love is never hid.

Dad is the guy that brings your lunch to school when you’ve forgotten,
and tells you he still loves you when you know that you’ve been rotten.

Father is the one, we thank for coming through
and parting with the good genes that filter thru you.

Father is also known as Dad;
the one who believed marriage was more than a fad.

The one who lived in-house to support the fam.
The one who supported you (when no one else gave a damn).

Dad and Father; the two could be one in the same,
but it’s not uncommon that its two with different names.


I love my biological father and am blessed to know him as Dad.
He’s the only paternal reference that I have ever had.


He was there for me when I was being stalked by a transient when I was in high school.
Dad caught him in the act, and physically convinced the man – that this wasn’t cool.

My Dad was the one that taught me about the complexities of life,
how to be a nice person, how to be firm, and how to fight.

Gotta love your Dad. Gotta love your Father.
Gotta love the one that bore all to propel you farther.

I am happy and I am grateful that I had two in the same,
I’m Qui
And believe it or not, Dad chose to give me this name.

Be guilty of )))HUGGING((( your Dad today
for all of the LOVE he has imparted your way.

Hug him for his goods and forgive him for his bads.
Be genuine in wishing him a
Happy Fathers Day – Dad

News Peruse in June

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The term BIG BROTHER did not originate at the CBS reality show. Big Brother is the government. The reality show is a privacy infringing spin-off.

He doesn’t play sports, but his comedy balls;
Kevin Hart towers over NBA star whose 6’11” tall.

Arizona is known as “the healing place” – folks are always looking to the heavens.
It’s either Jesus Christ himself, or the Phoenix UFO’s from 1997.

I’m as shocked as you are – this was new news to me.
Stephenville, TX isn’t alone – peep the Phx documentary.

I guess I’m only bringing it up
because I’m out here in this Phoenix cut. 🙂

So how’s your mid-week so far? What good is new?
Did you happen to catch todays episode of THE VIEW?


The show was good and their HOT TOPICS were on point.
Co-hosting with ladies was Ana Quincoces from a reality show joint.

John Stamos was on the show. He’s quite the sexy flirt,
but somehow every time I see him, I crave greek yogurt.

The NSA has been in the news, because security is in question.
If the government wants to hear you – he has the Patriot Act connection.

After Ed Snowden told Americans that thier phone calls were being spied on
Most phone compainies denied any such, except la honest Verizon.

After 9/11 in 2001, congress voted to give phone-tapping power to the White House.
But when Obama took the reigns in 2008,  the Patriot Act became a louse.

Personally, I don’t appreciate anyone dropping in on my phone calls,
but then no one asked me to weigh-in my vote on the Patriot Act,  at all.

I suppose congress voted it into law, because the terror threat is real.
And with every terrorist act thwarted – it’s an action I can feel.

I am not sacrificing liberty for safety – but I do want to be safe.
I’m Qui
And this is a dialogue needing to be had all over the USA.

What are your thoughts?
How much does security cost?

Reel Monday

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15-year old actress QuoQui C'mon

15-year old actress Dequota Wilson stars in WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS

So I spent the last weekend filming outdoor location scenes
then dove straight into editing – that Final Cut thing.

The shots I had in mind were reeled in with ease
The weather was seering – and yielded no breeze.

Arizona is boasting triple digit degrees.

The project is a teen film; pitching a humanity connect.
Via life, our teens are learning priceless wisdom and respect.

I wrote a script of points and checks to help jog the mind
of the importance of lifes journey; a purposeful find.

It’s a narrative piece; conscience streams and I am ready.
I got the idea from Mr. Fab 5 Freddy.

He’s a documentary man; he introduced us to hip hop.
He’s a man of constant creativity. The vein never stops.

I am like a radio, ready to receive and broadcast a purposeful joint.
And whenever I talk to Fab 5 Freddy, his responses are always on point.

My beloved Reel Monday will yield me more of the same.
My career is really too much fun; a creative & skillful game.

Real talk.

Script brief: Life is full of wisdom. Learn it and earn your respect.
Folks – thats the idea I’m reeling to render at the next film festival connect.

Our children are our future and I am a nourisher of,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday to thee. Wish me and the crew some positive love.

Work and Play.
A Reel Monday

5-4-3-2-1 ACTION!
Drop in on QUI FILMS

Ride the HUMP with me

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You know you like it –
profess a HAPPY HUMP DAY to further spike it.

It’s Wednesday again and I’m feeling alright,
I had good company drop in on me last night.

We talked about football, economics and common sense. 
We talked about why Generation X is having trouble paying the rent.

We talked about guidance and reaching out to help the youth.
We talked about the future – facts, fauxs and missed truths.

We talked about it all and could have worked ourselves into a crunch.
Alas, we realized we were doing too much the night before the day of HUMP.

So we dropped all of the predicator stuff and got back to having a good time.
I’m Qui
Wishing the same for thee. Happy Hump Day – Ride the grind.

Qui Audio Byte:

QE Audio Player buttonRide the HUMP with me