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Happy Fathers Day – Dad

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Research Father vs Dad

In researching HIM – I found ME…

So what’s the difference between a Father and a Dad?
Well not much that I can separate by fact or fad.

The DNA that is used comes from a male – it is true.
And without his DNA there would be no me or you.

But then far after the in utero process has phased ya’,
DAD is the one that stuck around and raised ya.

He doesn’t have to reside in the home with the kid,
because whenever he’s needed – his love is never hid.

Dad is the guy that brings your lunch to school when you’ve forgotten,
and tells you he still loves you when you know that you’ve been rotten.

Father is the one, we thank for coming through
and parting with the good genes that filter thru you.

Father is also known as Dad;
the one who believed marriage was more than a fad.

The one who lived in-house to support the fam.
The one who supported you (when no one else gave a damn).

Dad and Father; the two could be one in the same,
but it’s not uncommon that its two with different names.


I love my biological father and am blessed to know him as Dad.
He’s the only paternal reference that I have ever had.


He was there for me when I was being stalked by a transient when I was in high school.
Dad caught him in the act, and physically convinced the man – that this wasn’t cool.

My Dad was the one that taught me about the complexities of life,
how to be a nice person, how to be firm, and how to fight.

Gotta love your Dad. Gotta love your Father.
Gotta love the one that bore all to propel you farther.

I am happy and I am grateful that I had two in the same,
I’m Qui
And believe it or not, Dad chose to give me this name.

Be guilty of )))HUGGING((( your Dad today
for all of the LOVE he has imparted your way.

Hug him for his goods and forgive him for his bads.
Be genuine in wishing him a
Happy Fathers Day – Dad