News Peruse – The 4th week of June

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Click here to learn more about the DOJ & the VOTING RIGHTS ACT of 1965

The Zimmerman trial is well underway
and evidence is being presented for sway.

George is in the hot seat, fighting to be calm in his head
knowing his lifes on the line because a young boy is dead.

God bless. I’m praying and sending good vibes to Sabrina and Tracy Martin.
I pray they can forgive George and that their hearts are not hardened.

I pray George will overcome whatever it was in his heart
that made him prey on the teen black boy from the very start.

I pray justice is served and that decency remains.
Trayvons death shouldn’t conclude in vain.

The Voting Rights Act is in trouble –  and not at all a leisure fad or fashion.
The DOJ has loosened the federal reigns. What’s it mean for African Americans?

Will water hosing tactics return to deter black voters in line?
America is not post racial and this is purely not the right time.

Who let the blacks out? It was high poll numbers that elected President Obama,
and history shows, they’re eagerly awaiting to vote in Chelsea Clinton’s moma.

But if voting rights aren’t protected and long lines continue to deter
folks from voting before cut off time – the minority vote may become a blur.
That’s not what we need sir.

Also while watching CNN, did you happen to see the video
of the black intruder that beat the white women after kicking down her do‘?

Horrific it was indeed. He beat her for no reason.
May her nanny cam surveillance help arrest him this season.

Very few are effective in stopping you in your tracks.
Very few have the authority to do it like the IRS.

The IRS usually adds up to more than we think we can handle,
but offers no bias in the latest IRS scandal.

In lighter news — or maybe not so light
The big sis on That 70’s Show got a D.U.I.

It made headline news, for no reason at all
The cops arrested her while walking – because her car had stalled.

Edward Snowden is in transition limbo — and how,
he’s currently sitting in an airport somewhere in Moscow.

Putin is acting like, it’s a free world and he won’t extradite.
President O’s administration is like, “Okay Putin. Alright.

If you wanna play like that, you better be sure you’ve got your allies behind ya.
Because we’re done playing integrity ball with you and old man China.”

They two are well informed – they know exactly what’s up.
America will historically note just how they are cut.

This is an international stage with a tattered fringe.
Drake suggested that we all know our real friends…

Nelson Mandela is a good friend and President Obama may drop in on him Friday.
When President Mandela heard of his pending guest, he experienced a high day.

Dave Chappelle has plunged into a comedy tour and Kevin Hart speaks on his return.
Suddenly things are looking up because Dave’s got the good laughs that I yearn.

Often times, the news is too burdensome and I just want to be silly,
I’m Qui
Reading the headlines of international news and saying, “Come on. Really?!”

  1. How sad. And unfortunately, you are correct. If you are a black victim – you DO have to prove it. If you are black person being charged as the aggressor (bad guy), you DO have to prove that you are not.

    Trayvon Martin was a victim. It’s too bad trial time is being spent questioning his character and intent. He was 17, walking from the store with a bag of skittles and a can of Ice Tea.

    George Zimmerman was pursuing TrayVon. George Zimmerman had a gun.

    The burden of proof should solely rest on the Defense.

    I have to believe that it does and that justice will be served.

    Even if George Zimmerman never spends another day in jail for taking the 17-year olds life, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED.

    Have you ever heard of Karma?
    She bars none.

  2. The hoodie was for the rain and it did not have water and grass on it — (per the logged evidence) it had blood on it. They did not check for that.

    The guy that said he saw them fighting could be lying. Many police in the past have lied. When the police got there they saw Zimmerman as the person trying to save his own life and the kid was going after him. He was chasing the kid because he saw him as crook.

    You mean to tell me there were no white people walking around, so he only followed the black kid? Why would this guy (property resident that testified) be standing in the window just at that moment? I am sure that he came to the window after he heard the gun go off.

    When ever you are black it is up to you to prove you did not do it. Zimmerman shoots the kid in cold blood and then the prosecution has to prove he’s guilty.

    If the situation was a black man killing a white kid he would get life and would have to prove he did not kill him — no matter what the reason.

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