The HART of the NEWS

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Tuesday night at 10pm, I was on the film preview train
enjoying Kevin Harts new travelogue film: LET ME EXPLAIN.

He sold out Madison Square Gardens by being anything but lazy
and had us cracking up in Phoenix talking about women who act crazy.

I enjoyed it to the hilt and laughed at myself (via his script) a time or two.
Kevin Hart is the real deal and good ol’ laughter will carry him through.


More news on the wire, that varies between dying out and picking up steam
is the crazy unappetizing news about the law suit against Paula Dean.

We all know she’s been in the news, trying to apologize for the N-word,
but the white woman who filed the suit against her – said those charges are not hers.

She’s not suing Paula Deen for being derogatory to any minority races,
but rather sewing her for condonation and abuse of power in their work places.

In fact, the plaintiff’s name is Lisa Jackson, and you can say what you like,
but she’s not kin to the King of Pop at all, you see Lisa Jackson is white.

If this isn’t a black and white issue, how in the world did the N-word come up?
I think her PR’s using it as a smoke screen in hopes to muddle-the-law-suit up.


If you’re hungry for some hot dogs – let me hear you holla
like the gf of Chestnut. He won twenty thousand dollars.

When it comes to eating 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes – you have to be the best.
That’s rightfully why Joey Chestnut — won Nathans Hot Dog Contest.


The 4th of July was great. I basked in independence and ate plenty,
I also adopted an awesome greyhound/heeler mix, whose name is Pretty Penny.

Penny 2013-07-03 at 4.09.55 PM


Today is our beloved Friday and there’s an overcast in Arizona at this time.
I’m so giddy about the shade of it all, I had to put it in rhyme.

Last Saturday was 119 degrees and I insisted on staying in the shade.
I left not my home to do errand roams – the living room is set to 78.

Originally, I’m from Texas and I used to think no place could possibly be hotter.
But now I know, that thought was faux. Phoenix natives let me hear you holler!


Beach bodies are hotter than the current temps and definitely in season.
I’m working out harder than ever before and here’s a part of the main reason:

Look at Jada’s view.
I want to do it too!

We’re the same age exactly, (save 30-days between us).
Who doesn’t want to be 41 and still kick up beach body fuss?

I know discipline is rough…
but my minds made up. I must!


Speaking of getting fit, I have actively been weight loosing.
I’m down 23 pounds. Physical activity is what I’m grooving.
It’s just like the FLOTUS said: “Alright folks! Let’s get moving!”

I’ve been shrinking up nicely since April the 24th.
23 pounds in 3 months encourages me to move more!

That’s a little over 7 pounds a month,
I’m loving the smaller tag size a bunch!


Speaking about the good of being “small”
Let me Explain is a laughable riot – y’all.

Nothing is as easy as it seems. We began this journey by laughing at Kevin Harts pain.
I‘m Qui
Watching the way he works a bad into being his good – and am duly doing the same.

What’s your plan to win in lifes game?

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