Southern Fried Homicide

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Fried Butter. Why?

Does it come with a side of fried butter?

Actually it’s a series on [DirectTv] 285 INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY. It’s focuses on homicides in the southern region of the United States. I don’t suppose homicides in Texas, Louisiana, Florida or Atlanta are any different than homicides in the midwest, north or the East coast, except for the fried twinkie crumbs, of course.

REAL NEWS: Sunday night in the Southwest (Phoenix) a man, his 14-year old daughter and a 9-year old visiting guest were shot after the man stood on his 2nd floor balcony overlooking the apartment courtyard and vomited on his neighbor downstairs, who was walking by with his dog.

When the neighbor downstairs confronted the vomiting man upstairs about vomiting on him and his dog, the vomiting man mouthed back everything but an apology. That’s when the man downstairs pulled a gun and began firing into the direction of the vomiters apartment. None of the injuries were serious – THANK GOD. The downstairs neighbor then fled the scene and hasn’t been seen since.

It’s a nasty story on any level, but HOW WOULD YOU HAVE HANDLED the situation?

It’s not deep fried, because no one died,
but it came real close to being a homicide.

The summertime seems to be an excellent time for folks to lose their mind and pull out stunts of the hellacious kind. I’m sure the man who was shot would like to rewind and perhaps offer an apology of the sincere kind. As for the man who was vomited on, I’m sure he would have preferred to not have retaliated on anyone who was suffering an illness verb. WORD. But we’ll never know. I’m just glad this story didn’t make the homicide show.

Well it’s Thursday here in the Southwest and I don’t like fried foods at all.
It causes all kind of health issues, including a good cholesterol stall.

So I’m opting for fruit with my morning joe.
I’m Qui
Wishing you a healthy and mindful weekend – Yo!

Forfeit to argue and put forth a grin
Life is what you make of it & you’re here to WIN!
Apply a positive spin…

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