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Slavery & Mississippi

1. News of the Weird (and Late)…
Slavery Is Over
In case you missed it, Mississippi recently declared the end of slavery. Despite the fact that the 13th Amendment abolishing it was added to the Constitution in 1865, the state finally got on board –in 1995– to ratify it. But a paperwork technicality held up the processing until February 2013.

Nasa Space Suit

2. Don’t Try This at Home
Space Suit Snafu
East African rapper Jose Chameleone thought wearing a $12,700 NASA-approveed space suit during his concert would be cool. Except it wasn’t. First, he started to suffocate because the oxygen tank wasn’t connected. After removing the helmet he couldn’t move. Then he started to overheat. Chameleone should probably find new concert gear.

all-seeing-eye3. Note to Would-Be-Rappers:
Human Sacrifice Not Necessary
Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, a Virginia-based aspiring rapper, is awaiting trial for attempting to kill a friend as a sacrifice to the illuminati. He allegedly shot his friend because he thought a human sacrifice was necessary for membership into the secret group, which is frequently referred to in rap songs and rumored to be running the world. El-Amin was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, use of a firearm in commission of a felony and malicious wounding. He later said he had no memory of the shooting or of the illuminati rantings. El-Amin has no prior criminal record, according to news reports.

Jason Collins4. A Gay Athlete in the NBA
Was Anyone Surprised?

Jason Collins confirmed what everyone always suspected: There is a gay athlete in the world of professional sports– and there could be more. The 12-year NBA veteran, who played with the Boston Celtics last season, stunned the world with his admission in a Sports Illustrated article. The player said he’s glad he came out in 2013 rather than in 2003, because now, there’s more tolerance. Celtics coach Doc Rivers supported Collins: “He’s a pro’s pro. He is the consummate professional and he is one of my favorite ‘team’ players… If you have learned anything from Jackie Robinson, it is that teammates are always the first to accept. It will be society who has to learn tolerance.

WetSeal5. Dress Code
White Isn’t Always Right
Popular teen clothing store Wet Seal Inc. Has agreed to pay $7.5 million a settlement for a class-action lawsuit brought on by charges of racial discrimination. It all started when Wet Seal corporate leaders visited a Pennsylvania store where the manager, a sista, overheard an executive vice president say a hire should be “…White, [with] blue eyes, thin and blond.” Manager Nicole Cogdell was fired a few days later and claims she was fired because she’s Black. She later released this statement: “Being targeted for termination from a job I loved because of my race was a nightmare. It was important for me to be a force for change, but I could not have done it without the support of other employees who spoke out against discrimination.”

[Source Reference: Ebony Magazine July 2013]

  1. What’s right with Mississippi – is a more appropriate question. What’s wrong with WET SEAL?!

  2. What is wrong with Mississippi?

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