The Fruitvale Station situation

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fruitvale-station-Oscar Grant & Tatiana

No movie spoilers in this write-up

Well, it wasn’t a feel-good movie.

I did not go into it thinking that it would be, but I definitely didn’t expect the audience to have been as sensitive as I am. I’m a cryer. If there’s pain to be felt in the movie, I’m feeling it. If there’s happiness in the movie – I’m giddy. If there’s a death in a movie… especially of a young black male, for no justified reason, and is a true story…. I’m affected maternally and on a sibling level.

This movie pre-dates the death of Trayvon Martin, and somehow it is the same situation. How is this? I was certainly hoping Trayvon’s case was a mishap. A bad moment. You know? Who wants to have to accept that there’s at least one Trayvon killing every week in any given neighborhood. And that’s at the very least.  These senseless kilings have been going on forever, claiming the lives of Emit Till, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Oscar Grant, and so on and so on and so on? Too many names to list, but you get the gist. In America it seems totally okay to shoot and kill unarmed black men.

This is not okay people. This is not okay.

Black people haven’t been harping on the sadness of each individual situation, because somehow we had found a way to isolate our own unjustified neighborhood deaths into a single  and solitary incident. The pain is usually so much to bear that when you find out that another unarmed black man has been killed,  we immediately opt to tone down the rhetoric in hopes that we can heal a little bit faster. But that route is getting old. In fact, that route has gotten so old, that it died.

In the wake of Trayvon’s death and George Zimmerman being found not guilty after he admitted to shooting an unarmed 17-year old, we can not sit idle and heal in silence,  but must trudge through the pain as we press forward for legislative change.

It looks like no one truly cares about the lives of young black men — but their mothers.

How very inconsiderate and sad America.

I, personally, will get in anyone’s butt behind hurting a white, black, latino, asian, russian, german, scandanavian or chinese child,  (to name a few). It’s my parental instinct.  xoxoxox

This is not the day of “rioting in Watts.”
Irresponsible replies in our culture had to stop.

With Trayvon Martin’s parents requesting that we law change
they’ve set forth a bill in their slain sons name.

I know many of my white friends and fam would like blacks to let it go,
but we can’t do such a thing and risk losing another black child – yo.

If we pipe down on peaceful protests it’s certain the gun will go off again
and a jury of someone else’s peers will fail to justify the end.

The average black family doesn’t have big money to lace a dream team defense
so we’re all about prevention – pushing legislation to amend.

The prosecution is usually the one who ends up handling the case
when a law like stand your ground puts a victimized family in that place.

The DOJ divvies a score card that the jury must check on one accord.
And often times the victims family fall twice on the injustice sword.

Wether white or black, hispanic or other 
Losing a child is far too vile for any father or mother.

For any sister or brother – injustice hurts like hell
and in the end there’s no good side of this story to tell.

God bless the men that get off, after serving months for taking a life.
You’ll get what you gave. Forever living in paranoid strife.

Precisely why The Martin family and other violated families aren’t rioting the streets.
They know ‘vengance is the Lords’ and such knowledge yields them peace.

Just knowing as much – frees them up, to focus without hesitation
on healing and reeling back bad laws and legislation.

You’ll never know the pain of, until you walk in a victims shoes.
Yield yourself via empathy – life is a pick and choose.

Don’t relate to the pain and stand alone when you’re in need.
You’re a farmer of life – a sewer of particular seeds.

Don’t nourish fruitless weeds. You know very well what is right.
I’m Qui
Loving on thee irregardless of the pain in  the film Friday night.

FRUITVALE STATION situation isn’t unique but meeting Oscar Grant was new to me.
Please put into life what you want to get out of it – Karma regurgitates your history.

Here’s a column with an awesome review of Fruitvale Station – [*Spoiler Alert*]:

  1. […] Michael Brown, George Floyd, and Travon Martin. They are all Black people, not warrior Spartans. […]

  2. I saw the film. Oscar could have been me. #RealTalk and another sad situation. R.I.P. Oscar Grant.

  3. I wished too @Coah Joe G. But reality sunk in and… well, It is what it is. We need to be diligent and not give up on changing legislation. I have 3 sons. I’m raising them to walk with their heads up high and to always stay on the right side of the law. Now they are questioning: Is the law on the right side of them?

    God bless Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. No parent should have to bury their child.

  4. I wish it were a mishap…

  5. My ride, (my mom), went to see it without me. 😀 Hopefully I’ll catch a matinee this week. I don’t want to miss this one.

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