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What about FLIRTING

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Everyone does it differently – I personally love FLIRTING a lot.
I can go from talking about winter to making the listener hot.

I’m a speaker of encouragement – please know I yield compliments easy.
Guests feels good in my presence and retreat saying, “Qui is cool breezy.”

I flirt with everyone, because I see their silver linings showing,
I usually approach rendering my view and leave them wow’d and glowing.

Shy? That’s not me. I’m the talker in the room.
I can find the silver lining in a crowd of hopeless gloom.

I seek out the sunny and forfeit the gray.
Flirting is a part of my happy everyday.

Mechanics love flirts. I do it to them all the time,
and in return my car is repaired for a very little dime.



Yes, of course this post is inspired by MTV’s GIRL CODE. I love that show! Have you been watching it?

Ladies – you should. The female panel and situational responses could lend you a little girl-friendly advice. Men – you should watch it too. Sure there’s the occasional man on the panel juxtaposing and striking a balance but the number one reason you should watch the show is  because you can learn a lot about a womans mind – your womans mind. Episode 19 is great, but let us fast forward and hone in on the FLIRTING parts of the show.  They’re a hoot!

Ep. 19:  Morning After, FLIRTING and Decorating

All it takes is a little flirting…

Girl Code_Carly AquilinoCARLY:  If a guy tries to hook up with you in the morning, don’t even think about it. Morning sex is never a good idea. Last nights sex wasn’t a good idea either.

Girl Code_ Nicole ByerNICOLE:  You tap once at night, you can’t tap again in the morning because I’m disgusting. Because we were probably drinking and dancing or whatever the night before, so I’m sweaty and kind of grimy down there.

Girl Code_Alice WetterlundALICIA: No, it’s awesome. That, like should validate the entire thing – if you have morning sex. Again that’s what I came for and I’m getting more of it.

Girl Code_Alesha ReneeALEESHA RENEE’: I definitely think woman should not be staying. DO NOT STAY and linger on throughout the day [saying] ‘So – what are we doing today?’ We just did what we were doing today.

Girl Code_Andrew SchulzANDERW:  Get out of there before he has to ask you to leave. So if you wake up at 8 in the morning, just give him a kiss and then leave – don’t hang around.

Girl Code_Jamie LeeJAMIE LEE:  No guy is going to ever say, ‘Huh! I can’t believe she didn’t say bye.’

Girl Code_April RoseAPRIL ROSE: If you’re trying to get a guy out of your place, just call him a cab and tell him it’s showing up in 5 minutes & to go downstairs and wait for it.

GIRL CODE – Rule #1234
[If a guy stays over at your house]

Girl Code_Jessimae PelusoJESSIMAE:  Tell him you have to wake up and go to work, walk out with him, and the classic line to get him away is, when you come to a corner, say, “Which way are you going?” Always say ‘the opposite direction’ – take a walk around the block and go back to your house and sleep off all the shame.

It’s not a morning after, without the walk of shame…

Girl Code_Jamie LeeJAMIE LEE:  The walk of shame is proof that you got some last night. So you own that moment – Girl Code.


Girl Code_Shaylah Evans SHAYLA: Boyfriends friends are potentially a whole bunch of new friends for you but they’re also potentially, like the cause of all of your problems.

Girl Code_Chris DistefanoCHRIS: All of my friends cheat on their girlfriends; they’re all involved in illegal activity – I don’t want my girlfriend to think ‘Oh, does he do that too?’ [Whiney mock female voice] ‘Is that what you do when you’re with your friends?’

Girl Code_April RoseAPRIL ROSE: Your boyfriends friends are a reflection of who he is. He chooses who he wants to be surrounded by and if they’re all pieces of sh-# — you’re dating a piece of sh#@!

It can start with innocence and in lust, we’re

Girl Code_NessaNESSA: Flirting is just a way of life. For us girls it comes naturally. It’s just like a sexual attraction and the we talk to a man (or a girl). It’s just that it’s natural game.

Girl Code_Carly AquilinoCARLY: THE TECHNIQUES to being a good flirt: Lean in when you’re talking to him, laugh at everything he says, even though you know it’s not funny and maybe whisper something in his ear very playful like, “How big is your d%#k?”

Girl Code_NessaNESSA: I Never know I’m flirting until a guys says, ‘Hey, you know – I think you’re feeling me. You wanna go out?’ and I’m like WHAT? Why would you say that? ‘Well you know earlier you were talking about how good I look.’ Yeah, because I needed you to move some boxes.

Girl Code_ Nicole ByerNICOLE: REASONS TO FLIRT – I’ll flirt to get a drink, I’ll flirt to get a date, I’ll flirt to get a screw driver and sometimes I’ll just flirting to get a new wig.

Girl Code_Jessimae PelusoJESSIMAE: When a dude flirts with you, sometimes you don’t even realize it, because you’re too self conscious – and he really likes you and you’re like, “How can he really like me?” He likes you. If he’s always touching you – he likes you, unless you’re bleeding and he’s touching you because he’s trying to help you.

Girl Code_Jordan CarlosJORDAN: If a guy is talking to you – he is flirting. That is bar none, okay. It’s true.

Girl Code_Alice WetterlundALICE: Tips on how to find out if a guy means it when he’s flirting – You can look for,  like stammering.  If he’s making like awkward attempts to touch you, if he has a full on erection [in the the movie theater], I feel bad for that guy, but he probably means it.

Take away from this production only what you can use and discard the rest. Learn the flirting rules (to your benefit) and have  fun at relationship tests.

Let the flirt in you shine – stop by and flirt with me.
I’m Qui
Happy Thursday baby. You’re looking good today. Ooo Wee.
(…the natural flirt in me.) 😉

PS… I’m not a sexual flirt – I’m attracted to your good and your skill.
I don’t ever calculate my genuine say, it just comes up – the flirtatious will.


Remember How Goofy You Were

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miley cyrus twerk teamWhen you were 20 – weren’t you a bit of a mess?
The party actions of Miley Cyrus may remind you best…

The only reason why you passed the global idiots test
is because you weren’t born on the global stage of fest.

Last night at the VMA show Miley Cyrus showed out!
But isn’t that what being young is pretty-much all about?

How dare we point the finger of shame at a child
who’s 20, enjoying life and acting a little wild?

divider AbstractSee video HERE


I personally believe
our youth should get a “role model reprieve.”

If Miley didn’t act out on stage last night –
When would be a good time to do so in her life?

Would you be more open to her twerking at the age of 42
with children, a spouse, softened abs and worse glutes?

Perhaps Miley’s behavior would be more acceptable
when she’s 25 and her curves are more delectable?

A womans body is its tightest when she is young
and I believe a 20’s frame is best built for fun.

Last nights VMA scene was fun, but lets keep it real,
perhaps our hyped-up Miley was on an ecstasy pill?

Doesn’t make it right – but she is grown.
We don’t pay her bills – so let’s leave her alone.

Those that dig her music will keep her record sells alive.
The rest of us should stay focused on own situational thrive.

Remember How Goofy You Were when you were of a younger look?
Perhaps you’d like to forget the past – but you posted it on Facebook.

Sex sells – Miley & the VMA’s are in the business of making money,
I’m Qui
And MC’s publicity stunt is working so well – it’s bankable funny.

Young folks being young – is really not that serious.
Let’s focus on bigger global issues like the genocide in Syria.


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AJust Ride_Aug25 couple of weeks ago I ran into a  girlfriend whose only been happily married since forever and she tells me that her libido is starting to slack off. This from a woman who has demanded it almost daily since our college hay-days, and yes – she was married during our college hay-days. She admits that she has since gained a few pounds and may be slacking off on intimacy due to her new  size but then she also admitted to acting out fits of high sexuality from time to time. Unfortunately for her, her spouse was rarely at home during those highs, so she effectively handles those moments in a mono fashion.

Just knowing that she still has mono-fixing moments is already a good sign. That means her libido isn’t dead, though it may be idle, at rest, falling asleep, or something like that. I’m no sex doctor, though I must admit I am fond of the practice of making babies. So when she asked me for advice, surely I suggested the usual spice-it-up tricks: candles, R&B, lingerie, role play, etc., — all of which she says she’s already tried and still incorporates.

Defeat is not something that I’m into, so I took on the task of researching “where does a woman go from here?”  Let’s call my girlfriend Alicia.  There’s something else you don’t know about Alicia, a year ago she had a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure where doctors remove a womans uterus and sometimes even her ovaries (which are needed to direct hormone traffic) – for medical reasons like endometriosis and the likes.  Alicia was suffering really bad cramps and extended cycles before she ultimately decided to have the procedure done.  Alicia already has 3 kids so, she wasn’t planning to procreate again. Lucky for her, she was able to keep her ovaries therefore her hormones should continue to be normal. Kudos to medical science on that one! However, the doctor proudly admitted to her that during the surgical  procedure he hemmed the cuff of her vagina nicely and that her husband would enjoy it. She didn’t know at the time that her doctor was referencing to the snugness of her va-jay-jay. It’s been a year post her procedure and she told me that every interlude almost feel’s like the first time (to which she doesn’t mind), her husband, however enjoys the new space very much.

Still a desire for copulating is the matter at hand, so I focused my research on herbal supplements.  The following information that I found was so awesome ladies, that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you in hopes that you’ll Make It Sexier too:

Chinese angelica (Angelica sinensis). The Chinese call this herb dang-quai and claim that it does for women what ginseng does for men. You can add three to six teaspoons to a pint of boiling water and drink up to three cups of this a day. It is not suggested that you take this if you are pregnant.

Ginseng (Panax). Ginseng can be used by both men and women and has proven to be one of the top herbs as a sexual stimulant.

Quebracho (Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco). This herb contains yohimbine which is the active compound in the herb yohimbe. In women, the biochemicals in these herbs help the clitoris to become engorged causing sexual arousal.
They should not be used if you have high blood pressure. Do not continue to use this herb if you have side effects such as dizziness.

Yohimbe (Pausinystalia yohimbe). This herb has been used by men to improve their erections and the FDA has actually approved pharmaceuticals containing yohimbe. It does have some possible side effects such as elevating blood pressure. If this is a problem for you then you may want to take the plant compound yohimbine instead.
Atlanta sex therapist Roger Libby, Ph.D. suggests that yohimbe is also a good stimulant for women by increasing blood flow to the clitoris as it does to the penis in men.

Anise (Pimpinella anisum). Anise contains anethole which is a compound similar to estrogen. In older times people used it for increasing their milk secretion while breast feeding, promoting the menstrual cycle, facilitating childbirth and for a woman’s sex drive.
Plant estrogens or phytoestrogens such as these enhance a person’s lust for life and could enhance sexual lust as well.

Chocolate (Theobroma cacao). Now you can have your chocolate and eat it too. Chocolate boosts the body’s levels of serotonin and endorphins which help relieve pain and boost your mood. Some people even believe that chocolate will mimic the effects of marijuana in the brain.
Next time you want a romantic evening try chocolate instead of strawberries, or chocolate covered strawberries for a special treat.

Cola (Cola nitida). Cola contains the stimulants theobromine, kolanin and caffeine. Cola has been used in Jamaica as an aphrodisiac for many years.

Essential oils such as jasmine, rose, or clary can be used as massage oils when mixed with vegetable oil. It’s a well-known fact that scents and massage are both sexually stimulating and the two together would only enhance each other.

[Ref. Source:]


I suggested to Alicia to let all other stresses subside
and to focus more on her hips, rotation and stride.

To always focus on beauty – we then hit the spa;
we emerged as la beauties, two cuties – la la.

She promised to hit the list, forego subliminal pride
and to grab ahold of what she wants, take it in and Just Ride.

I prefer a smooth ride, no stresses, no medical woes.
If herbs will do the trick then to the herb shop I will go.

Call me a flower child if you want to – I insist that I am a lady,
who loves to have fun and enjoys the practice of making babies.

Fall is approaching the Southwest’s weather and is catching me in the mood,
I’m Qui
Keeping it real with thee while serving up knowledge & sensual food.

TUFF is TOUGH and The Killing Spree was SNUFFED

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This is what TOUGH looks like:


Yesterday when Antoinette Tuff arrived for work at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, she never imagined she may have to live out her surname sake, regardless of the spelling variation. Antoinette is the schools bookkeeper, but balancing books isn’t her only talent. While the gunman, Michael Brandon Hill might have surely been having a bad day, having showed up to the elementary school with arsenal and clips, Antoinette was able to talk to him, relate and get him to put down his weapon and empty his pockets and backpack of bullets before yielding him to the authorities.

Over 800 grade school student lives were spared in the ledger of accounts. Antoinette is a hero today because Decatur, Ga is not being compared to the ‘shootings in Newtown, CT.’

TUFF recalls yesterdays aspect and how she utilized her namesake to get TOUGH:

He told me he was sorry for what he was doing.  He was willing to die,” Tuff told ABC.

Speaking Wednesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Tuff said the suspect told her he hadn’t taken his medication.

She told him her life story, about how her marriage fell apart after 33 years and the “roller coaster” of opening her own business. “I told him, `OK, we all have situations in our lives,” she said. “It was going to be OK. If I could recover, he could, too.”

Then Tuff said she asked the suspect to put his weapons down, empty his pockets and backpack on the floor. “I told the police he was giving himself up. I just talked him through it,” she said.

She told WSB-TV in Atlanta that she tried to keep Hill talking to prevent him from walking into the hallway or through the school building.

“He had a look on him that he was willing to kill – matter of fact he said it. He said that he didn’t have any reason to live and that he knew he was going to die today,” Tuff said, adding that Hill told her he was sure he’d be killed because he’d shot at police officers. “I knew that if he got out that door he was gonna kill everybody,” she said.

[Reference Source: Good Morning America]
divider Blue Crayon
So people are really the problem! As we can see, GUNS alone – do not kill.
But if put in the hands of the mentally unstable a situation can become quite ill.

Just the other day in Oklahoma, a visiting collegiate baseball player was gun down,
by 3 teen kids (2 black and 1 white) who were bored when driving through town.

Guns on-the-ground in the USA are now up for debate by our Australian neighbors.
They feel like our lack of background checks convey serious gun laws up as vapors.

Boycott USA because of slack NRA

Australian PM: I understand your neighborly view;
The NRA’s gun-hold, may not be comforting to you.

The NRA wont insist on background checks, because… what if the background checks fail?
Then the NRA will be full of live bodies, but will be in the red on gun sales.

The President nor the Senate have been able to calm the NRA’s rough…
perhaps it is time to consider a meet with Ms. Antoinette Tuff?

When the going get’s tough — we need to bring in a calm head,
I’m Qui
Preferring to save lives and and let the NRA sales fall in the red.

Awakened From The Dream by

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doorbellThe Doorbell.

The event is in full swing and my presence is needed here-and-there-and-everywhere across the span of the huge auditorium floor. I get the feeling that I’m a production manager and that this production is massive. There’s a bit of chaos, but nothing that working the back stages of live theater didn’t prepare me for. I’m in it – full swing, organizing, putting out small fires and flaming others (for the life of the show) and just when I get everything under control, I hear a (2-beat) doorbell. Suddenly (in my dream) I become aware that I must be asleep.  Shifting into semi-conciousness, I struggle to pull out of the deep sleep to answer the doorbell. Once fully awake I realize that the doorbell hasn’t rung at all – especially at 3 in the morning.

It has happened 3 times already, the first time was August 8th, but I pretty much kept the information to myself. I documented the 2nd time on August 9th and the 3rd time – today August 19th, by texting a friend and making mention. I texted him because I was a bit concerned with knowing that lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place, so why would I hear the same doorbell thrice? My friend gave sincere thought to my concern and told me “Could mean something is coming. Not necessarily something bad but it could be something letting you know to get ready.” I like the way he thinks, but couldn’t imagine being surprised by unannounced company in the AZ desert.

Wisdom tells me that being the recipient of “something” doesn’t mean that “something” is a house guest.  Tales of wisdom also cite that opportunity knocks — though I think mine has chosen to use the doorbell. This morning I heard the bell chime at 3am. Unlike the 1st time I ever heard it (I was so tired I slept through it, but the time was about 10am) and very much like the 2nd time I heard it (in the wee early hours), I was unable to ignore it nor did I return to sleep; thus I’ve been up since 3am.

Good morning opportunity. How are you? Please. Come on in. We’ve got a future to stage…

divider blk_south

So at 3am sharp – I sat straight up in the bed
to research the doorbell I keep hearing in my head.

It dubs as a timely alarm that duly wakes me up
But no one else hears it – so I’m up alone like “WHAT?”

Early morning research yielded me the knowledgable goods
that helped me decipher the doorbell ringings in my dream-state hood.

Something is indeed coming, and I am just blessed to hear.
I’m Qui
Opening up to opportunity
with understanding – minus fear.

It Happened Again

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Okay, so I turned 42 on August 15. When I was at the tender age of 16, 42-years old seemed like a long, long ways away. However, standing in the shoes of 42 today – 16 feels like it was just yesterday. Seriously, I don’t know where the time went.

So my husband started celebrating my birthday the last week of July by showering me with a money bouquet, lunch at Texas Roadhouse, (because we miss Texas so very much), and then wardrobe shopping. Every other day since then, we have gone out to eat and every eve he closes the day by courting me with chocolates. This has not been good for my diet, but it has been good for my spirit. Who doesn’t love attention? I’m a Leo and I love decadence. Friday night we hung out with friends, sipped a good brew and ate a few oreo cupcakes before going out to CHAR’s Jazz Club in Phoenix. I was escorted by two very good looking guys that I managed to snag from Techniques Barber Shop. Ever  heard of the social networking establishment? Well let’s just say I certainly like their “technique.” Ooo la la.

While hanging with friends at ‘the most awesome house party ever’, I was introduced to a man named Kevin. He was white, about 50 (maybe), I couldn’t tell, because he was rather fit and his energy/aura screamed youth. His conversation was fantastic. I don’t mean in the ‘flow’ (iambic pentameter) kind of way, but every tale of his life that he told me, made him look seriously like Jack Bauer [Fox’s 24 series]. Kevin was no pretender. I would stop him mid-story, recap and inquire of the details, hoping to perhaps confuse the story-teller. I found Kevin to be quite real in his recollection of events and he had not the need to look up and off into thought to recollect, but looked me square in the eye and conveyed his truths. He didn’t come to the party alone, Kevin brought with him two dash hounds: Scooter and Ditto. He introduced them to me and together they approached me. He told them to say Happy Birthday to me, one-by-one, and they did. He then said something to them in German and immediately they each stood on 2 legs and danced for me, and then in English Kevin said, “that’s enough” and they stopped and resumed their stationary places on the right and left of Kevin.

I invited Kevin to partake of the protein spoils – we dined on grilled chicken, hotlinks and shrimp, Kevin declined saying, “No thanks Qui, I had a steak dinner yesterday.” My response was, ‘yeah, yeah I ate yesterday too. What does that mean?’ “It means I’m not eating today,” Kevin goes on to say, “I’ll probably eat again in a day or two.” Now mind you, he was very fit. I was curious about Kevin. I found out through Qui inquisition that he is from Germany, his father is German, his mother – American. He speaks 5 different languages (and gave me a sample of many including Cantonese, French and German). Kevin served in the military – Special Forces. He said “I’ve been everywhere, I’ve lived everywhere. I was the hand of government, I made millions,” and he had pictures on his iPad to back it up. Yes. We strolled through his colorfully documented history in the U.S. and abroad. Then he said, “I’ve killed people Qui.” I didn’t know what to say to that and being one whose rarely at a lost for words, I said, “Oh come on Kevin, you worked for the government, you were just following orders.” He said, “No, Qui. I’ve killed people.” I then offered him a Shock Top beer, he declined. He said he doesn’t drink because he has cancer, then he moved his position to the balcony door, took out a cigarette and lit up. “Look at this,” Kevin lifted his shirt to show me the rather large and nicely healed kidney scar. He said “Doctors removed it because it was cancerous, but the surgery was too late and the cancer had already spread to other organs,” — and this is his current situation. But he wasn’t a sad fellow at all. He darted into my party and told me all of that inside of 30 minutes, then he excused himself and went home — exiting even quicker than he entered.

WOW! How fantastic was that?

30 minutes later he comes back and says “I meant to give you something,” Kevin is holding a rather large ‘Happy Birthday’ gift bag. I open it up and there’s the most beautiful wine box with a velvet bottom that held a lovely blackberry and vanilla bouquet red wine, also in the rather large gift bag was this awesome vineyard house votive candle holder. I stood to my feet and embraced him for his kindness. He then took a seat and told me more fantastic tales, that I must admit I did enjoy, eventually he had to wrap it up because the party was moving to another location. The club…

Another great annual celebration. It Happened Again, my birthday, and I’m still excited about it.
green divider

I always attract the most interesting company and I’m always willing to listen.
Though it seems on my birthday my attraction light shines and glistens.

Meeting Kevin was the gift, the jazz club and house party were side dishes indeed.
I really didn’t need the Shock Top sips, Kevin’s stories got me high like weed.

I look forward to August the 15th with every day and month that I face.
I’m Qui
Thankful that It Happened Again and that I’m still alive in this place.


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Cicely Tyson_EbonyMag2013

Letter On a recent trip to New York City, I had the pleasure of seeing the Broadway play The Trip to Bountiful. While the show was amazing, the real treat for me was meeting its star, the incomparable Miss Cicely Tyson, who brought the house down with a performance that earned her, at age 79, her first Tony award. As I waited after the curtain went down to be ushered backstage, it occurred to me that I was about to have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of meeting a living legend whom I have admired for as long as I can remember. And in that moment, nothing else mattered. I felt happy and full of life. Which is my definition of wealth.

Ebony Mag_QuoteSure, our annual Black Wealth issue is packed with important financial advice that will enable you to get on the right path toward financial freedom and security. and in this issue, EBONY launches our 12-month Black Wealth Challenge, where each month, we will be offering you tips, tools and a specific plan to guide you toward your financial goals. The ultimate prize, however shouldn’t be to have the biggest house and drive the fanciest car.

True wealth isn’t about the stuff you collect; it’s about your ability to enjoy the wonderful experiences that life has to offer. Some of those experiences may require more resources than others. Sending your child off to college is an experience that will require significant funds. Taking a long walk at sunset with someone who loves you will not. And take it from me: Your feeling of personal contentment won’t increase relative to the number of red-bottomed shoes in your closet. But if you wear any pair of shoes to a restaurant to meet good friends for a night of great conversation, that’s priceless.

While some important experiences wil require saving up, fortunately, so many of the most meaningful experiences you can have cost little or no money. Here are five ideas that will help you create a rich and layered life:  EbonyMag_Quote2

We hope you will join our EBONY Wealth Building Challenge, but also keep in mind all the components of living a rich life. Email me or hit me up on Twitter to let me know what experiences make your life feel more full.

–Amy DuBois Barnett
Twitter: @amydbarnett | Email:
[Reference source: Ebony Magazine August 2013]

Cicely Tyson is still very much in play
at the tender age of 1 + 78.

One can only hope and one can only pray
to be comparable to her success in their wisest day.

She has conquered many fortified tasks, having been born in 1933.
And was a prime source of art inspiration to a much younger Qui.

My heart does love all that she has contributed to the EBONY me and you.
I’m Qui
Still mesmerized by her work in Miss Jane Pittman too. Ooo!

Today is all about Cicely Tyson – may she know how much she’s seriously affected us.
From the streams of Maine, to the New York Plains, to the plateaus of the red state Texas.
May the ripples of progress connect us.

Missing Child – Low Media Visibility – Fatal End

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It takes a whole village to find 1 MISSING CHILD. We must be pertinacious in informing the village of every child missing. It’s the only way.

N Your Face

NYF_Gabrielle Swainson's body has been found 357-days after reported missing.Last year when this story first broke, I read about it on Facebook. I never saw it on CNN or MSNBC, but the campaign for Gabrielle Swainson was pertinacious on Facebook. The FB Fan Page authors never wained once in keeping the public informed that Gabrielle was STILL MISSING.

The story in short of Gabbi’s last day on earth as written news reported was (in paraphrase): Mom gets up before dawn for work and leaves the house, locking the bottom lock on the front door. Normally Gabbi would get up and lock the keyless deadbolt lock afterwards, but apparently she did not. When her mother returned home from work later that evening, there was no sign of Gabbi. She called the cops, and well, 357-days later we are celebrating closure and sorely missing Elvia’s baby.

Today while watching the non-stop 24-hour news cycles on MSNBC I saw once again, the…

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Do you know Indigo

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Indigo Triplett @ work

Indigo's Heading

Indigo Triplett is the $18-million woman. The former U.S. Marine Corps field radio operator turned career transition guru has built a consulting power house, Careers in Transition, Inc., which landed her a coveted spot on Inc. magazine’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America list. “When someone loses a job, the person is so devastated. But I have always seen that as a second chance to do exactly what you really want to do. We actually coach and counsel people on career options,” says the 49-year old native of Aurora, Ill., a suburb of Chicago.

“I grew up as a ‘union baby’ with both of my parents working in manufacturing and actively involved in the union. I always knew taking care of employees was important,” says Triplett, author of two highly successful books, Playing by the Unwritten Rules: Moving from the MIddle of the Top and Playing by the Rules II: From a Job Defense to a Career Offense.

It was ultimately Triplett’s own firing from what she calls a “hostile” work environment that led her to answer the call of entrepreneurship. She also had a realization that her income potential would always be limited as an employee. “I knew I wanted more than that,” she says. And the timing was right. she hit her stride in the downsized boom of the mid 1990’s, literally going door-to-door inside business complexes and selling her career mobility services as an independent contractor. “I put in a lot of sweat equity. there were also no vacations, no brand-name clothes and sometimes there was no cheese on the hamburger,” Triplett says, recalling the 18-hour work days. She became the owner of a minority certified business, which allowed her to tap into the lucrative world of federal contracts. Today, her company’s client roster includes government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and large nonprofit organizations that use Careers in Transition services to help attract, develop and retain employees as well as manage transitions. The company’s revenue has tripled over the last year, thanks to a recently signed $18-million government contract. She now has 35 employees, in addition to contract consultants.

Triplett attributes her success and personal wealth to several key elements including two pieces of sage advice. “A mentor once told me, ‘If you are traveling for business, always travel in first class. First-class people do business with first-class people,” she recalls. “I’ve gained so much advice and business by networking in first class.

Her second piece of invaluable wisdom: “Another mentor said, ‘You need a good therapist to protect your mind, and a good tax attorney will protect your wealth.’ That is the best advice I’ve ever received,” says Triplett, who is now working on her Ph.D. in Values Driven Leadership and is a highly sought after speaker on career mobility.

She now has another mission: “I want to create millionaires in my company. This is about creating wealth beyond oneself,” Triplett says.

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Something was MISSING, but it wasn’t LOVE

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, Self Improvement on August 5, 2013 at 10:35 am


7-days ago at 2:30am I let Tanner, (my apple head chihuahua), out to potty in the back yard and he dug the rocks around the hinges of our double-door RV gate away and went on the lam. Well, the police weren’t looking for him, but I was – and desperately so. I had MISSING DOG posters up 30 minutes after I realized he was missing. By the time morning traffic started exiting the Ocotillo Lakes community for work, we had about 50 posters up 1-mile in each direction of our home.  I also started a #TeamTanner campaign online via various social media venues. Our neighborhood has its own Facebook group, so I immediately took my plight to the community: Ocotillo Friends.

By Tuesday morning, we doubled the amount of flyers in a 3-mile radius from our home. Our actions were proactive and empowering, but emotionally, the moment yielded me a lethargic low. I had no idea where I’d get the strength from to go on.

We live in a wonderful HOA community. We have a very high curb appeal standard and flyer tagging street lamps is not on the neighborhood decor list. I knew that as fast as I could put signs up – that HOA services could take them down quicker (and rightfully so) – but they didn’t. In fact, Tuesday night I put up even more flyers, in response to neighbor requesting I do so, on Ocotillo Friends Facebook page.  I received an unbelievable amount of support and positive energy from people I’ve never met.

In a world where people are easily apprehensive about mingling with others that they don’t know, it only took a single plight for one common good to bring their good and unselfish hearts out to rally. Interacting with my neighbors on Facebook led me to registering my lost pet on other comparable sites. Visibility is key:
Lost Dogs of Arizona FB page

During our search I used hashtags to help us identify Tanner online. Hashtags like:  #TeamTanner, #NeverGiveUp, #PushPositive and of course I threw in a Michael McDonald video that dubbed as my theme music as I was passing flyers out on the streets: ♫ “Taking It To The Streets.” The chorus reinforced my actions.  ♫

Wednesday afternoon, most of our posters were removed during the hour of trash pick up. Sad to see the posters removed without Tanner being home, but also grateful for HOA allowing me to have them up as long as they were, and besides, the movement was already in motion and growing.  I received about 50 calls on Tanners Hotline (yes we set up a voicemail for the little guy), but no action proved to be as sure, as the lead I received from Daniela Anderson, a rescuer with LOST DOGS of ARIZONA.

Like many online #TeamTanner volunteers, Daniela worked relentlessly through the night going through stray dog pictures at various shelters. Gosh, I’m grateful. Now mind you, I have not ever heard of nor met Daniela, yet, she was on the case. In fact, I have not met many of the volunteers that spent countless hours looking for Tanner even up to this point. Daniela and many others in my community played STAR roles in this suspenseful production and I am head over heels in appreciation. The missing dog campaign was online and viral and on Saturday night Daniela found Tanner’s pic in a shelter line up, called me up in the middle of the night and Sunday afternoon he was back in my arms. My heart sincerely THANKS my wonderful OCOTILLO NEIGHBORS for their unselfish participation and help!! XO!!


Oh happy day!  To think, last Monday I felt so alone.  Something was MISSING but it wasn’t LOVE. Love is all around us. I am encouraged to love even louder (than usual) now, because I know I am not alone. Heck! My community is BIG on it [loving thy neighbor].

Sure, Something was MISSING but it wasn’t LOVE.


My faith in “the good of people” has been refreshingly renewed,
at time in our country when unity is easily misconstrued.

I was at a lost and now I’m complete.
Happy to have Tanner nip and yap at my feet.

Happy am I to have neighbors who don’t know me – go out of their way to care.
I’m Qui
and though I’ve not met them in person, I appreciate them for being there. 😀