Missing Child – Low Media Visibility – Fatal End

In News on August 9, 2013 at 5:43 pm

It takes a whole village to find 1 MISSING CHILD. We must be pertinacious in informing the village of every child missing. It’s the only way.

N Your Face

NYF_Gabrielle Swainson's body has been found 357-days after reported missing.Last year when this story first broke, I read about it on Facebook. I never saw it on CNN or MSNBC, but the campaign for Gabrielle Swainson was pertinacious on Facebook. The FB Fan Page authors never wained once in keeping the public informed that Gabrielle was STILL MISSING.

The story in short of Gabbi’s last day on earth as written news reported was (in paraphrase): Mom gets up before dawn for work and leaves the house, locking the bottom lock on the front door. Normally Gabbi would get up and lock the keyless deadbolt lock afterwards, but apparently she did not. When her mother returned home from work later that evening, there was no sign of Gabbi. She called the cops, and well, 357-days later we are celebrating closure and sorely missing Elvia’s baby.

Today while watching the non-stop 24-hour news cycles on MSNBC I saw once again, the…

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