It Happened Again

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Okay, so I turned 42 on August 15. When I was at the tender age of 16, 42-years old seemed like a long, long ways away. However, standing in the shoes of 42 today – 16 feels like it was just yesterday. Seriously, I don’t know where the time went.

So my husband started celebrating my birthday the last week of July by showering me with a money bouquet, lunch at Texas Roadhouse, (because we miss Texas so very much), and then wardrobe shopping. Every other day since then, we have gone out to eat and every eve he closes the day by courting me with chocolates. This has not been good for my diet, but it has been good for my spirit. Who doesn’t love attention? I’m a Leo and I love decadence. Friday night we hung out with friends, sipped a good brew and ate a few oreo cupcakes before going out to CHAR’s Jazz Club in Phoenix. I was escorted by two very good looking guys that I managed to snag from Techniques Barber Shop. Ever  heard of the social networking establishment? Well let’s just say I certainly like their “technique.” Ooo la la.

While hanging with friends at ‘the most awesome house party ever’, I was introduced to a man named Kevin. He was white, about 50 (maybe), I couldn’t tell, because he was rather fit and his energy/aura screamed youth. His conversation was fantastic. I don’t mean in the ‘flow’ (iambic pentameter) kind of way, but every tale of his life that he told me, made him look seriously like Jack Bauer [Fox’s 24 series]. Kevin was no pretender. I would stop him mid-story, recap and inquire of the details, hoping to perhaps confuse the story-teller. I found Kevin to be quite real in his recollection of events and he had not the need to look up and off into thought to recollect, but looked me square in the eye and conveyed his truths. He didn’t come to the party alone, Kevin brought with him two dash hounds: Scooter and Ditto. He introduced them to me and together they approached me. He told them to say Happy Birthday to me, one-by-one, and they did. He then said something to them in German and immediately they each stood on 2 legs and danced for me, and then in English Kevin said, “that’s enough” and they stopped and resumed their stationary places on the right and left of Kevin.

I invited Kevin to partake of the protein spoils – we dined on grilled chicken, hotlinks and shrimp, Kevin declined saying, “No thanks Qui, I had a steak dinner yesterday.” My response was, ‘yeah, yeah I ate yesterday too. What does that mean?’ “It means I’m not eating today,” Kevin goes on to say, “I’ll probably eat again in a day or two.” Now mind you, he was very fit. I was curious about Kevin. I found out through Qui inquisition that he is from Germany, his father is German, his mother – American. He speaks 5 different languages (and gave me a sample of many including Cantonese, French and German). Kevin served in the military – Special Forces. He said “I’ve been everywhere, I’ve lived everywhere. I was the hand of government, I made millions,” and he had pictures on his iPad to back it up. Yes. We strolled through his colorfully documented history in the U.S. and abroad. Then he said, “I’ve killed people Qui.” I didn’t know what to say to that and being one whose rarely at a lost for words, I said, “Oh come on Kevin, you worked for the government, you were just following orders.” He said, “No, Qui. I’ve killed people.” I then offered him a Shock Top beer, he declined. He said he doesn’t drink because he has cancer, then he moved his position to the balcony door, took out a cigarette and lit up. “Look at this,” Kevin lifted his shirt to show me the rather large and nicely healed kidney scar. He said “Doctors removed it because it was cancerous, but the surgery was too late and the cancer had already spread to other organs,” — and this is his current situation. But he wasn’t a sad fellow at all. He darted into my party and told me all of that inside of 30 minutes, then he excused himself and went home — exiting even quicker than he entered.

WOW! How fantastic was that?

30 minutes later he comes back and says “I meant to give you something,” Kevin is holding a rather large ‘Happy Birthday’ gift bag. I open it up and there’s the most beautiful wine box with a velvet bottom that held a lovely blackberry and vanilla bouquet red wine, also in the rather large gift bag was this awesome vineyard house votive candle holder. I stood to my feet and embraced him for his kindness. He then took a seat and told me more fantastic tales, that I must admit I did enjoy, eventually he had to wrap it up because the party was moving to another location. The club…

Another great annual celebration. It Happened Again, my birthday, and I’m still excited about it.
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I always attract the most interesting company and I’m always willing to listen.
Though it seems on my birthday my attraction light shines and glistens.

Meeting Kevin was the gift, the jazz club and house party were side dishes indeed.
I really didn’t need the Shock Top sips, Kevin’s stories got me high like weed.

I look forward to August the 15th with every day and month that I face.
I’m Qui
Thankful that It Happened Again and that I’m still alive in this place.

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Big Sis!!! I didn’t know you and my mom shared the same wonderful day. I can’t wait to some day meet you. What a blessed joy you are! Much love and success to you on your journey!

    • Hello Lisa! How are you? How’s your MOM?! Wooo Hooo! Who knew we had the same birthday? I know she’s all kinds of cool. lol! #GottaBe What a blessed joy YOU ARE as well. )))HUGS((( THANKS for dropping by with HAPPY wishes – I am definitely happier that you did.

  2. Happy Birthday Qui. it was a pleasure spending your big day with you.

  3. Happy Birthday Qui. I had fun at Char’s too. 🙂

    • You were the perfect date. Thanks for being a part of my awesome birthday weekend. It would no way have been the same without you. xoxoxox

  4. Happy Birthday Big Sis. We missed you in the DFW and I can’t wait to party with you in the Zone. Perhaps we can swing by Char’s. lol! Great write up. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the happy wishes Ms. Head2Toe – I can’t wait until you touch down in Phoenix. It’s going to be a PARTY!!!!!!!

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