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In Communication, Dream Journal, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on August 19, 2013 at 5:26 am

doorbellThe Doorbell.

The event is in full swing and my presence is needed here-and-there-and-everywhere across the span of the huge auditorium floor. I get the feeling that I’m a production manager and that this production is massive. There’s a bit of chaos, but nothing that working the back stages of live theater didn’t prepare me for. I’m in it – full swing, organizing, putting out small fires and flaming others (for the life of the show) and just when I get everything under control, I hear a (2-beat) doorbell. Suddenly (in my dream) I become aware that I must be asleep.  Shifting into semi-conciousness, I struggle to pull out of the deep sleep to answer the doorbell. Once fully awake I realize that the doorbell hasn’t rung at all – especially at 3 in the morning.

It has happened 3 times already, the first time was August 8th, but I pretty much kept the information to myself. I documented the 2nd time on August 9th and the 3rd time – today August 19th, by texting a friend and making mention. I texted him because I was a bit concerned with knowing that lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place, so why would I hear the same doorbell thrice? My friend gave sincere thought to my concern and told me “Could mean something is coming. Not necessarily something bad but it could be something letting you know to get ready.” I like the way he thinks, but couldn’t imagine being surprised by unannounced company in the AZ desert.

Wisdom tells me that being the recipient of “something” doesn’t mean that “something” is a house guest.  Tales of wisdom also cite that opportunity knocks — though I think mine has chosen to use the doorbell. This morning I heard the bell chime at 3am. Unlike the 1st time I ever heard it (I was so tired I slept through it, but the time was about 10am) and very much like the 2nd time I heard it (in the wee early hours), I was unable to ignore it nor did I return to sleep; thus I’ve been up since 3am.

Good morning opportunity. How are you? Please. Come on in. We’ve got a future to stage…

divider blk_south

So at 3am sharp – I sat straight up in the bed
to research the doorbell I keep hearing in my head.

It dubs as a timely alarm that duly wakes me up
But no one else hears it – so I’m up alone like “WHAT?”

Early morning research yielded me the knowledgable goods
that helped me decipher the doorbell ringings in my dream-state hood.

Something is indeed coming, and I am just blessed to hear.
I’m Qui
Opening up to opportunity
with understanding – minus fear.

  1. I think it’s brilliant that you first of all — remember your dreams in such detail and secondly that you remember to look up the metaphoric meanings afterwards.

  2. Dream interpretation rocks. Talk about CONFIRMATIONS. 🙂

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