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Did I mention that I subscribe to Ebony Magazine? Well I do and I love sharing the hue. There’s a staple section inside of the magazine called The Radar and Septembers radar was set on Needful Things and WHY THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT IS A MUST.  Steven Gray is the reporting journalist and he engages the subject like this:


Once all facets of Obamacare kick in, people without medical insurance will not necessarily have to frequent free travel clinics, such as this one in Los Angeles, and more African Americans will have access to quality-of-life improving health care.

Washington Insider – ARE WE A COMPASSIONATE PEOPLE? That’s the fundamental question before the country now that the federal government is finally rolling out the Affordable Care Act. Also known as Obamacare and signed into law more than three years ago, it’s the most sweeping overhaul of America’s health system in nearly a half century. The act provides health insurance to millions and will especially improve the lives of Blacks.

This is much-needed progress, especially because we are diagnosed with a variety of medical ailments – cancer, asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure– at astonishing rates. Nearly 20 percent of African-Americans don’t have a regular doctor, partly because it’s too expensive. Many of us live in neighborhoods where streets are too crime-ridden to walk or run peacefully. For many, the closest grocery store is a gas station that rarely sells fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables. Many of us are clinging to jobs that don’t offer health insurance or pay so little, we can’t afford to buy coverage. And for those of us who’ve lost our jobs in the last decade’s economic upheaval, sometimes the rent is more important than paying to visit a doctor or getting a prescription filled.

In so many ways, the new health care law changes the insurance game. It eliminates changes for preventive medical services such as mammograms and flu screenings, and discounts some brand-name drugs. No longer can insurance companies reject people who’ve been diagnosed with certain conditions. Starting in October, anyone can pick from a bunch of insurance plans in markets set up by states.

In 2009, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi support Obamacare during a House Chamber session in Washington, D.C. Democratic leaders agree the health care battle isn't over yet.

In 2009, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi support Obamacare during a House Chamber session in Washington, D.C. Democratic leaders agree the health care battle isn’t over yet.

Of course, there are critics, Chief among them is the perception — polarized by Republicans — that the new law is anti-business and will hurt the economy. Because the law requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance, certain business owners have threatened to stop hiring rather than pay for insurance. But this vocal group accounts for a very small share of businesses. The Obama administration argues the new law will actually encourage entrepreneurship because people may feel they can afford health insurance while starting a new business.

Washington insiders aren’t declaring victory. In fact, they know the battle is just beginning. The truth is, the law is vulnerable. It’s hard to forget that in 2009, Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice presidential candidate, warned that the Democrats’ health care reform plan would force senior citizens into “death panels.” Earlier this year, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va), predicted the House would repeal the new law “in the near future.” To be sure, at least 20 state legislatures have passed measures challenging certain parts of the law, and also in the states whose governors and legislators bluntly refuse to execute the measure.

“There’s been a lot of fear-mongering,” says Rep. Donna Christensen, M.D., a Virgin Islands Democrat who leads the Congressional Black Caucus’ Health Braintrust. IN the coming months, you can expect the president and Democrats to travel the country holding town hall meetings to draw support and awareness about the new law. Another challenge seems simple but is complicated: to push people who’ve not had health care to take advantage of the new opportunity and, ultimately, adopt healthy behaviors. Another worry stems from upcoming elections and the possibility of Republicans gaining control of both congressional chambers in 2014 or 2016.

Above Right: House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Whip Eric Canter (R-Va.), two staunch opponents of the Affordable Care Act, attend the House GOP Conference on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C., in 2010.

Above Right: House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Whip Eric Canter (R-Va.), two staunch opponents of the Affordable Care Act, attend the House GOP Conference on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C., in 2010.

The health care law is not only Obama’s boldest public policy accomplishment, it’s an important, tangible step in making sure all of us get a piece of the American Dream. Challenges to the law should be interpreted as an assault on our safety net. If we lose it, we’re no longer a compassionate country.


Now that I think about it, we’ve come a long way
From caring to not caring to implementing the ACA.

Sure there are critics and those that surely oppose
but for those needing medical care – this is the card to behold.

You won’t be turned down for pre-existing conditions
You won’t be reduced to medical history pretenses,

I don’t see the big deal in having a “you must have insurance” bar.
After all that’s exactly why we all have insurance on our car.

Who in the world would seriously hate
everyone having insurance in the event something breaks?

No one’s getting free insurance, and a single pay code was thrown out,
I’m Qui
Glad healthcare is available for all – Now take a minute to learn what it’s all about:

Push the button and read the transcript word-for-word

Push the button and read the transcript word-for-word

The Future looks like…

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A VH1 PLUS MUSIC video line-up
is how my morning yawn was cut:

And just like I hoped, the sun came up most beautifully
encouraging me to paint my own day more hue’fully.

Even though the Dallas Cowboys lost yesterday
I’m no sore loser – I’m still up to play.

And so today…

I find myself busy doing script work. I have so many open ended scripts – good stock, sure, but I would feel much better, (I think), if I could close most of them up. I kind of fancy open-ended scripts. It’s a great place to tack down an idea without having to commit to the end… just yet. Often times while a script is in marinate, life steps forth with the perfect situation to write about, that I never would have thought to create in a million years. Only the future could have produced some of the fantastic endings that I have been able to construct in script. I like the future and always look forward to it.

I look to our children. They are our future. How are we shaping our future? What are we putting into the soil of the budding plants? Will our future blossom or shrivel up like a raisin in the sun? A raisin in the sun? Pardon me, I couldn’t resist the dramatic flair, but it’s the perfect segway to tilt the conversation towards something dear to my heart that I miss and would love to revive: AFTER SCHOOL SPECIALS.

After School SpecialsDo you remember them? They were after school shows, (no longer than 60 minutes in broadcast) that would present adolescent situations and teach us how to approach and handle them positively. I found them to be very necessary then and am happy to look back over my life and confirm that the after school anthology absolutely helped me through incident after incident, assuring me that I wasn’t weird but indeed life was. The shows imparted wisdom. Great scripts, great casting and great timing, but most of all, the shows imparted wisdom.

This is where I am in my script writing today. I’m masterfully shaping tomorrow. Many of you know I am largely vested in teen casting and that most of my work stars my own offspring. Besides being affordable labor she has awesome story ideas and has taken to scene framing and shooting. I’m quite excited about her growth and interest in film studies. She dropped her  photography course to do film studies. WooHoo! Qui Films has a budding ARTSY flower and we’re glad about it. Perhaps this is why I am so interested in bringing back those after school specials… I know someone special who could benefit from them.

The Future looks like whatever we show them.

Princeton Study_excerpt

[Ref Source:]

My teen daughter wakes up to VH1 music videos and goes to bed to reality shows. This is her first year dating, so CATFISH is her favorite show. She vows not to fall into that fishing hole, (dating by social media). Catfish isn’t an after school special, but it is serving its purpose.

The Future looks like whatever we show them and I’d like to keep the music videos, simply because music is a serious form of art expression, (as is video production), and I’d like to add to that: after school specials.

What do you think?

We need more go getters and less discouraged (involuntary) moochers,
I’m Qui
Imparting knowledge and wisdom via scripts to energize our futures.


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the letter Sometimes – if you let it,
The world will take your happiness & tell you to “forget it!”

Forfeit that and seek not to go that route
and go back to the beginning of what this journey’s about:

You are the principle and Christ paid your full dowry
When he gave up His life – for you – on Calvary.

So SURELY You & me —  We — can lift Him up in praise
As Richard Smallwood & company lead the melodic way….

Don’t let the world take your happiness, joy and smiles
Be prayerful and mindful to celebrate the miles,

To celebrate the years and all that you’ve come through,
I’m Qui 
A spiritual being on a natural journey – just like you.

If doubt has you on the outs
Pray yourself through
God is still on your side and He loves you too.


Inside of The Gated Community

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My neighbors are acting up, there’s conflict in their house.
I really didn’t want to know what all of the details were about.
We live in a gated community we share winds of the same route.
How do you feel about the conflict going on in Syria’s house?

Things at my neighbors house have passed escalating to bad.
I don’t think he’s eating beans, but I hear there’s a lot of gas.

Is someone – anyone going to call 911?
Oh! They already know? Are they gonna come?

divider Black Dots

Inside of The Gated Community resides the oysters and the pearls.
All encompassing, love and ruckus’ing; our neighborhood is the world.

Our subdivision president is soon to go on a class trip –
to which the media is broadcasting dramatic much lip.

It’s the G20 Summit baby and the president’s presence will be on shine.
He’ll meet with Russian LGBT, but yield Putin no meeting time.

President O’s a cool dude, though it’s evident  he took it to-the-chin
when Putin decided not to extradite the U.S. fugitive Eric Snowden.

Word of Putin’s recent dismissal of gay citizens on his Russian scene,
looks to be the juice that sparked the muse of the meeting with LGBT.

divider Black Dots

Aw you know me, I’m just a curious kat
peeping the muscle amidst the steaks fat.

divider Black Dots

New York just celebrated its West Indian Carnival craze,
just as Arizona approaches its annual Brazilian Day.

But did you hear about the Urbina family? Send prayers to help lift their gloom,
they found their middle son Alex bloodied and unconscious in the living room.

Alex Urbina, 17, a national title boxer destined for the Olympics
is fighting for his life from blows to the head from the assaulters hits.

He’s currently on life support – his family is trapped in a surreal blue day.
Police have no suspect in mind. This tragedy happened in Phoenix on Tuesday.

divider Black Dots

Inside of The Gated Community we are still watching ESPN
Mark Sanchez’ 2012 butt fumble continues the WORST rank WIN.

Aaron Hernandez will be arraigned today
for killing his homeboy – he’s pending jail-pay.

When it comes to this story – I really don’t know what to say.
Who’d prefer prison over NFL pay?

divider Black Dots

24-hour news show cycles keep us up on political glory
and everything sensational, like Hannah Anderson’s story.

You remember Hannah Anderson? She was kidnapped by a family friend
who killed her brother and mom before the law brought his life to an end.

And this is where the investigation begins, sure the 16-year old’s story is a successful notion,
however, on every account that Hannah is quoted, it lacks a heart-felt, connecting emotion.

T’was a tragic house fire  that claimed the lives of 2 of her immediate fam
and Hannah’s more concerned with keeping up on Facebook and Instagram. [?]

divider Black Dots

Everyone’s got a tv in this community and the majority of residents are lovers
of CBS’s many eyes in the house of ol’ BIG BROTHER.

The 500th episode aired yesterday
and Amanda was evicted in an “exterminator” play.

Then Elissa backslid – in trying to vote Spencer out,
and that started up the double eviction route.

Double eviction caught Elissa and Gina Marie on the block
and Elissa went packing: yoga mat, barrel and stock.

divider Black Dots

So many interesting things happening to all kinds of folk,
I’m just glad I reside in a home where I get the popular vote.

It’s that NSA behavior that we secretly love in our community
that somehow keeps us all connected in high spy-fashion unity.

Inside of The Gated Community it is the weekend baby,
I’m Qui
Over here on my street feeling like quite the excited lady.
Excited about the days opportunities that surely await me!

divider Black Dots

Be it stranger, foe or friend
Help someone else today in their quest to win.
Like karma – it will all come back again.

divider Black Dots

Infomercial Junkie

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Infomercial JunkieHUSBAND:  What the heck are you doing up at 3
glued to the tube of that damn TV?

Woman are you trying to ‘nickle & dime’ me?
Informercial purchases this year total 23!

WIFE:  Calm down bookkeeper, my rank number really isn’t that bad.
It’s only 2.85  purchases a month, (I got the gene from my dad).

Didn’t you love that pen with the spy cam that he gave you last Christmas?
That was a gift directly purchased from his informercial deal list.

There’s no time for deep sleep – at dead time I am up.
I love the heating device inside of that coffee cup.


Did you see this one:

Who’d ever think of selling [you-smell-like] ass spray or is that ASPRAY?

What about the one that privatizes the scene
of those that have to tinkle while on the green?
No need to tinkle in the trees
The Uro Club is a golfers release. 😉

How about the guy whose girlfriend is always on-the-go,
so he finds comfort in laying his head on The Booty Pillow?

Slap Chop always hits me in the laughable gut
when ol’ boy says, “you’re going to love my nuts!”

The Schticky script writer was word-playfully pushy
when inquiring about one ladies ‘shedding pussy‘.

And while I have bought neither of the few,
I stay entertained by the informercial view.

Say what you want, I find them knowledgable, questionable and funny,
I’m Qui 
and at the moment, I’m in phase: Infomercial Junkie