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Infomercial Junkie

In Communication, Networking, TV Shows on September 3, 2013 at 9:05 am

Infomercial JunkieHUSBAND:  What the heck are you doing up at 3
glued to the tube of that damn TV?

Woman are you trying to ‘nickle & dime’ me?
Informercial purchases this year total 23!

WIFE:  Calm down bookkeeper, my rank number really isn’t that bad.
It’s only 2.85  purchases a month, (I got the gene from my dad).

Didn’t you love that pen with the spy cam that he gave you last Christmas?
That was a gift directly purchased from his informercial deal list.

There’s no time for deep sleep – at dead time I am up.
I love the heating device inside of that coffee cup.


Did you see this one:

Who’d ever think of selling [you-smell-like] ass spray or is that ASPRAY?

What about the one that privatizes the scene
of those that have to tinkle while on the green?
No need to tinkle in the trees
The Uro Club is a golfers release. 😉

How about the guy whose girlfriend is always on-the-go,
so he finds comfort in laying his head on The Booty Pillow?

Slap Chop always hits me in the laughable gut
when ol’ boy says, “you’re going to love my nuts!”

The Schticky script writer was word-playfully pushy
when inquiring about one ladies ‘shedding pussy‘.

And while I have bought neither of the few,
I stay entertained by the informercial view.

Say what you want, I find them knowledgable, questionable and funny,
I’m Qui 
and at the moment, I’m in phase: Infomercial Junkie