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Are you confident or conceited?

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See if our date could be reading the signals you send as either SELF-ASSURED, SELF-CONCIOUS or SELF-IMPORTANT

See if your date could be reading the signals you send as either SELF-ASSURED, SELF-CONCIOUS or SELF-IMPORTANT

In an effort to help you decipher wether you are confident or conceited, I’m posting this LOVE QUIZ. Choose the answer closest to your own behavior:

1. What people notice about your outfit is…
A) It’s appropriateness, nod to your personality and excellent fit
B) Its mass-market banality and drab color
C) It’s ostentatious logos and bling

2. What people notice about your fragrance is…
A) How it compliments your body chemistry
B) How six others in the room chose the same scent of the moment
C) How recognizable it is from a distance as an expensive brand

3. Your walk is…
A) A fluid, strong and purposeful stride
B) A slow, short and tentative stride
C) An exaggerated swagger or switch

4. You’re sitting at the bar chatting with someone new. You gaze…
A) Into his or her eyes
B) At your hands fingering the rim of your glass and toying with your phone
C) At the mirrored wall behind the bar. You can view yourself, a reverse image of the TV screen behind you and anybody else who might be hotter.

5. During your conversation, whose name(s) do you drop most often…
A) Your present companions name
B) That of someone you relon on for guidance (“my therapist,” “my broker,” “my boss,” or “my mom”)
C) Celebrities or bigwigs you’ve met, even if just in passing

6. You’ve recently won an industry award. The (wo)man you’re out with for the first time find out about it…
A) When you share how surprised and delighted you were to receive a congratulatory call from an old college friend
B) When (s)he spots your name on a sheet of newspaper in the recycling bin
C) From your acceptance speech in the YouTube clip you’ve uploaded and sent to your phone

7. Your date asks why your last relationship ended. Your reply…
A) “We both wanted different things”
B) “I’m unlucky in love,”
C) “I can do so much better”

8. Your party arrives at a restaurant dinner you’ve organized, and the hostess leads you to a table by the kitchen. You request another because…
A) You want to show your guests a good time.
B) You fear these folks will think you don’t have any clout.
C) You want a spot close to where the VIP’s are often seen.

9. You’ve promised your date a concert outing but learn it’s sold out. You…
A) Score tickets through a connected friend
B) Tell your date you’ve got the flu
C) “Forget” your shared plans and tell this friend how excited you are about some posh event you’ll attend instead as someone else’s plus one.

10. Leaving to meet our date, you realize a headlight is out and you need a replacement bulb. YOu call about the 30-minute delay…
A) Immediately, noting it’s a safety issue and say you’ll adjust the reservations
B) As you leave the store, hoping (s)he won’t be pissed
C) From his or her curb to say, “I’m parked out front. You won’t believe how long these auto parts a-holes kept me waiting…”

11. The waiter whispers that your credit card has been declined. You…
A) Say calmly “Let’s use this one instead, and I’ll call my bank.”
B) Say nervously, “I need to make a phone call” and duck out to the ATM
C) Say loudly, “With my spending limit, I could buy steaks for the whole house. What’s wrong with your credit card terminal?”

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“Having confidence is knowing you are fabulous and being able to acknowledge others are fabulous, too. Conceit is thinking others are beneath you. It’s all about the energy. One is love, the other is hate,” says relationship coach Rhonda Cort, founder of

“Lack of confidence is the No. 1 killer of good date,” stresses Bobbi Palmer, founder of Avoiding eye contact, attention and conflict; deflecting compliments; trying too hard; or putting up walls all signal self doubt. Believe in your worthiness to find love, and keep the faith!

Telling people what you think they want to hear may earn you points in the moment, but follow through and authenticity ultimately impress a romantic interest. Be proud of who you are — not what you are, what you do, what you earn or what you wear.


Me? I’m mostly A’s, but you know how I vent;
so judging by my conversation – I’m pretty confident.

I walk like I have a purpose; every step is in comfort and stride.
My outfit and my fragrance invokes cabs to offer ride.

Now that’s pretty good,
since I live in the hood. lol!

Wether I’m having a conversation or sitting in a bar,
My aura is beaming like I’m up for award.

I always seek to find the silver line,
even when my credit card has been declined.

I usually remain kind and forfeit the stink.
Confident still – no room for conceit.

Are you confident or conceited? If the latter, just tweak it a little,
I’m Qui
‘Always been about confidence – remember, I’m the child in the middle. 🙂