I’m Young and I’m Restless and Delia is dead

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Someone please – say it ain’t so!
Delia was hit by a car and crossed over – Yo!

Billy is a wreck and Chloe is quickly falling apart.
I teared up at the reflection of their broken hearts.

What a way for the FALL Y&R to start.
The talented Sophie Pollono always played her part.
(So precise and on the mark).

I am sad to see her go, but lets get back to the storyline:
Connor’s eye sight is failing and his Dad has committed a crime.

Connor is the infant that Chelsea and Adam Newman share
Dylan is the guy who was fooled into care.

Chelsea pretended Dylan was the father
because she didn’t want Adam Newman to bother
her about paternity – so she gave him no rights
until doctors discovered Connors degenerative eye sight.

Adam has a degenerative eye disease too
So when he heard the news about Connor — he got a paternal clue.

Dylan was heart broken and is laying low for a while,
whilst writers of the show peg him as Nikki’s lost child.
(The script writers are wild).

Dylan lost both [adoptive] parents and he’s also an Iraq war vet;
He’s all over the storyline, but has no grounding yet.

He’s not aware, that he was adopted and is indeed Nikki’s kid.
His birth records were sealed. The truth… properly hid.

While Nikki sits at Victoria & Billy’s place – baby sitting little Johnny,
the scene at the hospital where Delia is – is anything but sunny or funny.

So how did this happen? How did Delia die?
She was hit by Adam’s car in the dark of the night.

Billy left her in the car, while he darted into the store,
He returned to an empty car and a wide opened passenger door.

He looked out to the road – the night fall was quite black,
but he noticed in the middle of the road, Delia’s witch costume hat.

So he ran over to pick it up and as he bended his knees
He saw Delia lying amongst bushes and curbside leaves.

He called 911 – it took them 5 minutes to arrive,
her heart beat was faint… Delia was barely alive.

Baby Connor needs new retina and he’s on the donors list,
looks like he’ll get Delia’s retina — (the writers quick twist).

But that’s in the works – no one has said Delia was a donor.
Yet, I’d be surprised if they didn’t give it to Connor.

I’m Young and I’m Restless and Delia is dead,
I’m Qui

Peeping the creativity of those Y&R heads.

They consistently write
on a level of: EXCITE!

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