The Encouraged always Encourage

In Communication on October 16, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Empowerment CardsEmpowerment is for everyone. Everyone should always feel encouraged to be their best and Tavis Smiley concurs by backing you up with Empowerment Cards. We revealed our first card of the stack 12-days ago – it encouraged you to KNOW; however, todays card encourages us to delegate to GodTodays card encourages us to know WHEN:



Surely you know that you can’t do everything alone.
You and your mojo are just not that strong.

So when you feel yourself with your back against the wall,
kneel and talk to God, then stand and walk tall.

He’s got your back; Tavis and I are just relaying the information,
I’m Qui
and today is a good day to work on you and God’s relation.

(click on pictures to enlarge and read print)

Here’s a list of encouragement cards that we think are KEY:

Card #1: KNOW
Card #4: ASK

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