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Stuffed Ham

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IMG_0038I am it.

This year I’ve remained thankful and with voice.
To be so vocal is my spirited choice.

Not just on blog – in real life especially.
A quick witted hello, often tickles the tummy.

People in transit – I catch them off guard.
I’m the black chic in that car, waving and smiling hard.
Good Lord! 🙂

Yes it’s me. 
This year at Thanksgiving, I hosted family.

Family flew and drove in from the Lone Star state
And we crammed 15 kin in my 3-bedroom space
leaving very little walking space,

and still with every moment passed
we were smiling, hugging, and belting laughs.

No chaos to order, just plates to fix.
Just me and my fam in the Arizona mix.

Nothing could have been sweeter and today they’ve all gone home.
I was up at the crack of dawn in the quiet and enjoying the lone.

And life is good. No life is great.
I dined on love but only ate one plate.

As life is resuming its even keeled altitude for me,
I thought I’d sip a little a.m. V8 juice and kick it with thee.

Hello WordPress kin. What thankful things doth thou have for say?
I’m Qui
Brimming over with love, I am indeed the Stuffed Ham today.

For continued favor, I continue to pray…

Reel Talk

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ReelTalk2I’m always looking for alternative ways to communicate and sign language looks great, but I’m not avid in sign language, so I’ve added a more fabric approach to my repertoire. Honesty is often conveyed through the mouths of babes, but I’ve also found that novelty is easily conveyed through the mouths of puppets. Don’t believe me? Check Jim Henson’s success. He was brilliant and  crafted an awesome legacy out of the mouths of fabric puppets.

Sesame Street was inspiration for my adopting Tidi. “Whose Tidi,” you ask?

Tidi and I met in Vegas. She was posted up in the airport,
And I just couldn’t refuse the role of ‘the buying sport.’

I was a winner on the flight back to Dallas – all of the children loved me.
I was so good that the airline crew asked if I could fly out again at 3.

There’s nothing like a good puppet show when you’re crossing the skies and seas.
There’s nothing like mimicking Jim Henson and his brilliant pedigree.

There are other ways to get a message across that could be equally as entertaining and that is via cartoons. Most kids from 2 to 40-times-deuce love animation plenty. Just look at the success of The Boondocks, South Park and Family Guy – to name a few. Yes, kids of all ages are into cartoons, including myself.

Too bad I’m not a cartoonist, or it would be ‘Look out Charles Schulz!’ from me. I would dance on the rooftop (just like Snoopy) if the skill were mine.

I’m not a die hard comic book girl, still I understand the importance of comic strip messages and how they are conveyed – mostly behind a mask. A cool mask that manufacturers can duplicate and sell as costumes. This always equates to money on the backend. Ah. You’ve gotta love residuals and backend percentages. Because, honestly, nothing is more entertaining than walking to your mailbox to get lingering cash from a past project that you’d almost forgotten about. It’s really beautiful.

A film is just a message – be it entertaining or to cast light.
Regardless of the message, there’s a plethora of visual mics.

I’m a variety chic. I am fond of the tale and different ways of telling it,
thus here are a few more shows that have inspired me in selling it:

Remember those School House Rock segments? They were always good to go.
The power therein empowered me to win – education through a cartoon show.

Conjunction Junction
taught me about noun and adverb functions.

The musical score about ‘A Bill,’
also divvied the us 411 about Capitol Hill.

And dare I forget the use of comedy sketch.
I’d love to shape tomorrows SNL sect.

So raise your juiceboxes and toast me a cheer,
I’m Qui
Into delivering messages and I think I’ll start here.

#Consideration is Key

Is your favorite show on the chopping block

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Fall TV Preview tag

Even though I’m always on the go
I do make time for those prime time shows.

Speaking of ‘on the go’ – none are permanent in broadcast stay,
thus it’s time we put on shine, whose @home and who must stray.

Eonline put in the footwork – but are you watching television at all?
Kristen Dos Santos is the chica relaying the winners and the stalls:

FALL TV PREV.We are six-plus weeks into the new fall season and now have our first official cancellation (Lucky 7). So who is next on the chopping block? And which shows are worth actually getting attached?
Here’s our take on the biggest winners and losers so far. Plus, a complete rundown of our “Save It or Sink It” megapoll, where thousands of people who watched each show weighed in with whether they wanted to marry it or kill it.

READ: ABC cancels Lucky 7


Sleepy Hollow. Already renewed! Despite the show’s bat-poop-crazy premise (Ichabod Crane is time-traveling? Say what now?), this early ratings winner has held its ground, becoming the first official pick up of the season.

The Blacklist. Sure, those ratings from Monday night lead-in The Voice have helped, but the ratings have held strong in week two, dropping only 5 percent in the core 18-49 demo to 12.1 million viewers. Plus, have you seen James Spader’s hats? Win. Win. Win. We are in!

The Crazy Ones. CBS’ Thursday night is cleaning house, thanks in part to the ridiculous ratings this season for Big Bang (20 million!? Maybe they should start tallying who isn’t watching?). Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are luring in plenty of viewers, even in week two. (Confession: We are just tuning in hoping to see James Wolk sing about sex and buns and ketchup again.)

Agents of SHIELD. A winner for now, but the next episode could make or break it. Joss Whedon’s Marvel-inspired new ABC series started off with record-breaking audience, but dipped an alarming 34 percent for week two, despite a cameo by Samuel L. Jackson. We also found it sort of a snooze. Bring it back around, Joss!

Super Fun Night. Again, a winner for right now. The premiere ratings were big, but we have yet to see if anyone will come back for week two. Our prediction? No. In our “Save It or Sink It” Poll, this Rebel Wilson starrer got a cringe-worthy 49% approval rating.

READ: Is American Horror Story getting a spinoff?


  1. Lucky 7. Canceled! The first casualty of the fall. But thanks for playing.
  2. Ironside. The drama—a remake of a ’60s-’70s show—premiered Wednesday night as NBC’s lowest drama premiere. Stroke of genius: Move Blair Underwood to Blacklist.
  3. Dads. The Seth MacFarlane laugh-track comedy (just…why?) has dipped in the ratings to 3.7 million up against NCIS and The Voice.
  4. NBC’s Thursday night. Sean Saves the WorldMichael J. Fox and Welcome to the Family simply haven’t pulled in the ratings NBC was hoping for on Thursday nights.
  5. Hostages. Dipped to 6 million viewers, making it the night’s least watched show on the big four networks, despite critical support and a 73% approval rating in our poll.

SPOILER CHAT: Exclusive TV scoop!

Fall TV IMG1 Fall TV IMG2

green divider

Okay, I’m a little sad, I rather like Betrayal on ABC,
but it seems it’s in the lower half & could be cancelled on me.

I’m digging Mom, Hostages and Brooklyn-Nine-Nine.
I’m a comedy and thrill seeker – and so far, the view seemed fine.

TV line-up-space is tight – no room for eves or slighted-slot wedges,
still I can’t believe Dylan McD & crew aren’t a shoe-in with Hostages.

Hostages is indeed a tricky one. It has it’s sudden twists and sharp turns.
But if Hostages tanks, is Dylans role on American Horror Story still firm?

American Horror Story is doing well. I don’t watch it, but the numbers prove
this show is in-it to win it; thier numbers show rising grooves.

I guess Scandals life line wasn’t in question – because it didn’t make the list.
But who can get enough of the rigamarole-stuff that exists under President Fitz?

I am indeed a fan
of those roller coaster rides on Shonda Land.

Is your favorite show on the chopping block? You’d better tune in quick,
It doesn’t matter your personal likes – only the digital numbers stick.

Have a happy weekend Word Press kin – it’s Friday already,
I’m Qui
and it’s raining in AZ, still I remain sunny and steady.

Move It

In Griot, Networking on November 20, 2013 at 10:29 am
Click here to see the Nabi commercial

Click here to see the Nabi commercial

If you Move It – you lose it.
I like the way the kids do it.

Yesterday I was researching that cute little Nabi
who claims their tablet makes Kindles look sorry.

It certainly makes my 1-year old go crazy on sight –
easily turning a crying moment into a moment of hype.

I like it yo – thus, she’s getting one for Christmas.
She can’t write yet, so I’ll jot it on her wish list.

While researching the product, I found the extended theme song,
jammed out by a couple of 10-year olds – who couldn’t possibly go wrong:

Every time I play this clip – our baby breaks out into rhythmic dance.
bouncing her LUVS padded bottom and clapping her coordinated hands.

Not quite twerking. She knows not the meaning or it’s recent craze.
Nothing wrong with bouncing in LUVS – gotta love the innocent phase. 🙂

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is definitely in-play over here,
I’m Qui
a consumer of good marketing – giving the Nabi campaign a bounce & a cheer!

Reel Talk

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ReelTalk1SNL is short for Saturday Night Live and the abbreviation could easily dub as  Saturday Night Legend when you consider their longevity in the game (network television). Other sketch comedy shows have come and gone, but SNL remains the staple.

The Carol Burnett Show was on air for 11 years. Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In was on for 5 years, Mad TV for 14 years and In Living Color ran for a strong 4 years. However, SNL has been on for 38 years and still going.

Several years back I had a sketch comedy itch that I just could not scratch, (or find a reason to put one on), suddenly I hear that the annual family reunion was having a “talent show” category and well, if you’ve ever seen Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, then you know just how eager I was to spring into action and show my stuff. With a camcorder, a zany sense of humor and willing on-the-spot cast, I was able to put together a comedy sketch show that Mad TV would have (especially) loved. I was inspired by the comedic renderings of Orlando Jones, Debra Wilson and Nicole Sullivan. They made up the original 1995 cast of Mad TV and they were awesome. Silliness could get no better on a Saturday night and my comedic vibe was shaped in the shadows. I also took home the family reunion talent show crown.

SNL and Mad TV were both on the air at the same time and life was fine. Today, sketch comedy show choices are slim, yet the demand is still growing. I turned the subject over to a couple of our teen producers to see what kind of shows they were into and I off the top one yelled out, “So Random!” So Random! was a music comedy sketch show that ran on Disney and wikipedia states that it was only on the air for 1 season, (2011-2012). 1 season? I’m impressed with it’s lingering popularity. Much like Nickelodeons All That show or The Amanda Bynes Show.

All That started broadcast in 1995 starring Kenan and Kel, among other zany-witted adolescents. All That ran for 10 seasons (from 1995-2005) and THAT – my friend, is success! Amanda Bynes gained stardom from her cast work in All That and shortly thereafter she got her own show.

I’m not sure if a comedy sketch show will be born out of my new ventures, but the possibility and encouragement is certainly on deck. #ConsiderationIsKey

green divider

SNL is a great cup of joe – though I am focused on brewing tea,
and a teen comedy release is a great spend of creativity.

I’m a few years past my teens, though I’m surrounded by them daily.
History shows a good straight-man resides in the mouths of the babies.

So I’ve given the comedic pen to a few teen friends accompanying me –
they’re goofy and open beyond reel focused and ready to sketch comedy.

Nothing is funnier than life, so we will pull from it and insert silly drama.
We’ll laugh at it all, the big and the small – Scandal, Glee and Obama.

I thank SNL for the fantastic design.
I also thank Carol Burnett for sharing her comedic mind.

I am grateful to the writers that give of themselves to produce side-splitting scripts.
Show’s don’t just happen, so get-to clappin’ – writing sketch comedy is quite the quip.

Excited – I am indeed. I’ve got my work cut out today,
I’m Qui
And Monday’s are great days to research, script and play!

It can’t be work – its so much fun!

November News Peruse

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Newsletter IMG 1


Strapped for cash and seeking new ends,
Colorado voted marijuana in.


And they’re taxing it. Guess whose not going to be so broke after all?

So what now? What does it mean? Will other states follow and cop funds off weed? Well there are already 20 states that have made it legal – and the laws are precise like the eyes of an eagle.

My dad has cancer and marijuana helps –
but to get it, he would have to go incognito/stealth.
He did look a little silly in ball cap (low) and shades –
but that’s the way ‘old-school’ remembered ‘the behave.’
The state dad resided in, did simply refute –
the thought of legalizing weed for medicinal use.
I’m sure they have their bureaucratic reasons –
but for the cancer patient, weed benefits are in season.

Well we couldn’t let dad live illegal, so we duly made our case – that dad step up his game and move to an appropriate state. How does your state stand on the issue? Check the chart summary – don’t let it miss you:

Newsletter IMG3

Newslettter IMG4

What VIBE is your state resonating?

Newsletter IMG5What’s the vibe like where you live
The state that you live in says a lot about the vibe in which you reside? Arizona is on relaxed…click here to continue.

BLUE State Humor:
“There were some people heckling Ted Cruz – he accused them of being paid political operatives helping the President Obama. Ted, don’t you get it, you’re the paid political operative helping President Obama.”
Bill Maher

RED State Humor:
“Vice President Joe Biden said today that he had to ask his wife Jill to marry him five times before she said yes. Five times! Joe, that’s not a proposal, that’s harassment.”
–Jay Leno


Sure, it’s been a while since we’ve had a News Peruse.
Remember: Trash the inapplicable and keep what you can use.

I just wanted to touch on topic: health – for medicinal purposes.
I just wanted to drop a little griot with no formal rehearsal spit.

I added a touch of graphics, in hopes to simply yield
you that old-timey, throwback-newsletter feel.

Today I’m inclined to yield to the past,
to reap some wisdom that I can use for gas.

I’m seeking that stuff that gets me going
so I’m over here in the office, positive seed sewing.

What are your plans? What kind of weekend are you bidding?
I’m Qui 
I plan to step-up to the plate and do some more home run hitting.

Life is that game that you cannot refuse.
So set it up easy, like this News Peruse.

The Typhoon Scene in the Philipines

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Click here to see unbelievable cell phone video captured by Macmaloon on Instagram

Click here to see unbelievable cell phone video captured by Macmaloon on Instagram

The scene is rough, many have met their fates –
and those who have survived need us to donate:

Typhoon Relief

Click the list to access the various organizations that are accepting donations

10,000 lives may have been lost thus far…
Let’s band to support – because that’s who we are.

Mother nature did her due and we are left in the wake,
God bless our Philipine families as they recover today.

Good morning do-gooders. We’ve got our work cut out,
— Qui

divider Rifle


fort_knox_veterans_day_comic by Paul Jon

Happy Veterans Day to all of the brave men and womenwho have served
I admire your spirit and where ever you got the nerve.

Had it not been for your unselfishness
I don’t believe our homeland would look like this.

The grass remains green and order rules the day.
I realize you played a major part in keeping it this way.

THANK YOU for your service yesterday and today,
I’m Qui
An appreciative she, Honoring You on this VETERANS DAY.
A )))Back Popping HUG((( is headed your way.

Are they ever really gone?

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Are They Really GoneWe’ve all loved and lost. And I’m not just speaking in the reference of suitors, but of loved ones. I’m no fan of funerals. Though I’ve known some who not only seek out funeral dates, but mark their calendars and attend as many home goings as possible, (it seems).

Me? Nah. Once the spirit has left the body – I’ve lost, I feel it, I know it and that’s my cue to move on. I don’t mean to sound cold or cut off, it’s just that I’m certain, once the spirit has left the body, so has my beloved. But where did they go?

When I was younger, say 10 years old or so, I started to notice active energy. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it and I almost always knew when I was in the presence of additional energy. For instance, I’d come home from school, a latchkey kid, I’d be the only one home and the house would feel occupied. Without any instruction to do so, I’d acknowledge it by saying, “Hello. Whose here? I know I’m not alone.”

I don’t even think I ever brought the instances up to my parents or siblings, I just kind of thought everyone felt it. And just to be clear, it wasn’t just in one house, I could pick up energy anywhere. It didn’t scare me at all, but I always had that ‘on camera’ feeling – a feeling that I was always being watched, and this was at least 2 decades before reality shows were ever conceived. I just went with it yo!

I was about 16 or so when I finally heard someone call me by first name. I was home alone washing dishes, staring out of the window over the sink, in thought and someone said, “Monja.” I turned my head over my right shoulder and as I parted my lips to say “yes,” I remembered, I am home alone.

Now what?

Well, that was the very beginning of me realizing that we, in the physical world, are simply not alone.

I once entered into a church on a Sunday morning, while service was already in progress. I rather enjoy church, so I didn’t choose a seat in the rear but walked towards and sat in the pews in the middle. Once I’d scooted down the pew to about mid-position and sat down, I heard a voice say, “Leave.” Leave? And shortly thereafter I became overwhelmed with the urge to get up and leave. We hadn’t been sitting 3-minutes, I leaned over to my guy and said, “We have to go.” He whispered back, “Let’s wait until offering,”, I smiled and said, “No – now,” (because the feeling was pressing). I stood and began to scoot my way back towards the aisle. A lady on the pew asked, “Where are you going?”, I didn’t know what to say, so I said, “I forgot something at home,” and proceeded to the aisles and exited the church. Once outside, the feeling subsided and I felt fine. I felt safe.

Of course on the ride home, I was questioned by my beloved mate as to ‘what happened there?’, I had no answers for him except to share what I heard and how I felt. I was about 20. Since then, my sensitivity to those passed-on has become the norm.

I have no training as a medium or a psychic, all I have is a strong antenna for picking up unbodied energy. So imagine my last trip to Vegas (June 2013) staying on the strip — my hotel stay (at night) was anything but calming. There were guests in my room that I could not see, but feel, and well… I got no sleep. I stayed up and watched my suite mates rest. I kept watch. The energy wasn’t threatening but it was just as curious as I was.

Where do the dead go? Once they cross over – Are they really gone?

Have you ever watched LMN’s original series The Haunting Of starring Kim Russo. Kim is a medium and she is energetically the real deal. She can hear, see and feel energies. On the show The Haunting Of, Kim interviews artists that have had paranormal experiences in the space where they had them. For instance, if a star had a paranormal experience when they were 10 in Timbuktu at their late grandmothers home – Kim schedules a meeting with them in Timbuktu at the home to sort out the energy that they encountered (sometimes) decades ago. It’s a very interesting and mostly conclusive show.

Kim is gifted and certainly yields proof that we are not alone and that perhaps the energy of past ones loved have gone no where, but are still here with us. I don’t know if that is true for ALL loved ones that have passed, but it seems to be true of more than a few.

Paranormal shows are fast becoming a demand on the satellite circuit leaving me to believe that many are curious and wanting to know more about ‘what happens after our body dies.’. I don’t think the curiosity is new but our bold embrace of it (as a society) is. And that’s okay with me, because we will all cross over one day. And while our bodies don’t make it out alive, I do believe our consciences do. So if I had any positive advice to leave you with today on the subject, it would be to make all of the positive memories that you can while you’re alive and to think good thoughts as often as possible. Surely you’ve heard the phrase, “my life flashed before my eyes,” (relating to near death experiences), thus my advice is to make good memories, since your conscience survives the body.  Remember  you want to have a high positive energy reserve, because anything else, (like negativity), may prove to be ‘your hell’ once you’ve crossed over.

Give it some thought, because you are definitely going that way – though I pray it won’t be anytime soon and certainly not today.


So it’s always “hello,” and never goodbye? 
Could their energy remain even after they’ve died?

I’m going to say YES – I believe it’s no mythical ploy.
Energy is only transferred; it is not destroyed.

The body breaks down on the elders that we love
but their energy resides. A residual hug.

What about “going into the light?” Isn’t that what we all want? 
And if a spirit is roaming earth, is it a “concerning type” haunt?

Well, I don’t know everything – I am curious myself,
but there are roaming spirits – some out loud and others in stealth.

I’ve never seen a ouija board in real life. Who needs a board, in this vibrant world?
I’m just a vibe-feeling, easy going, Christian-praying girl.

Don’t be so quick to dispel what you don’t understand.
When such is done it manifests the ‘sum of fear’ in man.

You know you have a guardian angel. You know an unseen is looking out for you.
I’m Qui
That ‘next level she‘ – praying you’ll put-in now, on your just due.

I’ve said it before, ol’ karma is real.
Whether alive or dead – you’ll have your meal.
So, how does your energy feel?

The EYES have it

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cosmetic surgeryWell, you don’t like this and you don’t like that about your physical appearance.  So we’ve heard and thanks to cosmetic surgery you can change whatever you want to change about yourself.

I understand bodily imperfections – we’ve all got ’em. My love handles get shafted on the love though. It’s true. When I feel like they’re too visible, I’m quick to bind them in a girdle. It’s a temporary solution – sure, but it smooths out the tell-tale signs of all the candy that I’ve consumed since…

Wait a minute! This piece isn’t about me. lol! 😉  This piece is about permanent cosmetic solutions that often prove not to be “solutions” after all. And as for the girdle… well, we’re cool.

The EYES have it

So I was watching HOT TOPICS on The View yesterday and Renee Zellwegers face came up. I’m a fan of Renee’s and prior to seeing her face on The View I had noticed Yahoo OMG advertisements had been popping up here and there (online) with her picture on it. I would always dismiss the bait and decline to check it out, because Renee is a sweetheart and I’m still in love with her since Jerry McGuire, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and Cold Mountain.  I can’t seem to get enough of her Texas friendly nature, squinty eyes and cooky smile, but recent photos reveal that I have indeed had my fill. The squinty eyes are gone.

Some are questioning if she’s had plastic surgery(s)? And maybe she has, but how can we be certain that she wouldn’t have aged into wider eyes naturally? After all, that’s the only thing that changed. I think…

Speaking of “eyes” have you heard of that cosmetic procedure than can change the color of your iris from brown to blue? While researching premium eye drops (because I was only looking to knock out the tired red), I found this:


The EYES have itobviously, and are the first thing people see
when you’re walking down the boulevard or the red carpet on TV.

Now I rather like my eyes. Heck no – I love them truly!
They help me keep things in focus, thus I’m walking straight – duly.

My eyes are important to me, beyond vanity or questionable scandal.
My eyes are what helped me find a good girdle to bind these love handles.

I don’t want anyone telling me what I can’t wear. And don’t tell me it’s out of line.
So to the women that choose to go under the knife – it’s her prerogative and I am fine.

If it alters their career course – surely they knew the possibility was chancing.
We all remember Jennifer Grays story – she played Baby in Dirty Dancing.

Jennifer had a distinctive nose – it set her apart and we thought she was cute
She chose to do a nip and tuck and role casters chose to rebuke.

Not to teach her a lesson. Not to gain a ruined score.
She couldn’t land a good role, because we didn’t recognize her anymore.

I fear the same for so many – who choose plastic surgery today.
Especially when their appearance is what controls their living wage.

Everybody ain’t a Joan Rivers and doesn’t have the luxury to laugh-at-self.
So if the surgery is a miss – instead of a hit – your beloved career goes stealth.

I’m still a fan of Renee Zellweger’s. She’s still got that Texas style.
I will miss the squinty eyes, but I’m still digging that cooky smile.

Surely The EYES have it and I’m going to leave mine alone,
I’m Qui
A Texas girl viewing the world, from my corner in the ‘Tha Zone‘.

Love yourself and don’t change a thing.
God made you that way – )))embrace((( the scene.

Lets TALK About…

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Do you know how to get to The BLUE WAY?


Not only have I personally witnessed their broadcasting entertainment but I have had the pleasure of being a guest on the show and what a good time that was.

The hosts Duane Bluestein and Shelley Marie are a raw, funny and all-out entertaining pair. You could take my word for it, or you could watch the show: Peep the YouTube Channel.

I credit my being booked on the show to Ita – a genius Dr. of  special effects and editing whose also the mastermind behind VIEW FROM ABOVE Entertainment and the 1-man production crew (film and editing) behind The Blue Way Talk Show. I actually met Ita at GangPlank – and we were introduced by the awesome Derek Neighbors.

Do you remember that old film that Will Smith starred in called, “Six Degrees of Separation?” Well that’s how this town lives and thrives. I met Debbie Rubenstruck (Dir. of the Youth Advisory Council) through my 16-year old daughter. Then Debbie invited me  to serve on this seasons ‘entrance panel.’ There I met Debbie’s dear friend Rich Frazier. A couple of days later while sipping a cup a joe with Rich, Derek’s name came up, GangPlank, Ita and ultimately The Blue Way Talk Show.

You see how that happened?  That’s 7 hook-ups in line with six degrees of separation that all started with my 16-year old daughter…and life is good.

Correction, life is great! This weekend will find me mingling with some of Phoenix’s best at the International Alliance of Prevention of Aids. I’m very excited about the upcoming event. I’m very blessed to have been invited. God only knows who I’ll meet and connect with there and again, I’ll have Debbie to thank for it, because she’s the one who invited me. Debbie is queen of fundraising around here. If you’re looking to raise some serious cash for a great cause — she’s your girl.

And so fate put me on the path to The Blue Way Talk Show, that actually broadcasts from inside of GangPlank. I sat down with the hosts and we touched on what QUI FILMS has up for the future. It was the perfect opportunity to drop a dime on the new teen film production company that we are in the process of establishing appropriately called: Perceptual. We also touched on how I got started in the film industry and that inquiry led to us talking about my mentor and dear friend Fab 5 Freddy, (whose wisdom & artistic deeds have been priceless to me on my journey). And just like that we started to add on more degrees of separation — because you can’t talk about Fab 5 Freddy without talking about Debbie “Blondie” Harry or Andy Warhol. Blondie and Andy were very instrumental in setting Fab 5 on his current path of success. See — I told you, life is great!

So which way are you going? Where’s your career path taking you? Well if it ever brings you through Phoenix, AZ, then you’ve got to get booked on The Blue Way Talk Show and tell us all about it. Don’t sleep on Phoenix, in particular Chandler. It’s a young city,  it’s got great plans & ideas and I can’t wait to contribute to its youthful growth.

divider blk_south

Stay tuned for more out of this town – they’ve got a very easy and big hearted flow;
we’ve got professionals on the ground level building up a Teen Production Co.

The name of the group is PERCEPTUAL and you can find more information here.
Auditions started last Friday and sparked us with good reason to cheer.

There’ll only be so many positions available and this weekend we filled quite a few.
Chandler will birth tomorrows filmmakers of creativity, skills and reel truths.

The Blue Way Talk Show gave me the mic and a platform to voice what’s to come,
I’m Qui
Grateful for all that’s encompassed in GangPlank – Success looks a lot like fun.

Drop in if you have not,
The future is looking hot!