Giving and getting ‘the business’

In Communication, Griot on November 1, 2013 at 3:41 pm

Giving the business

Are you good at telling when someone is giving you ‘the business‘? I am. I can smell it like chitterlings on a cold new years  afternoon. The stench is specific – still some find it palpable and even prefer it. Me? I’m actually indifferent.

I used to get ‘it’ a lot in response to asking for help, assistance and/or clarification on a myriad of topics when I was younger.  I’m a curious chic. And honestly, I didn’t know I was being given it, thus with all sincerity, I would yield an understanding ear to it and in most cases end up helping the busy person work out their situations, that often turned out to be ‘no situation’ at all. Year one and two of college found me green; however, by year 3 wisdom had sat in and well. I started calling it and appreciating it for what it is.

Today, I don’t draw that kind of company much, perhaps because I ask far less questions than I used to (in general). I’m still a curious chic, sure, but the difference is – now I know who to ask what and when to ask it. Good ol’ wisdom and discernment.

divider Abstract

So when my girlfriend calls and asks me to pick her up quick
from the house of another friend because she’s feeling sick

I don’t ask many questions, because I can tell
she’ll just give me ‘the business ‘, (I’m heading the smell).

When people don’t want to tell the truth, I don’t push the issue.
it could entail a battle that’s not yours – so just let it miss you.

I, too, have been guilty of giving it but I’d much rather be honest & direct.
Because offense is so catchy these days, sometimes I forgo ‘the vex.’

I then proceed to do that thing I’m indifferent of being done to me,
I create an immediate excuse that will grant me sweet release.

My honesty is a beast. I can’t believe I’m telling you this,
I’m Qui
And I just wanted to touch on that little thing called ‘the business.’

No, I’m not a fan of it – though sometimes it is necessary.
Unfortunately creating faux binds is a burden communicators carry.

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