The EYES have it

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cosmetic surgeryWell, you don’t like this and you don’t like that about your physical appearance.  So we’ve heard and thanks to cosmetic surgery you can change whatever you want to change about yourself.

I understand bodily imperfections – we’ve all got ’em. My love handles get shafted on the love though. It’s true. When I feel like they’re too visible, I’m quick to bind them in a girdle. It’s a temporary solution – sure, but it smooths out the tell-tale signs of all the candy that I’ve consumed since…

Wait a minute! This piece isn’t about me. lol! 😉  This piece is about permanent cosmetic solutions that often prove not to be “solutions” after all. And as for the girdle… well, we’re cool.

The EYES have it

So I was watching HOT TOPICS on The View yesterday and Renee Zellwegers face came up. I’m a fan of Renee’s and prior to seeing her face on The View I had noticed Yahoo OMG advertisements had been popping up here and there (online) with her picture on it. I would always dismiss the bait and decline to check it out, because Renee is a sweetheart and I’m still in love with her since Jerry McGuire, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and Cold Mountain.  I can’t seem to get enough of her Texas friendly nature, squinty eyes and cooky smile, but recent photos reveal that I have indeed had my fill. The squinty eyes are gone.

Some are questioning if she’s had plastic surgery(s)? And maybe she has, but how can we be certain that she wouldn’t have aged into wider eyes naturally? After all, that’s the only thing that changed. I think…

Speaking of “eyes” have you heard of that cosmetic procedure than can change the color of your iris from brown to blue? While researching premium eye drops (because I was only looking to knock out the tired red), I found this:


The EYES have itobviously, and are the first thing people see
when you’re walking down the boulevard or the red carpet on TV.

Now I rather like my eyes. Heck no – I love them truly!
They help me keep things in focus, thus I’m walking straight – duly.

My eyes are important to me, beyond vanity or questionable scandal.
My eyes are what helped me find a good girdle to bind these love handles.

I don’t want anyone telling me what I can’t wear. And don’t tell me it’s out of line.
So to the women that choose to go under the knife – it’s her prerogative and I am fine.

If it alters their career course – surely they knew the possibility was chancing.
We all remember Jennifer Grays story – she played Baby in Dirty Dancing.

Jennifer had a distinctive nose – it set her apart and we thought she was cute
She chose to do a nip and tuck and role casters chose to rebuke.

Not to teach her a lesson. Not to gain a ruined score.
She couldn’t land a good role, because we didn’t recognize her anymore.

I fear the same for so many – who choose plastic surgery today.
Especially when their appearance is what controls their living wage.

Everybody ain’t a Joan Rivers and doesn’t have the luxury to laugh-at-self.
So if the surgery is a miss – instead of a hit – your beloved career goes stealth.

I’m still a fan of Renee Zellweger’s. She’s still got that Texas style.
I will miss the squinty eyes, but I’m still digging that cooky smile.

Surely The EYES have it and I’m going to leave mine alone,
I’m Qui
A Texas girl viewing the world, from my corner in the ‘Tha Zone’.

Love yourself and don’t change a thing.
God made you that way – )))embrace((( the scene.

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