Are they ever really gone?

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Are They Really GoneWe’ve all loved and lost. And I’m not just speaking in the reference of suitors, but of loved ones. I’m no fan of funerals. Though I’ve known some who not only seek out funeral dates, but mark their calendars and attend as many home goings as possible, (it seems).

Me? Nah. Once the spirit has left the body – I’ve lost, I feel it, I know it and that’s my cue to move on. I don’t mean to sound cold or cut off, it’s just that I’m certain, once the spirit has left the body, so has my beloved. But where did they go?

When I was younger, say 10 years old or so, I started to notice active energy. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it and I almost always knew when I was in the presence of additional energy. For instance, I’d come home from school, a latchkey kid, I’d be the only one home and the house would feel occupied. Without any instruction to do so, I’d acknowledge it by saying, “Hello. Whose here? I know I’m not alone.”

I don’t even think I ever brought the instances up to my parents or siblings, I just kind of thought everyone felt it. And just to be clear, it wasn’t just in one house, I could pick up energy anywhere. It didn’t scare me at all, but I always had that ‘on camera’ feeling – a feeling that I was always being watched, and this was at least 2 decades before reality shows were ever conceived. I just went with it yo!

I was about 16 or so when I finally heard someone call me by first name. I was home alone washing dishes, staring out of the window over the sink, in thought and someone called out my first name. I turned my head over my right shoulder and as I parted my lips to say “yes,” as I remembered, I am home alone.

Now what?

Well, that was the very beginning of me realizing that we, in the physical world, are simply not alone.

I once entered into a church on a Sunday morning, while service was already in progress. I rather enjoy church, so I didn’t choose a seat in the rear but walked towards and sat in the pews in the middle. Once I’d scooted down the pew to about mid-position and sat down, I heard a voice say, “Leave.” Leave? And shortly thereafter I became overwhelmed with the urge to get up and leave. We hadn’t been sitting 3-minutes, I leaned over to my guy and said, “We have to go.” He whispered back, “Let’s wait until offering,”, I smiled and said, “No – now,” (because the feeling was pressing). I stood and began to scoot my way back towards the aisle. A lady on the pew asked, “Where are you going?”, I didn’t know what to say, so I said, “I forgot something at home,” and proceeded to the aisles and exited the church. Once outside, the feeling subsided and I felt fine. I felt safe.

Of course on the ride home, I was questioned by my beloved mate as to ‘what happened there?’, I had no answers for him except to share what I heard and how I felt. I was about 20. Since then, my sensitivity to those passed-on has become the norm.

I have no training as a medium or a psychic, all I have is a strong antenna for picking up unbodied energy. So imagine my last trip to Vegas (June 2013) staying on the strip — my hotel stay (at night) was anything but calming. There were guests in my room that I could not see, but feel, and well… I got no sleep. I stayed up and watched my suite mates rest. I kept watch. The energy wasn’t threatening but it was just as curious as I was.

Where do the dead go? Once they cross over – Are they really gone?

Have you ever watched LMN’s original series The Haunting Of starring Kim Russo. Kim is a medium and she is energetically the real deal. She can hear, see and feel energies. On the show The Haunting Of, Kim interviews artists that have had paranormal experiences in the space where they had them. For instance, if a star had a paranormal experience when they were 10 in Timbuktu at their late grandmothers home – Kim schedules a meeting with them in Timbuktu at the home to sort out the energy that they encountered (sometimes) decades ago. It’s a very interesting and mostly conclusive show.

Kim is gifted and certainly yields proof that we are not alone and that perhaps the energy of past ones loved have gone no where, but are still here with us. I don’t know if that is true for ALL loved ones that have passed, but it seems to be true of more than a few.

Paranormal shows are fast becoming a demand on the satellite circuit leaving me to believe that many are curious and wanting to know more about ‘what happens after our body dies.’. I don’t think the curiosity is new but our bold embrace of it (as a society) is. And that’s okay with me, because we will all cross over one day. And while our bodies don’t make it out alive, I do believe our consciences do. So if I had any positive advice to leave you with today on the subject, it would be to make all of the positive memories that you can while you’re alive and to think good thoughts as often as possible. Surely you’ve heard the phrase, “my life flashed before my eyes,” (relating to near death experiences), thus my advice is to make good memories, since your conscience survives the body.  Remember  you want to have a high positive energy reserve, because anything else, (like negativity), may prove to be ‘your hell’ once you’ve crossed over.

Give it some thought, because you are definitely going that way – though I pray it won’t be anytime soon and certainly not today.


So it’s always “hello,” and never goodbye? 
Could their energy remain even after they’ve died?

I’m going to say YES – I believe it’s no mythical ploy.
Energy is only transferred; it is not destroyed.

The body breaks down on the elders that we love
but their energy resides. A residual hug.

What about “going into the light?” Isn’t that what we all want? 
And if a spirit is roaming earth, is it a “concerning type” haunt?

Well, I don’t know everything – I am curious myself,
but there are roaming spirits – some out loud and others in stealth.

I’ve never seen a ouija board in real life. Who needs a board, in this vibrant world?
I’m just a vibe-feeling, easy going, Christian-praying girl.

Don’t be so quick to dispel what you don’t understand.
When such is done it manifests the ‘sum of fear’ in man.

You know you have a guardian angel. You know an unseen is looking out for you.
I’m Qui
That ‘next level she‘ – praying you’ll put-in now, on your just due.

I’ve said it before, ol’ karma is real.
Whether alive or dead – you’ll have your meal.
So, how does your energy feel?

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