Move It

In Griot, Networking on November 20, 2013 at 10:29 am
Click here to see the Nabi commercial

Click here to see the Nabi commercial

If you Move It – you lose it.
I like the way the kids do it.

Yesterday I was researching that cute little Nabi
who claims their tablet makes Kindles look sorry.

It certainly makes my 1-year old go crazy on sight –
easily turning a crying moment into a moment of hype.

I like it yo – thus, she’s getting one for Christmas.
She can’t write yet, so I’ll jot it on her wish list.

While researching the product, I found the extended theme song,
jammed out by a couple of 10-year olds – who couldn’t possibly go wrong:

Every time I play this clip – our baby breaks out into rhythmic dance.
bouncing her LUVS padded bottom and clapping her coordinated hands.

Not quite twerking. She knows not the meaning or it’s recent craze.
Nothing wrong with bouncing in LUVS – gotta love the innocent phase. 🙂

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is definitely in-play over here,
I’m Qui
a consumer of good marketing – giving the Nabi campaign a bounce & a cheer!

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