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ReelTalk2I’m always looking for alternative ways to communicate and sign language looks great, but I’m not avid in sign language, so I’ve added a more fabric approach to my repertoire. Honesty is often conveyed through the mouths of babes, but I’ve also found that novelty is easily conveyed through the mouths of puppets. Don’t believe me? Check Jim Henson’s success. He was brilliant and  crafted an awesome legacy out of the mouths of fabric puppets.


Sesame Street was my inspiration for adopting Tidi. “Whose Tidi,” you ask?


Tidi and I met in Vegas. She was posted up in the airport,
And I just couldn’t refuse the role of ‘the buying sport.’

I was a winner on the flight back to Dallas – all of the children loved me.
I was so good that the airline crew asked if I could fly out again at 3.

There’s nothing like a good puppet show when you’re crossing the skies and seas.
There’s nothing like mimicking Jim Henson and his brilliant pedigree.

There are other ways to get a message across that could be equally as entertaining and that is via cartoons. Most kids from 2 to 40-times-deuce love animation plenty. Just look at the success of The Boondocks, South Park and Family Guy – to name a few. Yes, kids of all ages are into cartoons, including myself.

Too bad I’m not a cartoonist, or it would be ‘Look out Charles Schulz!’ from me. I would dance on the rooftop (just like Snoopy) if the skill were mine.

I’m not a die hard comic book girl, still I understand the importance of comic strip messages and how they are conveyed – mostly behind a mask. A cool mask that manufacturers can duplicate and sell as costumes. This always equates to money on the backend. Ah. You’ve gotta love residuals and backend percentages. Because, honestly, nothing is more entertaining than walking to your mailbox to get lingering cash from a past project that you’d almost forgotten about. It’s really beautiful.

A film is just a message – be it entertaining or to cast light.
Regardless of the message, there’s a plethora of visual mics.

I’m a variety chic. I am fond of the tale and different ways of telling it,
thus here are a few more shows that have inspired me in selling it:

Remember those School House Rock segments? They were always good to go.
The power therein empowered me to win – education through a cartoon show.

Conjunction Junction
taught me about noun and adverb functions.

The musical score about ‘A Bill,’
also divvied the us 411 about Capitol Hill.

And dare I forget the use of comedy sketch.
I’d love to shape tomorrows SNL sect.

So raise your juice boxes and toast me a cheer,
I’m Qui
Into delivering messages and I think I’ll start here.

#Consideration is Key

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