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Happy New Year Wishes4U

I have endearing loved ones residing in the following states,
We’re entering 2014 together though in different zones of space:


New York just dropped the ball – Texas and Kansas are next.
Lagging in time are Arizona and Cali on their new year connect.

I’m not in a rush. I like partying with you in the hours before.
Different time zones yield me more bang for my party score!

HAPPY NEW YEARS WordPress kin and all that read this feed,
I’m Qui
Praying 2014 is good to thee and that  you prosper & succeed.

Welcome back baby

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I'm sweet on you. You know that right?

I’m sweet on you. You know that right?

You have got to believe me when I tell you I jammed Beyonce’s new cd relentlessly over the weekend, rendering a more sultry Qui (than usual). Oh don’t get scared – you’re safe – we’re online. But if you haven’t downloaded Beyonce’s new album on iTunes, please know that you can get it at most stores except Target. She and Target had a ‘cd selling’ thing, but when Bey ‘gave it up to iTunes’ on an exclusive — Target put out a press release announcing that they will not be selling Beyonce’s new self titled and visual (yes! music videos included) album.

Mmph. That’s Targets bad and Beyonce’s good – net. Do yourself some good and check it out. It’s a feel good listen. Ow!

happy divider

Welcome back baby, I’ve missed you indeed.
It’s like a high knowing you come by and check in on my feed.

In the car 32-hours, round trip – we went to Texas and came right back.
See when it comes to being with fam – distance is a short track.

We met up at an awesome resort, that had horrible mobile signals and no wi-fi.
But see, that’s the thing, — it was a part of their genius design.

So my entire family and I hung out, played games, ate meals, played miniature golf and the likes.
We slept together and faired all social weather – together, my family and I.

There was easily 21 of us, sharing a span of 3 2-bedroom homes
It was so good being nestled in the woods, forced to chat, due to bad service for phones.

The moment – God kissed it.
The moment – I had truly missed it.

It was good, so good to my soul and the resort had an amazing natural view,
I promise the only thing that was missing, was me being able to kick it with you.

Thinking of You SIGN

And so now you know I’m sweet on you and sometimes it’s hard for me to let go,
of jotting down and giving you a pound amidst my griotic flow.

Wait! Is griotic even a word? I really don’t think so,
but that changes not the fact, that I missed you while on-the-go.

And so we travelled a great distance to get there and returned home sound and safe,
I’m Qui
Welcome back baby – I’ve surely missed you in this place.

How did you enjoy your holiday?

Merry Christmas – Jam with Me

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christmas jamMerry Christmas, I’m certainly feeling great.
Santa has definitely visited this place.

I woke up to him making breakfast with expresso in brew.
There was no hint of coal in stocking or stew.

And faintly spewing from the homes surround sound
was an R&B medley that I enjoyed in the round.

It was so good that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.
Let it tickle your ears and add to your familial view:

An RnB Christmas (click the pic to spin the record)

Have a very Merry RnB Christmas
(click the pic to spin the record)

Merry Christmas  – Jam with me,
I’m Qui
Truly grateful for thee and family.

If you enjoyed last years comical broadcast of 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS by Prarie Home Companion – click the prarie dog pic and enjoy it again:


Click the pic to hear 12 Days Of Christmas w/sound effects

To Heaven and Back

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Heaven and Back2
Not too many die and live to tell about it but on Anderson Cooper 360’s special: To Heaven and Back, Randi Kaye talks to a few more witnesses who recall the journey to the other side, similar to Mary Neal’s experience.

We’re introduced to another woman with another amazing story::

Hi. My name is Anita Moorjani and I died on February 2, 2006. When I was real young, I feel that my life was pretty magical.   We lived in a condominium in Hong Kong – I lived with my parents and my brother. I went t a British school where the kids spoke in English and then of course at home with my parents we would speak in our native language, we call it Sindhi, but it’s an Indian dialect.

Randi: Walk me through what it was like for you in that childhood with so many different cultures stewing around.

Anita: I got bullied very, very badly at school.  Because I was pretty much the only Indian child in my year. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to color my hair to make it lighter.  I would use bleach on my skin – I really wanted to fit in.  At the same time when I met Indian people, when my parents tried to arrange a marriage for me and I was meeting other Sindhi men I didn’t feel like I fit with them either.  I kept feeling like I had to apologize for being me.

Randi: Let’s talk about your friend Sonny.

Anita: Sonny was my best friend. We really knew each others lives inside out. One day she was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t see her get better and that really impacted me. It’s like just being told you have cancer is a death sentence. So I went on the internet and I started researching her type of cancer and it showed that the statistics were not good. And once you start looking on the internet it’s a mine-field; the more you read about it – the more it was scaring me. I started to become really paranoid.

Randi: Did you start to believe that you could get it?

Anita: Yes. She was so vibrant and strong, so I felt immediately  WOW – if she can get it so can I.

Randi: Tell me about April 6, 2002.

Anita: I felt a lump right here on the left side at the base of my neck , just where it meets my collar bone.  And when I first went to the doctor – the doctor said it’s a swollen lymph node gland. Maybe you’re fighting off an infection. So she put me on antibiotics and she said, let’s see if it clears up in a week. When it didn’t clear up in a week, she sent me to another doctor – a specialist for a biopsy, and the results were supposed to come back two days later.  The very next day, though, the doctor phoned me and he said, “I’d like you to come into my office,” and of course my heart lept.

Randi:  Tell me what the doctor told you.

Anita: He said you have Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is a form of cancer. But I didn’t hear any of his words beyond after him saying the word ‘cancer.’

Randi: So what was going through your mind at that point?

Anita:  At that point I was only thinking of what I had saw Sonny go through. I watched my friend die and she died a horrible, slow and painful death. And I just thought, ‘Oh my God. That’s what I can expect.‘ That’s whats waiting for me.  I started to deteriorate as well, the cancer started to spread, I was like a skeleton with skin – that was it – because I weighed about 80-85 pounds. And I had these big open skin lesions – one here, on my neck and one under my arm. I had tumors, some of them the size of lemons throughout my lymphatic system. And if I lied down I would choke on my own fluid because my lungs were filled with fluid. I was in pretty bad shape. I was in a lot of pain, but I was fighting – I was just fighting to stay alive.

Randi:  So do you remember one of your worst days – I mean physically – and what that felt like?

Anita:  Oh towards the end, my worst days, I couldn’t walk anymore. My muscles, like in my legs, had completely deteriorated but one day, it was actually February 1, 2006 and I was just so tired of fighting to stay alive. I remember consciously thinking ‘It’s just not worth it anymore. Even death can be worst than this.’ So I just let go. My husband tells me the following morning I didn’t wake up.  He was trying to wake me up and he started to panic, and he called the doctor.

Randi:  So you were rushed to the hospital – what do you remember?

Anita: I was in a coma. My organs had now, shutdown. The oncologist said that I probably wouldn’t make through the next 24-36 hours.  I would wake up every morning just obsessed that I had cancer. Every morning I wished that it was a bad dream and that I would wake up from. I was just so tired of fighting to stay alive, so I just LET GO. I actually surrendered to whatever was waiting for me. The doctors were trying to put these needles into my veins and they couldn’t find the veins. The veins had all retracted. And then they were saying this is normal for somebody who is dying.  I was in a coma and I didn’t realize I could hear them. They weren’t even in the same room but I heard the oncologist say that I probably wouldn’t make it through the next 24-36 hours.

Randi: In a way it sounds like, you were almost straddling two worlds?

Anita: It felt like I was in a bigger world which encompasses this world. It was vibrant, there was music – it was just incredible but it’s like it’s beyond our spectrum, our ability to perceive, beyond 5-senses and it was like for the first time in my entire life did I feel that I was loved and accepted unconditionally for who I am. It was a peace I had never experienced and the fear was gone. The fear of illness, displeasing other people, the fear of being flawed – it’s gone. I was aware of my father who had passed away, my best friend Sonny.  It was actually, the most amazing feeling because I had always felt that I wasn’t the kind of daughter that he had hoped I would be but when I encountered him in that realm all I felt from him and for  him was pure unconditional love.anita-moorjani-quote

Randi: But you could still see your husband and how was he reacting to the fact that you were in this coma and he thought he was loosing you?

Anita: He was very distraught. He was there by my bedside, he was holding my hand and I could feel he was willing me to come back.

Randi: And you had a choice to make.

Anita: I had a choice as to whether to come back or not. At first I absolutely did not want to come back because why would I want to come back into this sick and dying body? But then it was though in the next moment I understood why I had the cancer. All the years of beating myself up, feeling flawed, had turned my own energy against me and manifested as cancer.

Randi: Fear in a way poisoned your body?

Anita:  Yes it did. And I understood that now that I knew this, my body would heal.

Randi: You had this huge revelation and Sonny and your father both affirmed what needed to be done.

Anita: Both of them said to me, ‘Go back and live your life fearlessly,’ and it was around that time that I started to come back.

Randi: So how long were you in the coma?

Anita: About 30 hours. I was in the intensive care unit, but within 4 days they were able to take off the oxygen, they were able to take out the food tube and the tumors shrunk by 70% .

Randi: And the doctors kept testing you right? They kept looking for  cancer, they kept treating you?

Anita: They were saying there is no way that cancer disappears like that. My oncologist actually said to me, I had no idea what to even write on your medical records anymore. 

Randi: [holding documents] These are the results of an MRI scan from your neck and thorax, and if you’ll look on there –  tell me what’s on there?

Anita:  [looking @ document] Throughout my body, it’s showing large masses from my neck, lower lungs, all over.

Randi: So that report is from February 2, 2006. This one is 25 days later, read to me what the doctors finding was.

Anita: The doctors finding is that in summary, no definite evidence of residual lymphoma is seen.

Randi: How did the doctors explain it?

Anita: I have had at least 5 oncologist look at my records and all of them have said, they’ve never seen anything like it.

Randi: Are you still, at all fearful.

Anita: No. Hardly at all. I don’t live in that constant feeling of fear at all. I’m not scared of death. Whenever that day comes, I feel that I would have accomplished whatever it is that I came here to do.

Randi: Which is what?

Anita: You know I believe that all of us have only come here to realize who we are and to be true to who we are.

Randi: Most people, myself included, fear death. What do you say to them?

Anita: When you lose your fear of death, you actually lose your fear of life as well.

Randi: And to this day you are cancer free?

Anita: Yes. I am cancer free.


LIVE YOUR LIFE FEARLESSLY – stay positively healthy in your mind.
For what the mind accepts, into the body we find in kind.

What the mouth speaketh truly goes into the universe
to only boomerang you for all that its worth.

Be it good or bad – it is coming back to you.
Henceforth, be about those positive truths.

You determine a great deal of you.
You definitely get out of – what you’ve put into.

Good morning to you – it’s a new weeks begin,
I’m Qui
Encouraging thee to smile and get out there and win!

NEWS PERUSE – I’m cool with it

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NP - Sarah Palin and PhilIt’s the weekend
babies and Christmas is on the way.
And I, on my News Peruse soapbox, have something to say:

Duck Dynasty’s Phil R. is cool with me.
So cool, I won’t even miss him on my TV.

Sarah Palin misses not an opening for a photo op
with Duck Dynasty – because like-minded unity rocks!

And so with the expression of a few of his intimate thoughts
Phil gets ‘the whistle,’ and his camera view stops.

I’m Cool with it.

Well the GOP is up in arms about the A&E firing situation.
Because politics doesn’t have enough of its own off-beat relations.

I mean, the healthcare act is picking up steam & soon to be is in full effect,
and many Americans now have access to insurance without going into debt.

I’m cool with it.
You can register HERE – #ItsYours – Go get it!

Also in N. Korean news is the towering Dennis Rodman again.
But this time it’s not for diplomacy but a ball career begin.

No! Dennis won’t be ball playing – he’s really done with that – yo!
But N. Korea has hired him to be their basketball coach.

So he’s all moved in. He’ll be working overseas.
And to be honest with you – that’s cool with me!

I’m cool with it.
I dig it.
Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker
We should all be guilty of working within our purpose.
Believe it or not, our self truths are what best serves us.

Miley Cyrus is on her purpose – whether you like it or not.
And Beyonce’s cutting up because her exec decisions are hot!

Bey put out a digital download album on i-Tunes last week
that pissed Target off, so they’ve got a little beef.

Target has press released that they won’t be selling it there.
Good thing Bey didn’t ask them too, so in essence – that’s fair.

I’m cool with it.

Bey is on her rise — just as 2013 was being noted “the year of low music sales.”
JayZ’s Mrs. prefers melodic blisses and shot the low-status-quo to hell.

She’s ending the year on a high note – all by herself.
I dig the few who own the view of acquiring good business wealth.

And Beyonce will end the year looking stealth,
As we jam her grown woman pelt.

I’m cool with it.

I really am. I’ve got irons on the fire too.
I’m exec producing 2 new shows & establishing a teen film troupe.

My hands are full and my God is good,
Every project I’m birthing’s in the Phoenix hood.

No need to do projects abroad – at least not at this time.
I’ve only been here for two years and the filming community is fine.

Let’s toast a little holiday wine. Let’s celebrate and have a fit.
Let’s thank God for all we have. For certain – I’m cool with it.

Look for all kinds of goodness to come out of the holidays for you.
A new year is coming and goodness is gunning. Prosperity is yours too.

Happy weekend wordpress kin. May God bless you on today,
I’m Qui
that NEWS PERUSE she  – Merry that you even stopped my way.

I’m cool with it.
I dig it.
Please do it again.

One of The Coolest Teens

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from – She’s added film production to the palatable menu…


There’s more that goes into film production than sugar, spice and everything nice – so when put into the universe that they wanted their  order for [Season 1] PERCEPTUAL TEEN FILM TROUPE be sweet in script, wise in wit, positive in production ingredients and creatively hot in editing — they called me::

CupCakeChique - The ProducerRing! Ring! 

CupCake Chique: Hello.

3Quis: Hi, we’re in search of outgoing teenagers in the Phoenix metroplex with outstanding academic grades, a positive attitude and highly energetic with an unmatched interest in film production. We received your information from an advisory council member. Would you be able to deliver on such a tall order?

PTFT January Calendar

CupCake Chique: You’ve absolutely called the right teenager. Not only am I available to fill the order, but I think I might know a few others that would like to JOIN me…

What’s my role? I’m a Film PRODUCER.

Let’s Get REEL!!!

cupcake border

You know I had to reblog Ms. Cupcake Chique
She’s one of the coolest teens this side of the East.

Her academics are scholarly and her film interests are pure,
so when she asked me if she should go for Film Producing – I said “Sure!”

She’s heading up PERCEPTUAL TEEN FILMING TROUPE located in the A-Z.
A unique crew of teens journeying the reel scene – like me.

I am jubilant to see adolescents fill their time with positive productions.
I pray that their future film works will yield crazy film buzz eruptions.

As she mentioned in her reflagged piece – this is Perceptual’s Season 1,
So if you know a talented kid who digs film – direct them to the AUDITION fun!

It’s something about The Arts that invokes me to support a good show,
I’m Qui
And The Cupcake Chique is one of One of The Coolest Teens I know.

The Encouraged always Encourage

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Empowerment CardsAffirmations are the best and so I’ve taken a liking to Tavis Smiley’s Empowerment card deck. I couldn’t help but be drawn to the box illustrations. Black art is a fine way to go if you’re marketing these cards primarily to black people. D0esn’t every race need empowering?  Well according to wikipedia, not every race needs empowering.

[Empowerment is] Then being the process of obtaining basic opportunities for
marginalized people, either directly by those people, or through the help of
non-marginalized others who share their own access to these opportunities.

Knowledge is empowering and todays empowerment card is Exercise — because to be fit is your Right:


Click the pictures to enlarge script

Exercise, schmexercise! I’m miserable at the task
of getting up often and moving my tasks.

I’m encouraged to do better and encourage you also,
I’m Qui
an empowered she, scheduling more appointments on-the-go.

Exercise promotes good blood flow –
Ooops-there-it-is and there you go! 🙂

Card#1: KNOW
Card#2 WHEN
Card #4: ASK

Reel Talk

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ReelTalk3If you make a good film product but no one ever sees it, did you really ever make it at all? Wait. That’s the questionable pose for the tree in the forest falling with no one around to see it –well it just so happens this analogy fits well in context to filmmaking too.

I’m a lover of art films, art house films, underground documentaries, hip hop documentaries, cultural pieces, music videos and the distribution outlets that broadcast them.

No matter how creative the writer is in scripting and casting a production, if he does not have the proper venue to broadcast, he may as well be performing in his series in his parents living room. Talk about limited exposure.

A hefty [number] following is crucial if you are trying to advance your video project and YouTube knows that rule best.  A good web series will need a good home with adequate marketing and traffic.

First thing’s first, let’s talk about creating a web series, while searching for an edge on the process I came across Tom Cruises wisdom (via on this very subject and couldn’t resist reblogging.  Take heed and try your hand at webisode creation:

Web series are the equivalent of self-published novels for many aspiring video creators.  They have complete control over what the final product looks like, although they may not have the money to pull off their ultimate vision.  They are a way to showcase your talents and possibly move on to something bigger in the future, but for many, web series is where it’s at.  It’s a unique way to tell a story, and basically these shows’ entire seasons can be told in the span of an episode or two of regular TV series.

1. Start With A Story

The first point that I’d like to talk about from the Tom Cruise blog post is starting with a story.  What is the story, how do you want to tell it, and basically, each of these episodes should contain a three-act structure even if it only lasts 5-6 minutes.  For easy examples of this, take a look at web series wonder The Guild, which manages to make a season that lasts around or little over an hour into something that seems much grander in scale.  It’s all because each episode is packed with content and very quickly moves its story forward.

It clearly outlines the stakes at the very beginning.  By the first 20 seconds, you know that something (racy) has occurred and it could affect the relationship with her friends.  Boom.


We talk about this all the time, about finding the audience for your channel and directing content towards them. You have to figure out who is going to watch your creation, because it certainly isn’t going to be everybody. It’s going to be a select group, even if it proves popular. So, your science fiction web series should be shared with blogs and sites that are dedicated to science fiction. Maybe you share it with everyone you know who likes science fiction. Maybe you ask those people to share it with other people. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to find your genre, who enjoys that type of thing, and find those people on the Internet. quotes Felicia Day’s own blog post, “Web Series: Four Things To Ask Yourself Before Starting.” Of course, that post is amazingly good advice in its own right, right there from a person who is considered the queen of web series. I’ve expanded their own quote to include the entire first paragraph of her third step:

I think a key to web series, that builds upon points #1 and #2, is that trying to please everyone will never work on the web. The Guild is popular because we started in a niche and grew out from there. The internet isn’t TV: It’s 20 million channels rather than 200. If you can’t sit down and easily identify what kind of person will like your show and name 5 places that person might go to on the internet, you will have a hard time getting the word out, no matter how good it is.

So if your series has even limited amount of appeal, you’ll have to do the homework to find out who would watch your show, and find the places those people go to advertise/share your content.

 3. The Money Problem/Dedication

 The Tom Cruise blog calls this, “Show Me The Money,” which is the only thing remotely Tom Cruise in this post.  I’ve seen a lot of web series, no matter how successful, get absolutely lost and apparently have no ability to produce a constant stream of episodes, mainly because of the money issue.  Let’s face it, you aren’t likely to get rich doing a web series, and where there is no money, there is also a lack of time, because you’re likely working a job to get the little money you can put into a series.

Still, a successful one requires dedication.  An episode a week or every two weeks is the way to go, which is why I would suggest before even publishing your first video, you create a backlog of episodes so that you can supply content every week while you produce more.  Figure out how long it takes to create an episode, and have a corresponding amount of episodes ready to publish while you create others.

In fact, later in the post, Hitman 101 web series creator Scott Staven makes this very point when talking about how he released a constant stream of content:

ReelTalk3 Quote

With a web series this is possible because it’s not going to require up-to-date information to produce content.  You aren’t making a Philip DeFranco-style of web videos here, where the day’s news supplies content.  You have a script to follow.

I think a lot of web series that I’ve followed and had interrupted over the last year or so could have benefited by not publishing until they were ready to publish a whole season, or at least most of it.

The Tom Cruise blog mentions that some web series have been successful in various ways, but most of the ones they cover are the ones that have had celebrities backing them, like Tom Hanks’ Electric City or Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy.  If you’ve got access to celebrities, your chances obviously are higher to get money, but I’ve seen a lot of celebrity-backed web series get less views than average, everyday videos on YouTube.

Here’s the first episode of Web Therapy, with guest star Meryl Streep:

4. Using Available Resources

 Skipping ahead in their post, I found this interesting section where they talk to LAWEBFEST founder Mike Ajakwe, Jr.  After hitting on some points already discussed in the article, he mentions something about “using the resources around you.”  This is finding people who are eager to help and just want the experience.  Here’s a great quote:

If you live in a filmmaking hub, but even if you don’t, you can find talented people will often work for free for the experience or to bolster their resume. “There are so many people around you that can help. There are sound people, hair and make-up people, wardrobe experts,” he says. “If you put an ad on Craigslist in the area of production, the people who will respond are amazing.”

Now, this is still the kind of thought process that makes web series and web-based entertainment lower than TV series in many people’s eyes, because web series are still considered “starting points” or “a place to get experience.”  But remember, web series and the like are still in their infancy compared to any other form of entertainment, and you can’t let the perception get you down.  Web series are just like any other form of entertainment, and you can’t expect to get rich doing it right away.

The key is to keep grinding and doing what you love, and one day the series might become a hit, or you might get discovered.  But the important thing is that you’re not doing it for the money, even though you should do everything in your power to get it seen.

5. Have A Plan

 Ajakwe also says to have a plan.  And what that means is that you’re the boss and people want to follow you, and you should be a decisive leader.  It reminds me of some tips Ryan Connolly laid out in this episode of Film Riot concerning his experience on his short film Losses:

6. The Quality

 As always, it’s not that you look like a slickly produced Hollywood movie, but you should at least look like you know what you’re doing, and sound and lighting are key.  Almost every bad video is upended by bad sound, and in many cases, bad lighting.  People should be able to see and hear you clearly, and if you can create even the slightest of a mood with your lighting, even more points to you.  This is something else that Hitman 101 creator Staven talks about in his interview with  I highly suggest you take a look at that discussion because it has a wealth of information.

 7. Use Resources

There are a number of places you can find information on how to find success. Check out the YouTube Creator Playbook, and for awesome film/video tricks on the cheap, Revision3’s Film Riot.  Also, Freddie Wong wrote this excellent post about how his channel got popular.  Another good resource is, a great blog to stay up to date with information regarding web series.  These, in addition to the other links already posted here, should give you a really good start.

[BIG UPS to the Reference Source:]

green divider

Starting a web series is a great way to go
for any new producer with an up and coming show.

An audience is needed to prove content worthiness on a grand scale,
I’m Qui
and Exposure is Key if any production intends to mass sale.

5-4-3-2-1 Lights! Camera Action!
No scene is a get rich quick thing –
Viva la Film because it is fun!


Other Sources: Web Series Channel, Define Web Series Success

I-10 to see 88

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Friday morning I arose with spontaneity and rented an SUV then hit I-10 to see my 88-year old grand father.  About an hour and a half on the road and I look over the desert strip no-barrier median and see a large red truck, maybe a GMC, it was thick in body, flipped over on it’s side in opposite traffic, wheels still spinning. The traffic heading in the same eastward direction as the flipped-over truck, is desperately breaking and veering to avoid hitting the cars in front of them. I look back to the truck laying on its side and I see a man lying dead in the left hand lane on I-10 East just feet from the truck in the middle of the road. Someone pulled over and covered him with something from their car. We were in the middle of the desert, no exits or rests stops for mile. I was traveling west – in the opposite direction, I said a prayer and steadied the journey as several cars ahead of me pulled over to bear witness and assist.

We kept it moving.

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

4 hours later we are standing on Grand Daddy’s porch ringing the doorbell. He answered the door in fedora and ascot fashion. Shoes – sharp.  I was so underdressed in my sweats and bumble bee house shoes however, my bubbly spirit was fabulously on point.

We dined, we talked and stayed up after midnight.
Then we retreated to our bed quarters and slept real tight.

Early the next morning I arose before the sun came up
and dashed out of the house to fetch some donuts.

As each person woke up, I offered fresh donuts in the kitchen
and preceded to set my film camera up – because I was reel wishin.’

With my camera and mics in place on the utility table, TayLer Moore approaches me with inquiry, (TayLer was visiting my grandfather; he’s a member of FingaTip Productions, a neighboring music studio that is inspired by OG music). TayLer is 23, stands about 5’7, golden brown in his completion, a mildly ripped physique, a great set of eye brows and bright smile. He’s in love with hip hop…

Lo and behold, I filmed an interview
with TayLer aka Mundo F. Baby & The FTP crew.

The hip hop interview was impromptu and 88 was all in the background video bombing as he went for his second and third glazed donut. He also came up several times during the interview when we talked about musical inspiration. It turns out that my grandfather was one of the inspirations for FingaTip Productions (FTP) CEO, Mike Carter to get into the music business. Good music sparks creativity and my grandfather plays the piano and organ – both of which are in his home, in front of a large window for all to see & hear when passing by. He enthusiastically plays music that is highly reminiscent of his era. I often close my eyes and listen while imaging being thrown into an intimate jazz/blues bar scene from the early 1900’s. He plays by ear and forgets not a note. I filmed him in action. He’s quite a fascinating man.

He hears well, sees well, walks without a cane or assistance, takes NO MEDICATION, has great conversation and an awesome sense of humor. He’s 88.

The older we get our fragile body starts to break down…
I know that I am blessed to have my agile GrandDad around.

I shot historical footage with  my PANASONIC HVX on P2 cards and 2 other iPhones, (because I wanted b-roll footage). In total, I  shot about 53 minutes worth of reality action. I can’t wait to get it into Final Cut to edit. It was a good shoot.

We then hit 1-10 again on our way back to Chandler, A-Z
It was Dedric, Quoti, Tanner and me.

We saw no accidents and mastered a safe passage as well.
I hit I-10 to see 88, for a very brief spell.

No one lives forever, tho GrandDad makes it looks like ‘maybe.’
I’m Qui
A happy road trip  she, whose clearly, GrandDaddy’s baby.

Take nothing for granted in this fragile life
If you’ve got family living near – take a moment to drop by.

To Heaven and Back

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Heaven and Back2

Now that the shock is subsiding regarding Paul Walker riding off into the afterlife sunset in a Porsche with Roger Rodas we can talk about, perhaps, just WHERE they went.

Sunday evening CNN’s Anderson Cooper ran a special report titled: To Heaven and Back. Journalist Randi Kaye spoke with a couple of people with some pretty remarkable life instances where their lives ended and they came back. All of the legends in the world couldn’t outshine the truth that they have experienced. We’ve all been told, once it’s over – it’s over, but Lazarus… well, why talk about the biblical stories of yesterday when we can check out what being said today about going To Heaven and Back:

My name is Mary Neal and on January 14th, 1999 I died while kayaking on a South American river.

I live in Jacksonville, Wyoming. I am married. I have 4 children – they were all competitive cross-country skiers. I am an orthopedic spine surgeon and I was very busy. I finished my residency and was married with a full-time job with one child and had another one, another one, another one, (you know, they kept coming). And I think I was very, very typical, I had very little time for my spiritual life.

Randi: What was your relationship with God and spirituality?

Mary: I did take my own children to Sunday School and I tried to incorporate spirituality into my daily life but then I would run out of time.

Randi: Tell me about your husband Bill.

Dr Mary Neal and spouse

Dr. Mary Neal and her husband of almost 3 decades

Mary: My husband is also an orthopedic surgeon. He’s a very bright guy with a keen sense of humor. My husband and I have been married for 26 years. This was in January of 1999 and friends of ours are professional kayakers and during the winters they go to Chile to kayak, and so for my husbands birthday, I surprised him with this trip. We had planned to go to Chile for a week of kayaking.

Randi: And you were really looking forward to it?

Mary: It was wonderful. We spent a week enjoying the people and the food and our friends. What was going to be our last day of kayaking was January 14th. We had planned to kayak on a stretch of the river that’s well known for it’s water falls and drops of 10 to 15 feet. That morning actually, my husband woke up with terrible back pain and so he chose not to go on the river.

Randi: How did you feel that morning? What was on your mind?

Mary: When I first put on the river I didn’t quite feel right. I just said, ‘oh well, I guess I’m just nervous.’ As we started down the river I still felt this sense of unease things weren’t quite falling together. And then we came to the first big drop as I crested the top of the water fall I could look down and it just looked like this bottomless pit of churning water. I couldn’t see a clean out flow or clean exit. I hit the bottom of the water fall and the front end of the boat became pinned in the rocks and then the boat and I were completely submerged 8 or 10 feet of water. I started to do the things that would free me from the boat but the force of the current had my body actually pressed to the front deck of the boat.

Randi: Did you have any sense while this was happening of where your friends were, what they were trying to do, and did they know where you were?

Mary: Neither the boat nor I were visible from the surface and at that point and time they started their watch. Time is very important because it determines whether you are trying to rescue someone or whether you’re really just trying to recover the body.

Randi: They had a tough time reaching you.

Mary: Because they kept failing their sense of really panic kept raising.

Randi: Did you think you were going to die at that point?

Mary: Oh, I was sure I was going to die. I knew at the time I knew I had been under water for too long. I gave up trying to control the outcome. I really, gave it all over to God. And I really, really, sincerely said “Your will be done.” And the moment I gave up control I was immediately overcome with this very, very physical sensation of being held and comforted and reassured that everything was fine whether I lived or died.  My husband and children would be fine but simultaneously the other part of my brain kept doing these self assessment exams thinking, “Wow. This is really, really strange. “

Randi: And were you still in the water when you were being held?

Mary:  Yes. I was still very aware of my physical surroundings. I could still feel the boat, I could still feel the current. The father of this group – it became very clear to him that what they were going to do was not going to make a difference.  They all said there was a time when everything shifted, one of them said, it was almost like a sonic boom – then this other rock became exposed and they were able to get closer to me.

Randi:  A rock that hadn’t been there before?

Mary:  No. When the rock opened up on one attempt they were able to shift the boat a little bit, so then the current started sucking my body out of the boat.  As I came over the front deck of the boat my knees had to bend back on themselves and I could feel them breaking and I could feel the ligament and the tissue tearing. I felt my spirit peeling away from my body; sort of like peeling apart two pieces of tape and I felt my spirit break free and I rose up and out of the water and I was immediately greeted by this group of (I never know what to call them) people, spirit beings – these names mean different things to different people.  They started taking me down this path that was so beautiful.

Randi: Did you have any sense of what was going on with your friends and were they still in that mode of complete panic and frustration?

Mary:  They were still in that mode and they saw my red life jacket pop up downstream and one of the guys felt my body hit his leg, so he then was able to bend down and grab my wrist and pull me over to the shore.  My body was purple and bloated and my pupils were fixed and dilated.  They immediately started chest compressions and breathing.  I watched them do it, but I didn’t physically feel them doing it.

Randi: As a doctor, you know how long the human body can sustain without oxygen.

Mary: By about 10 minutes it’s over. They would believe I was without oxygen for 30-minutes. By every other definition, yes – I was dead. I could see the sand on the river bank. I could see them pull my body to the shore.  I could see them start CPR. I had no pulse and I wasn’t breathing. One fellow was yelling at me to come back…

Randi:  You were unconscious, so how do you know this was happening?

Mary:  I felt my body break free and I felt my spirit break free and I was greeted by these people or these spirits. I could be with them and be going down this incredible pathway and simultaneously be looking back at the river. When I saw my body, I will say that was the first time that I actually thought, ‘Well, I guess I – I am dead. I really did die.’

Randi:  In the book you write about dancing with them, were you celebrating something?

Mary:   Yes.

Randi: What? What were you celebrating?

Mary:  It was a great homecoming! And I was really surprised by the fact that I had no intention of going back.

Randi:  You didn’t want to return?

Mary:  No. And I had all the reasons to return. I had a great life. I had a great job, a great husband, my children are wonderful and I love them more than I could ever imagine loving something on earth, but the love that I felt for them in comparison to Gods love that was absolutely flowing through everything was just pale in comparison. And then at a certain point one of the people/spirits told me that it wasn’t my time and that I had more work to do on earth and that I had to go back to my body. Then they took me back down the path and literally I sat down in my body.

Randi: Your friends thought you were dead?

Mary:  I woke up, I saw them, then I could hear yelling and their faces were interesting. Because it was a mixture I think of absolute shock and a sense of ‘Oh now – what do we do?’ We’re in the middle of nowhere. When they looked up two Chilean young men just appeared, they actually never said anything and no one ever said anything to them. They picked me up, put me on top of a kayak to use as means to carry me and then one guy helped pick up the boat and the other guy started chopping down a path though the bamboo. And when they emerged from the bamboo to the dirt road, there was an ambulance waiting there.

Randi:  Not a common sighting in that area, I take it?

Mary: No, there are no ambulances.

Randi: You write in the book, it wasn’t just one miracle it was a constellation of miracles.

Mary: The fact is when you line up every single coincidence, you start to realize that you can’t write everything off as a coincidence. I was in the hospital for 5 or 6 weeks, I absolutely felt like I was neither here nor there. I then again felt myself back in heaven and God’s world. I was in this incredible field, again it was the same experience of intensity, but I was having this conversation with Jesus.

Randi: So if I’m hearing you correctly, you had a conversation with Jesus?

Mary:  Mmhm.

Randi: And what are you asking him?

Mary:  We talked more about reasons that I have been sent back, it had to do with my husbands health. So when a couple  of our friends died from unexpected causes I pushed my husband to have his heart checked. And it was on heart scan that ended up finding this lung lesion that was malignant.

Randi: How serious was it?

Mary:  Had it not been found, he probably wouldn’t be here.

Randi: Well let’s talk about your son Willie. What do you remember the angel telling you about what would happen to Willie?

Willie Neal

The angel predicted Mary’s son Willie Neal would die

Mary:  I knew specifically with regard to my son that he was going to die and that there is beauty and purpose in his death and not just his life. We talked about how he had really fulfilled his job. He really had already done what he was meant to do. I told no on e until shortly before his 18th birthday. As his 18th birthday approached I really started feeling it wasn’t fair NOT to tell my husband. So I did tell him.

Randi: Did you live any differently regarding Willie?

Mary: I woke up everyday wondering if this would be the day. A year and a half later, he went out for a roller skate training session with a friend of his, they pulled up to this area that over looked this river valley and he made some comment to the effect of ‘Wouldn’t this be an incredible last sight if you never could see anything else?’, and then :30 seconds later he was hit by a car and instantly killed. [Entering the late teens bedroom] Well this is Willie’s room.

Randi: You still have it, pretty much decorated; it’s all of his things…

Mary:  well, it’s very difficult for me to come in and look at all of those things that really represented him as a person, as a– you know as my son. Because, you know the sadness never goes away.

Randi: Your story is incredible. Do you ever look at it and be your own greatest skeptic?

Mary: I am my own greatest skeptic. And I’m quite sure that I would not believe most of my lifes story had I not personally lived each and every day of it it. But I absolutely believe that every person can look at their life and see the hand of God retrospectively. Now being pulled out of the river and resuscitated is dramatic, but most miracles are very quiet.

That person that calls you just at the moment that you needed it or that person that shows up and directs you to something you never would have imagined.

Randi: Do you look back on your accident as something tragic?

Mary: I look back on this accident as the single greatest gift that I could ever, every imagine receiving. I would never change a moment of it. 

Life is good. No – life is great!
I can deal with the meal that’s put on my plate.

I can deal just knowing this isn’t the end game.
I can deal with all things, by calling on Jesus’ name.

The details of this story may sound a bit insane,
though I’m confident at your death, you’ll see a similar same.

To live in fear of death won’t work.
You have to live this life for all that it’s worth.

Take chances, take risks – They are yours for the win.
Encourage yourself and others, be they stranger, foe or friend.

Do things in this world that are on a purposeful track,
I’m Qui
I hope you’ve enjoyed installment 1 of 3: To Heaven and Back