Medical Mysteries and Paul Walker is history

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Click here to see last picture just moments before the fatal accident...

Click here to see last picture just moments before the fatal accident…

Paul Walker of Fast and Furious has unfortunately expired
hailing passenger fun – a Porsche run– then a wreck and combust fire.

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I’m doleful to hear about Paul. I’m a fan of his baby blue eyes.
His passion was cars, he was cool with most stars;
He pledged Fast and Furious until he died.

There is no medical mystery that could have saved him, (well none that we know of yet).
Besides Paul crossed over doing what he loved. He was Fast and Furious until his death.

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Medical Mysteries

Sunday morning I woke up to CNN and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. You know he had all kinds of good things to say, but I found this particular story interesting, so I transcribed it. Science is powering medicine to our beneficial good, however this story is more mystery than science, technology or medicine. Sanjay tells the tale…

SANJAY: Today I want to share with you one young mans story that took a very unusual and unexpected turn. Suzanne McCarrol, our Denver affiliate KCNC has the story…

Concussion Creates Musical Gift

His high school [band] ensemble is really impressive. But the story of the pianist is truly amazing. Photo’s show Lachlan Connors first passion is sports: football and la cross, “And I thought I might be a professional la cross player,” says, Lachlan, but a series of hits put an end to that dream, “I fell backwards and hit the back of my head on the ground and I really didn’t understand that something bad had happened.”

Two back-to-back concussions left Laughlin in the hospitals for weeks; seizures would follow. “He started to hallucinate – lachlan connorhave these “mini” hallucinations,” says Elsie Hamilton, (Lachlan’s mother).

Before the concussions, the young Lachlan had tried to play the piano, “He really had no talent and I would say, ‘Can you hear what’s next?’, you know, something like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” says Elsie, and Lachlan’s response was, “Mom I can’t. So I would have her draw little numbers on the keys.”

When Lachlan got out of the hospital, doctors said he shouldn’t play contact sports anymore, but he suddenly could play music almost effortlessly. Lachlan can now play about 10-13 musical instruments, including the guitar, the bagpipes (both Scottish and Irish), the mandolin, the accordion, and the marimba.

SANJAY: No matter how you look at that – it’s pretty remarkable stuff. And you’re probably wondering how a medical mystery like this is even possible? I can tell you as a neurosurgeon, we don’t know exactly what happened in the brain in this sort of situation. Lachlan said he hit the back of his head – now that may be the part of the brain that’s responsible for his coordination known as the cerebellum or a couple inches up higher (is responsible) for his vision known as the occipital lobe – maybe that played a role. In Lachlan’s case, it’s also entirely possible that his unknown musical talents were already there but he just had more time to focus on them when he stopped playing sports. But again, no matter how it happened Lachlan said this is gift that he hopes will stay with him for his entire life.

And the day is new again. If you’re blessed with life, get busy living it,
I’m Qui
I don’t make the news, the highs or blues – I’m just the ‘griot she‘ whose giving it.

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