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I-10 to see 88

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Friday morning I arose with spontaneity and rented an SUV then hit I-10 to see my 88-year old grand father.  About an hour and a half on the road and I look over the desert strip no-barrier median and see a large red truck, maybe a GMC, it was thick in body, flipped over on it’s side in opposite traffic, wheels still spinning. The traffic heading in the same eastward direction as the flipped-over truck, is desperately breaking and veering to avoid hitting the cars in front of them. I look back to the truck laying on its side and I see a man lying dead in the left hand lane on I-10 East just feet from the truck in the middle of the road. Someone pulled over and covered him with something from their car. We were in the middle of the desert, no exits or rests stops for mile. I was traveling west – in the opposite direction, I said a prayer and steadied the journey as several cars ahead of me pulled over to bear witness and assist.

We kept it moving.

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4 hours later we are standing on Grand Daddy’s porch ringing the doorbell. He answered the door in fedora and ascot fashion. Shoes – sharp.  I was so underdressed in my sweats and bumble bee house shoes however, my bubbly spirit was fabulously on point.

We dined, we talked and stayed up after midnight.
Then we retreated to our bed quarters and slept real tight.

Early the next morning I arose before the sun came up
and dashed out of the house to fetch some donuts.

As each person woke up, I offered fresh donuts in the kitchen
and preceded to set my film camera up – because I was reel wishin.’

With my camera and mics in place on the utility table, TayLer Moore approaches me with inquiry, (TayLer was visiting my grandfather; he’s a member of FingaTip Productions, a neighboring music studio that is inspired by OG music). TayLer is 23, stands about 5’7, golden brown in his completion, a mildly ripped physique, a great set of eye brows and bright smile. He’s in love with hip hop…

Lo and behold, I filmed an interview
with TayLer aka Mundo F. Baby & The FTP crew.

The hip hop interview was impromptu and 88 was all in the background video bombing as he went for his second and third glazed donut. He also came up several times during the interview when we talked about musical inspiration. It turns out that my grandfather was one of the inspirations for FingaTip Productions (FTP) CEO, Mike Carter to get into the music business. Good music sparks creativity and my grandfather plays the piano and organ – both of which are in his home, in front of a large window for all to see & hear when passing by. He enthusiastically plays music that is highly reminiscent of his era. I often close my eyes and listen while imaging being thrown into an intimate jazz/blues bar scene from the early 1900’s. He plays by ear and forgets not a note. I filmed him in action. He’s quite a fascinating man.

He hears well, sees well, walks without a cane or assistance, takes NO MEDICATION, has great conversation and an awesome sense of humor. He’s 88.

The older we get our fragile body starts to break down…
I know that I am blessed to have my agile GrandDad around.

I shot historical footage with  my PANASONIC HVX on P2 cards and 2 other iPhones, (because I wanted b-roll footage). In total, I  shot about 53 minutes worth of reality action. I can’t wait to get it into Final Cut to edit. It was a good shoot.

We then hit 1-10 again on our way back to Chandler, A-Z
It was Dedric, Quoti, Tanner and me.

We saw no accidents and mastered a safe passage as well.
I hit I-10 to see 88, for a very brief spell.

No one lives forever, tho GrandDad makes it looks like ‘maybe.’
I’m Qui
A happy road trip  she, whose clearly, GrandDaddy’s baby.

Take nothing for granted in this fragile life
If you’ve got family living near – take a moment to drop by.