The Encouraged always Encourage

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Empowerment CardsAffirmations are the best and so I’ve taken a liking to Tavis Smiley’s Empowerment card deck. I couldn’t help but be drawn to the box illustrations. Black art is a fine way to go if you’re marketing these cards primarily to black people. D0esn’t every race need empowering?  Well according to wikipedia, not every race needs empowering.

[Empowerment is] Then being the process of obtaining basic opportunities for
marginalized people, either directly by those people, or through the help of
non-marginalized others who share their own access to these opportunities.

Knowledge is empowering and todays empowerment card is Exercise — because to be fit is your Right:


Click the pictures to enlarge script

Exercise, schmexercise! I’m miserable at the task
of getting up often and moving my tasks.

I’m encouraged to do better and encourage you also,
I’m Qui
an empowered she, scheduling more appointments on-the-go.

Exercise promotes good blood flow –
Ooops-there-it-is and there you go! 🙂

Card#1: KNOW
Card#2 WHEN
Card #4: ASK

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  3. Good luck with your continued evolution, old friend.
    This was a lovely post to view on a quiet Monday morning. You have inspired me – again.
    Thank you.

    • Hook — YOU’RE AWESOMENESS is still the best! You’ve seen the last of me yet – I’m still HOOK’ed on your say.

      Thanks for holding the door… You’ve inspired me more times that I can count. )))HUGS(((

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