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One of The Coolest Teens

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from – She’s added film production to the palatable menu…


There’s more that goes into film production than sugar, spice and everything nice – so when put into the universe that they wanted their  order for [Season 1] PERCEPTUAL TEEN FILM TROUPE be sweet in script, wise in wit, positive in production ingredients and creatively hot in editing — they called me::

CupCakeChique - The ProducerRing! Ring! 

CupCake Chique: Hello.

3Quis: Hi, we’re in search of outgoing teenagers in the Phoenix metroplex with outstanding academic grades, a positive attitude and highly energetic with an unmatched interest in film production. We received your information from an advisory council member. Would you be able to deliver on such a tall order?

PTFT January Calendar

CupCake Chique: You’ve absolutely called the right teenager. Not only am I available to fill the order, but I think I might know a few others that would like to JOIN me…

What’s my role? I’m a Film PRODUCER.

Let’s Get REEL!!!

cupcake border

You know I had to reblog Ms. Cupcake Chique
She’s one of the coolest teens this side of the East.

Her academics are scholarly and her film interests are pure,
so when she asked me if she should go for Film Producing – I said “Sure!”

She’s heading up PERCEPTUAL TEEN FILMING TROUPE located in the A-Z.
A unique crew of teens journeying the reel scene – like me.

I am jubilant to see adolescents fill their time with positive productions.
I pray that their future film works will yield crazy film buzz eruptions.

As she mentioned in her reflagged piece – this is Perceptual’s Season 1,
So if you know a talented kid who digs film – direct them to the AUDITION fun!

It’s something about The Arts that invokes me to support a good show,
I’m Qui
And The Cupcake Chique is one of One of The Coolest Teens I know.