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Welcome back baby

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I'm sweet on you. You know that right?

I’m sweet on you. You know that right?

You have got to believe me when I tell you I jammed Beyonce’s new cd relentlessly over the weekend, rendering a more sultry Qui (than usual). Oh don’t get scared – you’re safe – we’re online. But if you haven’t downloaded Beyonce’s new album on iTunes, please know that you can get it at most stores except Target. She and Target had a ‘cd selling’ thing, but when Bey ‘gave it up to iTunes’ on an exclusive — Target put out a press release announcing that they will not be selling Beyonce’s new self titled and visual (yes! music videos included) album.

Mmph. That’s Targets bad and Beyonce’s good – net. Do yourself some good and check it out. It’s a feel good listen. Ow!

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Welcome back baby, I’ve missed you indeed.
It’s like a high knowing you come by and check in on my feed.

In the car 32-hours, round trip – we went to Texas and came right back.
See when it comes to being with fam – distance is a short track.

We met up at an awesome resort, that had horrible mobile signals and no wi-fi.
But see, that’s the thing, — it was a part of their genius design.

So my entire family and I hung out, played games, ate meals, played miniature golf and the likes.
We slept together and faired all social weather – together, my family and I.

There was easily 21 of us, sharing a span of 3 2-bedroom homes
It was so good being nestled in the woods, forced to chat, due to bad service for phones.

The moment – God kissed it.
The moment – I had truly missed it.

It was good, so good to my soul and the resort had an amazing natural view,
I promise the only thing that was missing, was me being able to kick it with you.

Thinking of You SIGN

And so now you know I’m sweet on you and sometimes it’s hard for me to let go,
of jotting down and giving you a pound amidst my griotic flow.

Wait! Is griotic even a word? I really don’t think so,
but that changes not the fact, that I missed you while on-the-go.

And so we travelled a great distance to get there and returned home sound and safe,
I’m Qui
Welcome back baby – I’ve surely missed you in this place.

How did you enjoy your holiday?