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I like to do it

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on January 20, 2014 at 11:45 am

Kissers are into itDivvy kisses and hugs when I’m excited and happy,
always keep my lips moist – devoid of dry and chappy.

Keep the breath on fresh – because I like to move in close.
Buy the first round at the bar – if I can make the toast.

Happy Monday to you. I’m ready to party y’all.
Let’s celebrate MLK without hesitation or stall.

I’ll fire up the grill, and put the vodka on ice.
You can spin the tunes and run my joints twice.

Before we delve into it – I’d like to take a moment to reflect
What it is that we’re celebrating; our historical connect.

He was African American, a lover of this nations worth.
A fighter of equality – he took on prejudments girth.

They say, pick and choose your battles – well he picked a doozy.
I’m grateful Dr. King was born and thank God he was choosy.

I’m not quite a philematologist,
but I would have loved to have done this:

Kissing MLK

Grinning and hugging – sure, I like to do it,
I’m Qui
And that kiss that’s in the air? Yes. Of course I blew it.

Celebrake MLK