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Get the sand out of your hair

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wading in the water

There are several situations in the news that are out at sea,
like the 600 people sick on a cruise ship, says the CDC.

And never mind what’s going on with Governor Chris Christie
because that ill-fated cruise ship also boarded in Jersey.

The passengers are recovering – but still keep them in prayers,
and throw out a life saver for the governor, if you’ve a spare.

The State Of The Union Address popped off in the eve of last night
and I was glued to to the television to see him stand in the light.

His lead is still one of cheer, if you’re peering from my vantage view.
I’m most proud of the ACA initiative and am glad that he saw it through.

I am also glad the stock market is up and that unemployment is down
though the budget compromise seems to be where congress best clowns.

I wish a congress would get together for the people,
pass a livable minimum wage to keep our growth from looking feeble.

QE -2

The president also mentioned us leading in high tech manufacturing jobs.
Forfeiting “tech job creations” could result in another growth self-rob.

We’ve increased energy production and that’s good – more lights in more rooms
but is there anyway we could try to cut back on the energy we already consume?

And what about climate change? Our brothers across the aisle can surely agree
that what’s going on with global warming is causing levels to rise in the sea.

What about schooling? The Pres said he’s bringing head start back.
No child should be devoid of education – the USA isn’t a country of lack.

The president is working with the treasury to produce something called MyRA
Look out for that 401K-like news over the next few days.

President O also talked about the ACA during his addressing mention
He got quite the applaud for killing the hurdle of “pre-existing conditions.”

So if you know anyone without insurance – the penalties could hurt.
Be a gem – it shouldn’t cost a limb, help sign them up by March 31st.

POTUS also talked about the power of voting, women’s rights and the likes,
then he moved into gun control and the collective common sense plight.

He then touched on the military, no permanent footings in wars.
America is into setting world standards – it’s time to raise the bar.

The whole time the president spoke, John Boehner sat in the background
Looking like the water was high, and  he may slowly succumbing to a drown.

Even though nothing POTUS said, could have made a mad man madder,
if you saw Boehners lips, it seems the speech did make him sadder.

QE - 1

There was Cathy McMorris Rodgers who burned up in the camera lights
while pitching the republicans response, she caught a case of pink eye.

There were 3 more after hers, one was a Spanish translation of Rodgers speech,
following was Rand Paul, Ted Cruise and the Tea Partys preach.

Then Congressman Michael Grimm [R] didn’t like a reporters intro
so while mic’d, he threatened to angrily balcony throw
the young reporter  (see video)  – if he ever crossed him again.
Talk about taking a good SOTU speech to the chin.

And it’s no day a the beach, every leader hones the helms of his affair,
I’m Qui
and President O is keeps in step, so Get the sand out of your hair.