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Tamron said it, I just sipped

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Tamron said it - I just sipped— I generally start the morning off sitting upright in bed
while I sip on a cup of jo and come alive in my head.

I have plans to dance gracefully through the weekend, as if it were a ball,
so I started out my day to the tune of Tamron Hall,

and in-short, she said:

President Obama is under fire for his inclusive remarks
at “My Brothers Keeper,” — but he spoke from the heart.

I’m not mad at him for trying to encourage and relate
to a younger generation who are questioning their fate.

Tamron’s note took flight in sharing American Airlines’ view
of ending bereavement fares; a courtesy they used to offer me and you.

I read up on the headline and it basically came down to this
with UA they’ve merged and now they’ve purged. Truth is – it’s all business.

divider blk_south

I am grateful over here in Ocotillo Lakes
that Jan Brewer vetoed 1062 yesterday.

An interesting interview with Susan Zalkind
lead me to read her piece on the Boston Magazine vine.

The Murders Before the Marathon” is an interesting piece
Three men, slit throats, and a slow investigation release.

9 films are up for Best Picture, per the OSCAR BUZZ,
I wonder which one will take home that statuesque love.

Including Sandra Bullocks GRAVITY and 12 YEARS A SLAVE.
Which one will take home that Oscar love and reap that reel praise?

Good luck exceptional artists who were lucky enough to get invites.
I’ll be home nourishing new seeds to grown. I’ll be sure to tune in that night.

It’s the weekend baby I’m energy-charged and ready to ball,
I’m Qui
Kicking out news headlines while watching Ms. Tamara Hall.

Beauty is ON THE AIR 
Tamara’s genes are not fair!
Are you watching her on the TODAY show?

After the sake and the lowering of the social guard

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Black Women Do Workout icon— It’s hump day, though I’ve been humping double-duty,  religiously and daily, for the last few weeks with no time (or desire) to throw-in-the-towel. Honestly, the party is just getting started.

I am pleased to announce that the EAT YOUR ART OUT – Chandler fundraising event was a success. Breakfast at Chandler BBQ and lunch and dinner at The Living Room was fantastic. There were more than a dozen restaurants in the metroplex sponsoring the event and donating a percentage of the house total to the Chandler Center for The Arts.

Before the day was done, I found myself schmoozing at The Sushi Room thanking patrons for their support of the event and mingling with some pretty cool people. Sake really lowers the social guard and while I partook of none, (because I was working), I did enjoy the patrons reactions to me as I methodically approached tables to thanking each of them for supporting the arts in Chandler.  Sure, I ran into a few who were less than enthused to see my table-approaching smile, so I suggested the sake.

The event was a success and we all had a blast!
It was fundraising chique  – the dining: first class.

And today is Wednesday – my core plan is to take it easy.
My last 2 weeks have been a journey steep, though I’ve been acting ‘breezy.’

Today is like a mini-vacation for tomorrow there will be no play
when I start my interval training class – ergo my own hump day.

Fitness Works

Thank God it’s only 30 minutes, but then again, I’m just getting started.
I understand the rigorous physical plan is not for the faint hearted.

Pray for me that I don’t faint – for that would be a fitness sorrow,
I’m Qui
A bit of an “anxious she” because my HUMP DAY starts tomorrow.

I think it’s going to be fun!


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Whatchu say?
It’s already Tuesday?


I’ll see you there!

I’m in a mad dash, because EAT YOUR ART OUT is today
I’ll be busy greeting, thanking and divvying a positive say.

EAT YOUR ART OUT is a 1-day annual fundraising event
where we pack-out local restaurants and they yield us a percent.

There are more than a dozen restaurants that we’re hailing winners
They’re supporting the arts today via Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

I’ll start my day off at CHANDLER BBQ.
Today they’ll be making their breakfast debut:

ChandlerBBQ Menu 2014

Then I’ll switch gears during the hour of noon
and re-position myself to THE LIVING ROOM.

The Living Room is a wine bar with an awesome kitchen staff.
They’re wines are the superb and their style is world class.

Drop in and dine with us. Support is what it’s all about,
I’m Qui
That arts loving she – encouraging thee to EAT YOUR ART OUT.


When you’re hanging out with friends…

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Doing the college tour circuit 

When hanging with friendsBright and early Saturday morning I was on the road to Tuscon
The University of Arizona had a date with my child, to woo and to charm

my future pocketbook contents. It was a pretty good presentation,
and even more impressing was their Africana Studies visualization.

Dr. Bryan Carter was the lecturing professor and his knowledge was on display to be dug
via an interactive program like THE SIMS – he took us on a tour through The Cotton Club.

Which was perfect for the month of February. It was good stuff to witness indeed.
Now I don’t know to which school she’ll go – but U of A planted a darn good seed.


And TOM comes to town

Tom’s a legendary storyteller

COMING SOON — A few friends and I will sashay out in a few
to revel in good company and music to make a new memory or two.

Tom Chapin’s coming to town, so tell your father and mother
He’s the same kid from yesterday, Harry C’s little brother

The party’s going down Saturday, March 1 @ Fiddlers Dream 
I’ll be in the house – glowing a free spirited sheen.


Right after SLEEPY HOLLOW… 

sleepy hollowIf you haven’t been watching Sleepy Hollow – I do understand.
It’s not like I’m a series pioneer; I recently joined the band.

I came aboard the series late, at least midway into the season
I found myself coming back for more – curiosity being my reason.

I considered it all fantasy with a underlying mystical ring,
and then I read recetn headlines about Dr. Bernice King.

What!? Surely you’ve heard? Click here for the scoop on that relation…


Dining in the company of 

Dining in the company of people you like, makes for a much better meal
than a chef can provide in his freshest appeal.

Therefore let me invite you to mingle in cool crowd
on February 25th at EAT YOUR ART.

Be a part of the coolest crowd – network and support the coolest event,
You dine and have a good time and the establishment donates 25%.


The Chandler Center for The Arts is responsible for the affair;
all proceeds will go to them. I sure hope to see you there!

I’ll be at Chandler BBQ during breakfast hours and THE LIVING ROOM the remainder of the day.
If you’re in the area, drop in for a spell and be sure to pull me aside and say, “Hey!

EAT YOUR ART OUT is a great event and its annual time is alas!
It’s on a Tuesday night, but that’s alright – come out and have  blast!


When you’re hanging out with friends all kinds of fun things come up,
I’m Qui
Bidding thee prosperity, positivity and love.


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be yourself ladiesAre you watching BEING MARY JANE? As much as I like a good drama scene, I am so very glad I am not Being Mary Jane at this point and time in my life. The whole ‘doing the-dirty-dance with a sexy married man’ whose being portrayed by Omari Hardwick is not a scenario that I’ve personally been in.  However, Gabrielle Union makes it look so very succulently good. Free-Sprited Realest

Now, I’m no advocate for extramarital affairs, nor am I relishing in the fact that the extramarital affair is the basis for the steamy romance that is at the very core of the principle vixens life, because, well… it’s pretty repetitive stuff. I mean, isn’t this the same basis for the steamy romance work on SCANDAL, or in your co-workers personal life, or in the infidelity details of any number of US Congressional members, that have been caught cheating in the last so many months?

The Cultural Question

But why? Why are Olivia Pope and Mary Jane two black women glorifying this type of behavior? I mean, just when I think it’s time to stand and do the wave with my sisters I realize that we’ll be doing the wave to the triumph of a successful black woman breaking through glass ceilings just to land in the lap of another successful woman’s man. Why? That was not on my bullet-list of celebratory moments in the history of African American women.

Free-Spirited Realist

Thank God I snapped out of that – quickly – and came to my senses! This moment-in-time is not about “the rise of black women in power” on television or anywhere else. That is not what’s winning over neilson ratings, however, it does have everything to do with a relative and steamy storyline – hands down.

Cultural values- cultural schmalues! That all goes out of the window when advertising dollars come in. I learned early on in this business that you can’t have it all. You can either have role diversity and visual representation, or you can have cultural morals that propel (ie..pigeonhole) you to re-occurring guest roles whenever the demand for a “black traditional role model” comes up in storyline.

Oh wait! That’s exactly what Hollywood has been doing for decades. And while I am indeed a COSBY SHOW fan, I don’t know when the next COSBY SHOW-like script will be coming along and in the meantime pending minority talent is aging — we can’t have that.

BEING MARY JANE — gives us exactly what we have been crying about – role diversity. It showed up looking a lot like HBO’s GIRLS, with all of its inclusively rich story lines and platonic love leiaisons but in fact, the story is being told via a largely minority cast. To be honest, this show could be a success with any race of cast at the helms- however, having an African American family as its principle centerpiece speaks volumes about the evolution of Hollywood.

Gabrielle Union and Keri Washington are doing an outstanding job at representing successful black women who are at-the-top-of-their-game on mainstream television during primetime hours. The  view may  not always be pretty, but it sure does bring in the figures. The numbers win every time. Don’t fight it. Learn from it, use it as a teaching tool – if you will,  and by all means, be you and celebrate the view. Ooo! I’m loving it.

blu corset-divider

Move over 007, there’s a leading woman in town She’s playing a mans game driving counter parts insane & the woman is brown.

She doesn’t fit the mold of just any woman – she’s a woman hard at her game. She’s a style variation of Olivia Pope and the sharp-edged Mary Jane.

SCANDAL comes on the ABC network and BEING MARY JANE airs on BET,
I’m Qui
saying Be YOURSELF Ladies – it’s good to see a girl like you & me on  tv.

Be strong and be sexy – Walk tall, with a purposeful sway. Don’t be scared, be witty and prepared, then let your femininity rule the day. Hey!

I’ll see you in the boardroom.

That Monday Music

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the MONDAY MusicThis past Valentines Day represented love – like none I’ve ever seen
since, of course 1989 — when I was 17.

The love didn’t just start on Friday, it had been lingering in the air
and it seemed to fit me like a glove – as if its always been there.

It wasn’t just the chocolates, roses or money wads,
Mom gave each of her kids 1/3 of a G – and I was like “Oh My God!

Gotta love Mom, she’s setting parental cabbage precedence.
My kids will look for the same love later and I … I will not wince.

Love is all around us, I gave out so many hugs yesterday!
I see we are a culture of people who just want some love today.

Have you ever encountered a person whose preceded by their bitter reputation?
Those are the ones that I love to hug-on, for no reason and without reservation.

Feel good moments are real, and I’m up for them both with and without Mom,
so March 1st will find me with Debbie R. in concert with her good friend Tom.

He’s Harry Chapin‘s little brother, and the youth, are wild for him still.
He’ll jam out at The Higley Arts Center – on that ‘family appeal.’

If you know anything about Tom – then you know the kids are included.
The way he rocks the crowd… A great time is intently exuded.

He’ll be at the Higley Center @ 2pm, though I will rock his evening slate,
I will see him in concert inside of the Fiddler’s Dream space.

I’m looking forward to this – another fantastic week;
I claim it mine, (ahead of time), even as I speak.

I claim for us, (you and I), that we collectively win.
Let positivity rule this new weeks awesome begin.

And today is a new day, I woke up with a smile on my face,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday to thee – thanks for stopping by this place.

Now jam through the rest of the rest of week
to a positive 8-0-8 beat.

You ‘gone act like you didn’t hear that?

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Bernice King said that her kingly brothers
seek to sell heirlooms from their father and mother.

In particular MLK’s bible and Nobel Peace Prize medal;
selling legacy to the mist of the limescale kettle.

What in the dickens is going on? It’s Judas again and 5 pieces of silver!
Just the thought of kinfolk selling out for change – is enough to make you quiver.

I pray Bernice won’t deliver, though it looks like the courts will intervene —
because a law suit has been filed, ‘your honor’ is destined to direct the scene.

My goodness gracious. What does it all mean for a black familys legacy survival?
P.S. — SLEEPY HOLLOW‘s story line has been trying to possess George Washington’s bible.

The Sleepy Hollow storyline seemed odd (to me), at the start of its blossom and convey,
but I’ve put my shallow discernments aside, in light of ‘ the sword battle of MLK.

How You’gone act like you didn’t hear that? Please understand,
When MLK was ‘the stink of the day’, it was due to the law of the land.

A law that was more against MLK, than it ever wanted to be “for,”
so why, then, do they want his sword and pin? What seeketh they in score?

I don’t know. I don’t know. But I will admit to thee
that I have a sinking feeling, I’d better ride with Rev. Bernice.

She has made a public statement saying the most profound thing,
last week Dr. Bernice removed herself from the collective group of Kings.

Irony shows up to the dance. Yes Irony is on the scene.
We all know, Dr. King’s legacy, was a fight for unity.

How could this be, that his children are at odds over daddy?
I’m Qui
Going down on bended knee because the King family needs our prayers badly.
Will you kneel with me
and send out some positive energy

Do you care what people think about you?

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Ellen Degeneres asks a great counter question: Why? Why do you care what people think about you? People aren’t even really thinking about you. They’re thinking about what you’re thinking about them. So why all the worry?

Have a fantastic day and be sure to do it your way,
I’m Qui
encouraging thee to care not what others think or say.

Today is YOUR DAY.

Laugh a little…

Is LEADERSHIP and PARENTING the same thing?

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with JJ Ramberg

JJ: In my travels, talking to small business owners I’ve always been struck by those who have been able to create working environments where everyone in the company is excited to come to work in the morning, where they all truly feel like critical parts of the team and where there’s a sense of cooperation and wanting everyone to succeed. Which is why I am excited today to talk to Dr. Simon Sinek. He is the author of the new book: LEADERS EAT LAST.
Nice to meet you Simon.

So this is the thing that every owner is jealous of when they see great corporate culture. And in your study you basically go back to the beginning of man to figure how this works…

SIMON: I think people forget that TRUST and COOPERATION are not instructions. You can’t tell people to trust you and you can’t employees to cooperate their feelings. And those feelings come from the paleolithic era when man started walking on this planet earth because it was a matter of survival. We lived in a dangerous world and if we didn’t trust and cooperate we would get eaten or we’d succumb to the elements.

JJ: So basically when you’re working a company there are also those elements there – there’s competition, there’s a bad economy out there and you need to be able to work together.

SIMON: It’s exactly the same and so all the systems in our bodies are designed for our survival. And their designed to get us to trust and cooperate. There are certain chemicals in our bodies that incentivize us to repeat behaviors in our best interest. That’s why when we do something good for somebody, it feels good. You know, that’s why we have friends — it feels nice to be around them.

JJ: But so many people don’t like coming to work and they don’t feel like it’s a safe place, so how can you, as a leader, as CEO make it feel like a safe place?

SIMON: So leadership is exactly like parenting. And if you think about what makes a great parent – a great parent is someone who puts the well being of their child first. They want to educate them, open up opportunities, discipline them when necessary and very often will put their children before themselves. We feed our children before we feed ourselves. A good leader is exactly the same.

A leader wants to educate their people, they want their people to grow up to be more successful than they are, they want to reward good behavior, discipline bad behavior and most importantly when it matters, would be willing to sacrifice their own interests for their people.

JJ:  So you’re saying, okay – 2013 was a terrible year. I’m going to have to lay off 1/3 of my staff — actually, you know what, I’m going to reduce my salary to the minimum – so that I can keep people on?

SIMON: Sometimes it’s a salary based thing and again if the family falls on hard times, we don’t get rid of our children. Having a kid is very expensive; just like having an employee is very expensive. The problem is with using people as a disposable resource. We’d sooner sacrifice the people to save the numbers than sacrifice the numbers to save the people. This is very, very bad in creating trust. There’s a company in St. Louis called Barry-Wehmiller and in 2008 they suffered hard times and lost 30% of their orders overnight; couldn’t afford their labor pool.  And so the question of lay-off’s came up, and the CEO Bob Chapman refused. Instead they implemented a furlow program: 4 weeks of unpaid vacation and employee  could take it anytime that they wanted and they didn’t have to take it consecutively. But it was how Bob announced it that was most important – he told his people, “It’s better that we should all suffer a little than any of us should have to suffer a lot.” And in a hard economy when people sit down with the numbers and say “Oh just cut a few people then we’ll make numbers,”… if we ask the people would you rather loose 4 weeks of pay or loose your job, I think the answer is very simple. Most importantly when Barry-Wehmiller implemented that furlow moral skyrocketed.  People started doing things for each other that nobody predicted. People who could afford it more would trade with people who could afford it less.

JJ:  You know that’s interesting, we covered a design company at that exact time and the exact same thing happened. They reduced everybody’s salaries and everyone really came together in it. Okay, so people don’t fear for their jobs and then they learn to trust the company more.  What about fearing, ‘I’m ambitious. I want to get ahead — this person is after my job,’ how do you get rid of that dynamic?

SIMON:  Again, the tone is set from the top and when the leader believes in looking out for each other and when the leader believes in putting the interests of others first, what’s starts to happen is people work to see that leaders visions advanced.  It’s the same for all of us. When we are willing to expend our time and energy to help the people next to us, the people next to us are willing to help us. This is what the Marine Corp. has known for years.  When you become a recruit at Paris Island or in San Diego you want to become a marine, they all show up and they want to prove to the drill instructor that they’re strong, they’re smart and they outdo it. But the marines keep putting them in situations that they can’t complete by themselves and they have to learn to rely on each other.  And in time they start learn that they will do so much better and advance so much more if they put themselves out there and help each other, it’s exactly the same in a business. When we work together we are better.  The human animal is designed to cooperative and work together and when we work to our design everything works perfectly.

JJ: Simon it’s so good to see you, congratulations on your new book. I suggest everyone read it because your book was really amazing.

blue_diamond divider

Good morning good people, we all want to be our best;
every new day doth come with a new test.

Leaders Eat Last, is the name of Simon’s book.
Is Leadership like Parenting? – is my subject hook.

And if you ask me to answer the hooks quest –
my heart felt answer to the subject line is YES.

JJ’s interview was awesome – I think we can all do better,
I’m Qui
and I’m down with thee; a true fan of working together!


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Didn’t catch the spin cycle class this weekend? All may not be lost for burning calories if you’re going to church this morning.

I’m a church going gal, from the bible belt in the south. Pentecostal principles have shaped my being since the age of twelve. I may not share brother Swaggart’s taste for hair (hair spray) or sister Tammy Faye Baker’s make-up regimen, but I do believe in the dance.

When club goers go to a club and the DJ spins the steel just right, something invokes them to dance – some more choreographed than others, but still when the mood is perfect, all dance breaks out on the dance floor. Well, the same is true of the church. When the conditions are perfect, (the word of God has gone forth and praises are high), it is not uncommon in a pentecostal church for a dance session to break out.

Enjoy the comedic dance renditions in the video. These dances do look similar to the dances I’ve seen on the pentecostal floor. It’s good to learn the names of the dances too, in the event that … ‘Go on and laugh at yourself.

Christians dance in the spirit, much like  club-goers dance to worldly music. The only difference is in the intent of music (and vibe) that moves them. Club goers yield their dance skills to worldly music and Christians yield their dance to gospel music.

Either way,  calories are burned and an exercised heart is earned.


Good morning brothers and sisters, the gospel vibe can be enchanting,
I’m Qui
Reminding thee to stay fit – with That SUNDAY MORNING Dancing.