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Come mingle with us at THE LIVING ROOM in Chandler
February 25, 2014 – I’ll see you there!

What have you got planned?
I’ll not only jam the music – I’ll lead the band.

Up early, I was, and a cup of jo’ has been consumed.
When it comes to spreading love, today I am doomed.

I will go out and network with like-minded peeps
who smile through the heap of the journey steep.

An ambassador of the arts – I am alas!
Today will find me sitting in class

Learning the do’s and the don’t of how to represent,
upon the close of class, suare’ invites will be sent.

If you know not what I am talking about,
It’s that season again for: EAT YOUR ART OUT.


Eat Your Art Out is a fundraising event
where good people mingle and a good time is spent.

Restaurants in the metroplex agree to host the event
And donate to the Chandler Center for The Arts 25%.

I’ll Ambassador the morning hours at Chandler BBQ
and the eve will find me hosting The Living Room‘s view.

The event effectively introduces the community to businesses of sorts
who don’t mind sharing their establishments dine in support of the arts.

So here I am so early, jitted up and ready to go,
I’m Qui
An ambassador she, ready to support, encourage and host.

What about you? What does your weekend itinerary say?
Whatever it is, you be the fizz and have a fantastic day!