You ‘gone act like you didn’t hear that?

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Bernice King said that her kingly brothers
seek to sell heirlooms from their father and mother.

In particular MLK’s bible and Nobel Peace Prize medal;
selling legacy to the mist of the limescale kettle.

What in the dickens is going on? It’s Judas again and 5 pieces of silver!
Just the thought of kinfolk selling out for change – is enough to make you quiver.

I pray Bernice won’t deliver, though it looks like the courts will intervene —
because a law suit has been filed, ‘your honor’ is destined to direct the scene.

My goodness gracious. What does it all mean for a black familys legacy survival?
P.S. — SLEEPY HOLLOW‘s story line has been trying to possess George Washington’s bible.

The Sleepy Hollow storyline seemed odd (to me), at the start of its blossom and convey,
but I’ve put my shallow discernments aside, in light of ‘ the sword battle of MLK.

How You’gone act like you didn’t hear that? Please understand,
When MLK was ‘the stink of the day’, it was due to the law of the land.

A law that was more against MLK, than it ever wanted to be “for,”
so why, then, do they want his sword and pin? What seeketh they in score?

I don’t know. I don’t know. But I will admit to thee
that I have a sinking feeling, I’d better ride with Rev. Bernice.

She has made a public statement saying the most profound thing,
last week Dr. Bernice removed herself from the collective group of Kings.

Irony shows up to the dance. Yes Irony is on the scene.
We all know, Dr. King’s legacy, was a fight for unity.

How could this be, that his children are at odds over daddy?
I’m Qui
Going down on bended knee because the King family needs our prayers badly.
Will you kneel with me
and send out some positive energy

  1. […] Yes I love her daddy and his contributions to my civil rights avail, but since he was assassinated and is gone – his children are going thru hell. […]

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