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That Monday Music

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the MONDAY MusicThis past Valentines Day represented love – like none I’ve ever seen
since, of course 1989 — when I was 17.

The love didn’t just start on Friday, it had been lingering in the air
and it seemed to fit me like a glove – as if its always been there.

It wasn’t just the chocolates, roses or money wads,
Mom gave each of her kids 1/3 of a G – and I was like “Oh My God!

Gotta love Mom, she’s setting parental cabbage precedence.
My kids will look for the same love later and I … I will not wince.

Love is all around us, I gave out so many hugs yesterday!
I see we are a culture of people who just want some love today.

Have you ever encountered a person whose preceded by their bitter reputation?
Those are the ones that I love to hug-on, for no reason and without reservation.

Feel good moments are real, and I’m up for them both with and without Mom,
so March 1st will find me with Debbie R. in concert with her good friend Tom.

He’s Harry Chapin‘s little brother, and the youth, are wild for him still.
He’ll jam out at The Higley Arts Center – on that ‘family appeal.’

If you know anything about Tom – then you know the kids are included.
The way he rocks the crowd… A great time is intently exuded.

He’ll be at the Higley Center @ 2pm, though I will rock his evening slate,
I will see him in concert inside of the Fiddler’s Dream space.

I’m looking forward to this – another fantastic week;
I claim it mine, (ahead of time), even as I speak.

I claim for us, (you and I), that we collectively win.
Let positivity rule this new weeks awesome begin.

And today is a new day, I woke up with a smile on my face,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday to thee – thanks for stopping by this place.

Now jam through the rest of the rest of week
to a positive 8-0-8 beat.