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be yourself ladiesAre you watching BEING MARY JANE? As much as I like a good drama scene, I am so very glad I am not Being Mary Jane at this point and time in my life. The whole ‘doing the-dirty-dance with a sexy married man’ whose being portrayed by Omari Hardwick is not a scenario that I’ve personally been in.  However, Gabrielle Union makes it look so very succulently good. Free-Sprited Realest

Now, I’m no advocate for extramarital affairs, nor am I relishing in the fact that the extramarital affair is the basis for the steamy romance that is at the very core of the principle vixens life, because, well… it’s pretty repetitive stuff. I mean, isn’t this the same basis for the steamy romance work on SCANDAL, or in your co-workers personal life, or in the infidelity details of any number of US Congressional members, that have been caught cheating in the last so many months?

The Cultural Question

But why? Why are Olivia Pope and Mary Jane two black women glorifying this type of behavior? I mean, just when I think it’s time to stand and do the wave with my sisters I realize that we’ll be doing the wave to the triumph of a successful black woman breaking through glass ceilings just to land in the lap of another successful woman’s man. Why? That was not on my bullet-list of celebratory moments in the history of African American women.

Free-Spirited Realist

Thank God I snapped out of that – quickly – and came to my senses! This moment-in-time is not about “the rise of black women in power” on television or anywhere else. That is not what’s winning over neilson ratings, however, it does have everything to do with a relative and steamy storyline – hands down.

Cultural values- cultural schmalues! That all goes out of the window when advertising dollars come in. I learned early on in this business that you can’t have it all. You can either have role diversity and visual representation, or you can have cultural morals that propel (ie..pigeonhole) you to re-occurring guest roles whenever the demand for a “black traditional role model” comes up in storyline.

Oh wait! That’s exactly what Hollywood has been doing for decades. And while I am indeed a COSBY SHOW fan, I don’t know when the next COSBY SHOW-like script will be coming along and in the meantime pending minority talent is aging — we can’t have that.

BEING MARY JANE — gives us exactly what we have been crying about – role diversity. It showed up looking a lot like HBO’s GIRLS, with all of its inclusively rich story lines and platonic love leiaisons but in fact, the story is being told via a largely minority cast. To be honest, this show could be a success with any race of cast at the helms- however, having an African American family as its principle centerpiece speaks volumes about the evolution of Hollywood.

Gabrielle Union and Keri Washington are doing an outstanding job at representing successful black women who are at-the-top-of-their-game on mainstream television during primetime hours. The  view may  not always be pretty, but it sure does bring in the figures. The numbers win every time. Don’t fight it. Learn from it, use it as a teaching tool – if you will,  and by all means, be you and celebrate the view. Ooo! I’m loving it.

blu corset-divider

Move over 007, there’s a leading woman in town She’s playing a mans game driving counter parts insane & the woman is brown.

She doesn’t fit the mold of just any woman – she’s a woman hard at her game. She’s a style variation of Olivia Pope and the sharp-edged Mary Jane.

SCANDAL comes on the ABC network and BEING MARY JANE airs on BET,
I’m Qui
saying Be YOURSELF Ladies – it’s good to see a girl like you & me on  tv.

Be strong and be sexy – Walk tall, with a purposeful sway. Don’t be scared, be witty and prepared, then let your femininity rule the day. Hey!

I’ll see you in the boardroom.