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When you’re hanging out with friends…

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Doing the college tour circuit 

When hanging with friendsBright and early Saturday morning I was on the road to Tuscon
The University of Arizona had a date with my child, to woo and to charm

my future pocketbook contents. It was a pretty good presentation,
and even more impressing was their Africana Studies visualization.

Dr. Bryan Carter was the lecturing professor and his knowledge was on display to be dug
via an interactive program like THE SIMS – he took us on a tour through The Cotton Club.

Which was perfect for the month of February. It was good stuff to witness indeed.
Now I don’t know to which school she’ll go – but U of A planted a darn good seed.


And TOM comes to town

Tom’s a legendary storyteller

COMING SOON — A few friends and I will sashay out in a few
to revel in good company and music to make a new memory or two.

Tom Chapin’s coming to town, so tell your father and mother
He’s the same kid from yesterday, Harry C’s little brother

The party’s going down Saturday, March 1 @ Fiddlers Dream 
I’ll be in the house – glowing a free spirited sheen.


Right after SLEEPY HOLLOW… 

sleepy hollowIf you haven’t been watching Sleepy Hollow – I do understand.
It’s not like I’m a series pioneer; I recently joined the band.

I came aboard the series late, at least midway into the season
I found myself coming back for more – curiosity being my reason.

I considered it all fantasy with a underlying mystical ring,
and then I read recetn headlines about Dr. Bernice King.

What!? Surely you’ve heard? Click here for the scoop on that relation…


Dining in the company of 

Dining in the company of people you like, makes for a much better meal
than a chef can provide in his freshest appeal.

Therefore let me invite you to mingle in cool crowd
on February 25th at EAT YOUR ART.

Be a part of the coolest crowd – network and support the coolest event,
You dine and have a good time and the establishment donates 25%.


The Chandler Center for The Arts is responsible for the affair;
all proceeds will go to them. I sure hope to see you there!

I’ll be at Chandler BBQ during breakfast hours and THE LIVING ROOM the remainder of the day.
If you’re in the area, drop in for a spell and be sure to pull me aside and say, “Hey!

EAT YOUR ART OUT is a great event and its annual time is alas!
It’s on a Tuesday night, but that’s alright – come out and have  blast!


When you’re hanging out with friends all kinds of fun things come up,
I’m Qui
Bidding thee prosperity, positivity and love.