Tamron said it, I just sipped

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Networking, News, Politics, TV Shows on February 28, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Tamron said it - I just sipped— I generally start the morning off sitting upright in bed
while I sip on a cup of jo and come alive in my head.

I have plans to dance gracefully through the weekend, as if it were a ball,
so I started out my day to the tune of Tamron Hall,

and in-short, she said:

President Obama is under fire for his inclusive remarks
at “My Brothers Keeper,” — but he spoke from the heart.

I’m not mad at him for trying to encourage and relate
to a younger generation who are questioning their fate.

Tamron’s note took flight in sharing American Airlines’ view
of ending bereavement fares; a courtesy they used to offer me and you.

I read up on the headline and it basically came down to this
with UA they’ve merged and now they’ve purged. Truth is – it’s all business.

divider blk_south

I am grateful over here in Ocotillo Lakes
that Jan Brewer vetoed 1062 yesterday.

An interesting interview with Susan Zalkind
lead me to read her piece on the Boston Magazine vine.

The Murders Before the Marathon” is an interesting piece
Three men, slit throats, and a slow investigation release.

9 films are up for Best Picture, per the OSCAR BUZZ,
I wonder which one will take home that statuesque love.

Including Sandra Bullocks GRAVITY and 12 YEARS A SLAVE.
Which one will take home that Oscar love and reap that reel praise?

Good luck exceptional artists who were lucky enough to get invites.
I’ll be home nourishing new seeds to grown. I’ll be sure to tune in that night.

It’s the weekend baby I’m energy-charged and ready to ball,
I’m Qui
Kicking out news headlines while watching Ms. Tamara Hall.

Beauty is ON THE AIR 
Tamara’s genes are not fair!
Are you watching her on the TODAY show?

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